How Do You Choose a Yoga Class?

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

Yoga styles ranges from very relaxing to very vigorous, so there is a yoga class suited to almost anyone’s level of fitness. Perhaps you would like to try yoga for the first time or you have been practicing for a while and would like to find a class suited to you. This article will show you how to choose a yoga class.

1) Determine the style of yoga best suited to your personality and fitness level.

Anusara yoga is very concerned with alignment. Anusara classes can be challenging, but are usually taught so that any level of student can participate. Anusara classes use props to help find proper alignment in poses.

Ashtanga yoga is one of the most vigorous yoga styles. It builds stamina, strength and flexibility. Ashtanga yoga classes run through a predetermined series of poses so if you like both challenge and routine, Ashtanga might be the style for you.

Bikram yoga is a type of hot yoga. Bikram yoga classes are taught in hot rooms because Bikram practitioners find that warm muscles are more flexible. They do the same series of 26 asanas in each class, holding each pose twice.

Iyengar yoga focuses on precise alignment in postures. Props are used to make the poses more accessible. This is a good style for beginners who want to learn proper alignment in poses.

Kundalini yoga is meditative and spiritual, and emphasizes breathing and chanting.

Vinyasa yoga is usually characterized by quick-moving poses.

There are many other styles of yoga. If the studio you are interested in attending teaches another style, ask about the focus of that style before taking a class.

2) Find a studio.

Look for a studio near your home or work that teaches a style of yoga you are interested in trying.

Choose a studio with an environment you enjoy. If there is a loud dance class next door or lights that are too bright, it can detract from your yoga experience.

Consider the times of classes available and the class sizes. It is especially important for beginners to be in a small class where the instructor can see you and make sure you are practicing safely.

If you do not have and do not wish to purchase equipment, find a studio that has all the equipment you will need to take a class. Most, but not all studios, have equipment available for student use.

3) Choose a class level.

Studios label their class levels in different ways. Make sure you read level and class descriptions carefully and follow the advice given.

4) Pick a teacher.

Inquire about the teacher’s qualifications. How long has the teacher been practicing? Where was the teacher certified? How long was the teacher’s certification program?

Find a teacher you like and trust and whose teaching style you enjoy. Some people prefer a teacher who does hands-on adjustments to help them move into poses. Other people enjoy taking classes with a teacher who does not touch them. Figure out what you like.

Try different teachers to find one you like.

5) Select a class.

Read class descriptions carefully. Make sure the class is at an appropriate level for you. The same teacher often teaches at different levels.

Find a class that is at a convenient time for you.



– Always tell your yoga teacher about any injuries or physical problems you are experiencing. an experienced teacher will be able to modify poses so that they are safe and appropriate for your body.
– If a certain class or style doesn’t work for you, try another one!


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