Health Workshops

Health Workshops

Wellness is defined as “the constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well-being”. Our workshops expound on that and cover the following topics:

The Components of Wellness
Program discusses wellness and the elements of wellness in an effort to achieve a healthy balance of energy in all aspects of life. Behavioral tendencies that are contrary to wellness are also addressed.

Identifying one’s Fitness Level
Four major components of fitness (cardiovascular strength and endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition) are discussed as well as how the lack of motion is linked to disease.

Designing Muscular Strength and Endurance Programs
The focus of this seminar is to outline the steps necessary to develop a lifetime strength-training program that will minimize the effects of atrophy, improve wellness and offer preventive measures to reduce the risk of deteriorating muscle condition.

Designing a Cardiovascular Fitness Program
This workshop speaks to the crucial need to increase physical activity and reduce the chance of succumbing to chronic health-related problems due to inertia.

Understanding Why People Don’t Lose Weight
Behaviors and perceptions that lock individuals into patterns that prohibit successful weight loss are identified. It addresses how individuals process this information and increases awareness of personal barriers while at the same time provides the tools necessary to design individualized weight loss programs.

Body Fat Assessment
Information about body composition including the percentage of body fat and the effects of aging and genetics on that percentage is provided. Participants can then tailor their own regime of wellness and weight loss to achieve their goals.

Creating the Right Recipe for a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle
Learn about yourself and your perceptions to better control the varied aspects of your life. Discussion emphasizes motivating yourself to become whole and balanced which will create harmony in your life.