Healthy Habits: Importance of Proper Sleep

Blog by : Anushka Jain

In 2018, nobody really has time to have a proper sleep. With a lifestyle so busy and stressful, a good night sleep plays a vital role in our health. But we all still compromise our sleep and go on without it. What we don’t know is: proper sleep is just as important as proper eating. In order to survive the stress our mind and body go through, we need to improve our sleeping patterns. But before that, we need to learn how important sleep exactly is.

  1. Obesity:
    People who don’t get proper sleep are easily more immune to obesity as poor sleep is directly linked to weight gain. This is believed to be affected by various factors, including hormones, poor motivation to stay active and poor stamina. Also, when we sleep less, we get hungry more often, leading us to take in more meals than necessary. Aren’t you scared knowing that your lack of sleep can gain extra fat in your body?
  2. Concentration:
    When your body suffers from a lack of sleep, you have a hard time concentrating properly. Because our body is too tired to focus, it directly impacts our daily work and productivity. You may be losing sleep to work but you sure aren’t putting your best efforts in it and not performing well because you cannot concentrate properly. Better option: have a good sleep and then work with full focus. This will lead to better performance, stronger memory, and good observation skills.
  3. Stamina & Performance:
    Good sleep always results in enhanced stamina and performance. A study on athletes has shown that athletes who have a good night sleep tend to perform better in the field. On the other hand, athletes who don’t sleep well get tired soon and can’t multi-task on the field.
  4. Heart Diseases:
    Sleep majorly affects the performance of our hearts. People who sleep poorly have a greater chance of suffering from heart diseases and getting a stroke as sleeping problems directly risks your body to chronic illnesses. So, avoid losing your sleep for petty reasons. You might end up risking your health.
  5. Diabetes:
    Lack of sleep can affect the sugar level in your blood. It can also reduce the sensitivity of your insulin. A lot of studies have shown that people who sleep less than 6 hours at night always end up getting Diabetic after a while. Even young people start seeing diabetic symptoms in themselves after risking their sleep. Our body glucose gets unstable when it undergoes fatigue after less sleep.
  6. Depression:
    Often, depression, sleeping disorders and other mental illnesses affect us more easily when we decide to disturb our sleeping patterns. It is known that 90% of people suffering from depression have had sleep problems in the past and are still going through it. Poor sleep is also linked to suicidal thoughts, increasing your chances to death by suicide. It is better to consult a psychologist for your sleep issues than get late and consult them for depression. Take precautions from the start.

7. Immune System:
Health professionals say that even a small loss of sleep can lead to a weak immune            system. The body always stays feeble and tired, leading to body aches, headaches and        several other diseases that a weak immune system ends up catching. Lack of sleep is          really dangerous as it can literally disturb your whole system.