Healthy Meal Delivery Business and Restaurant in India

Due to a rapid rise in the craze for fitness industry, the need for a healthy diet has also come hand in hand. It is a well-known fact that you can never get a fit physique without having a healthy and clean diet. So, much of the people need additional health supplements to fulfill their nutritional needs but these cannot be used as diet replacement all the time. Diet plays a really important role and supplements cannot make up for a diet.

The modern lifestyle of people barely leaves them with enough time to eat food, let alone cooking. So, a great business idea comes in the focus which is healthy meal delivery and restaurants in India. There has a steep rise in the business in the recent years but is yet to maximize its potential.

Market Size

There has never been a study about the market size and its growth in this field but you can look up on the internet how much success it has gained recently; all thanks to modern busy lifestyle and increasing awareness for fitness. Apart from this, the healthy meals are not only restricted to people who work out or go to the gym, people who do yoga, MMA, etc. also demand healthy meal. So, closely looking, we can conclude that the market is really large.

Though the market size holds a special importance before setting up a business, so does the location where you want to expand your business. Now, looking towards the location aspect, the metropolitan cities and developed cities act as a good and profitable location for this business. Your target cities should be Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune, etc.

Market Insights

There are a number of companies in the field. Competing against them is not a tough task because the business has not yet reached its peak. Though, you will have to put in a lot of efforts in advertising, offering discounts, value for money and taste along with healthy food to your customers in order to attract them to your brand; this way you can earn brand loyalty easily. The most unique concept is to provide healthy food with great taste. With time, the taste buds of people have become more demanding and nothing beats a good tasting healthy food. So, if you can have chefs who are capable enough of providing this, your business will reach the heights of success.

This industry is not yet well set up, so you still have an ample amount of time and opportunity to set up your business.


Some of the leading brands in this business are as follows:-

  1. Healthie
  2. Calorie Care
  3. PurpleBasil
  4. Yustrength
  5. Kalchi
  6. Tandurust
  7. Foodgasm

These are some of the well established brands in the market. They all have something unique about their brand and have targeted various different cities in order to expand their business.

Tips and Tricks

So, you are in to set up your own business but have no clue where to start from. So, here is a small guide to start step by step. First, you need to get a plan; which clearly states how you are going to be different and attract you r customer. Next, you have to select your target customers, find their needs and plan accordingly. Thirdly, you’ll have to secure an investment. Next, you will have to complete all the official work that needs to be completed before setting up a restaurant. After all this, you need to find appropriate employees who can really put life to your business by making it unique and maximizing your profits. Last but not the least, you need to provide your customers with additional discounts during the first few phases.

There are a few companies which provide with an option to prepare a healthy meal based on an approximate value of your daily calorie intake and your macronutrients. You need to go to their website, tell them your requirements and the food which you would like to consume and then they will provide you with food accordingly; you can get food for one time, a particular meal at a particular time for everyday or may set it up for entire day for all days of the week(monthly meal subscription).

On the other hand, there are companies that provide their new customers with a free 3 day trial or a 3 day trial for fee as small as Rs. 100. You may also provide this to your customer but remember not to cheat him, never provide food that you won’t actually provide on a daily basis because if you try to fool them, you are just earning a bad reputation in the market and giving other brands to attract your customer.

Apart from the delivery process, you can go for a café or a restaurant which provides healthy meals. This would really attract all the fitness enthusiasts out there!

How to Establish a Healthy Meal Delivery Business and Restaurant in India

There are certain licenses which you need to obtain before getting into the business, these are as follows:-

  1. FSSAI License This is one of the most important licenses in order to open a food restaurant in India. This license confirms your customers that they are at a place which follows all the safety standards.
  2. Health/Trade License This license ensure that supreme care must be taken of the health of the customers. These are provided by local civil authorities such as State’s Municipal Corporation or Health Department.
  3. Eating House License This license is provided by the Licensing Police Commissioner of the city in which you desire to open your restaurant.
  4. Shop and Establishment Act Your shop must be registered under this act in order to run a food business. This license is city specific.
  5. GST Registration This needs to be taken care of. All the services and food that you provide have some GST on them that goes to Government and for applying this tax to your final bill and to run your business seamlessly, you need to get a GST Registration.

These were all the major licenses that you need. Apart from these, you also need a few more according to your personal needs, such as- music license, lift clearance license, etc.