How badly we need diabetes education

blog by:  (Sriparna Samajdar)

Diabetes in India is a common household name because every family has a person who is now suffering from diabetes. The age does not matter because we can see a 32 year old young guy to a 17 year old school girl and a 45 year old uncle or aunt having being diagnosed by diabetes these days. The disease is becoming so genetically rooted in very family that it is becoming   a chain reaction going on in family hierarchy. The disease unlike others, such as cholesterol and hypertension, were medication alone could often sometimes treat it. It is a major cause of deaths in India on average. And this is why we need diabetes educator for the management of this disease for growing further. There are two forms of diabetes in our country, diabetes mellitus, and diabetes insipidus.  The diabetes education is now one of the most important things we need in every home, every child in school, to fight the disease and become more and more aware of its nature.

BFY presents the most detailed diabetes educator course which if you enroll in, will provide you the most basic education you need to make people aware of this deadly disease. CDE (certified diabetes educator)  is a health professional working in any health care center as every center contains people suffering from diabetes.  A CDE spends time with a newly diagnosed person who also needs  moral support and care. The certification course will teach people how to help those diagnosed with diabetes and the ways to help them cope up and fight the disease. This is an intensive course to train you in the new era of training diabetes clients. This course will make you be a strong professional of high quality diabetes management education.

The course is for health professionals interested in diabetes management and health care. Fitness trainers, physiotherapists, dietician, and nutritionist, physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals are eligible to pursue this course. Having this certificate will make you a pro in your family, friends, and other circles where there are people who need help because whenever we look around, we find someone with diabetes.

There are several researches going on in diabetes in many pharmaceuticals now-a-days. With this certificate you can apply to link your knowledge to the scientific approach as well by being in research and development field. By writing and blogging too, you can spread your knowledge and help people know about the disease more, as today there are several health blogs people follow to gain their knowledge.   It is an epidemic in India; let’s take an initiative of fighting this disease and getting rid of it.