How to explain health to a 5-year-old

Blog by -Pooja Seth

“Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”-

Children are a never-ending source of energy. They are forever curious and reason everything they watch, listen or hear. It is very important for children to adopt a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning of their lives as it helps them to maintain that lifelong discipline and routine. When a child is introduced towards healthy eating and some kind of exercise be it swimming, cycling, running or anything. It shapes the perspective of a child towards life, health and lifestyle. When we grow up, we are mature and know how important health is for all aspects of life. But a child is not well versed with such facts nor has the understanding to understand scientific reasons and benefits. Therefore it is very important for parents to make their kids understand fitness and health in very creative and a child-friendly manner. When you want to explain health to a child, make it easy to understand. Tell them, that health is how well you eat and if you are healthy, you wouldn’t have to go to the doctor again and again in your life.

Children always learn from examples and not by just what is told to them, They always observe their parents closely and learn what they do. If you want your child to be healthy, you have to make changes in your lifestyle if you are among the couch potatoes.

Take your child along with you In the morning and have a little jog with them, tell them the importance of running and do not use heavy reasons such as, it keeps the heart healthy or it will prevent chronic diseases. The child will never be able to understand the terms anyhow. Always make working out fun for kids, do not make it a dull or boring session. Try new workouts and mould them for your kids. It is your job to make it interesting for your kids as they are full of adventure and zeal.

Instead of this, you can tell your kiddo that exercise is important because it will make you tall. You can even say that everyone does it, it is a way of living and child will think that exercise a part of a routine of everyone and one has to always do it, no matter if they get to know that this is not true, their habit would have developed by that time and exercise would be part of their lifelong routine.

Every parent wants their child to eat healthily, but no child would find salads or boiled food euphoric. But thank the internet for rescuing you, You can find numerous healthy recipes on the web which mould the boring healthy food into something exciting for your kids. You have to put in little hard work but all is worth for your child right?

Do not get into telling the child nutritional values of food items, just tell them by eating this, you will be stronger or have more power. Get into your creative minds and tell your child what health is in the best way.