Here Is How You Can Get A Body Like Boxer “Vijender Singh”.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

Hello boys! Now, I wouldn’t blame you if you have always longed to have a fit and toned body like Vijender Singh Beniwal, the Olympic medalist from Haryana who never fails to make girls go weak and boys envious of his charm. He is known for his lean yet superbly toned body with those bulging biceps and flat abs. But fret not, you can get that fit body as Read on!



Know your body’s requirement: The boxer really focuses on what kind of exercise his body needs. He plans his regime with the help of this trainer accordingly.

He follows a planned weight training routine. Use this method to discipline your body and add strength to the muscles. Focus on strength and not on bulking up. His routine includes chin-ups, push-ups, triceps workout.

Focus on flexibility: Vijender Singh believes that a flexible body goes a long way than a stiff body. He indulges in kick boxing as well.

Healthy eating: This is the most important bit. His diet includes a variety of fruits and leafy vegetables along with milk. Even if he eats anything oily and spicy, he ensures it is not more than once in a week. Whatever he eats, he keeps the portion very small and light. He takes a high protein dinner through animal protein – usually lean meat.

Sleep: Despite his hectic schedule, Vijender Singh ensures that he sleeps on time and wakes up on time. He doesn’t like staying up till late in the night or sleeping till late in the morning. He feels a good night’s sleep gives the body enough time to rest and recover.

Run and skip: The boxer indulges in a lot of running along with other cardio exercises. He trains 6 hours a day. Though he doesn’t like to run much but he knows that it is an important form of exercise. He usually listens to music, sings or talks to himself while running.  Running helps him in getting ready for long training sessions. He loves skipping as it helps him perfect his footwork – something that is very important for a boxer.  A good footwork is important to prevent you from falling off, it helps in perfecting your balance. He really pays a lot of attention on having strong legs as it is important for a boxer.

Yoga: He believes in good mental health and meditates regularly for 30 minutes. He feels this keeps him mentally alert, disciplined and healthy.

The boxer has a fixed diet and workout chart that gets revised from time to time. He works out under the strict supervision of his coach. A lot of patience and discipline also helps him in training hard.


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