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Everyday habits that are ruining your health without you being aware of it

“Old habits die hard”. Having said that, there are a lot of things we do in our everyday life which have ill health effects. We might be under the wrong impression that a walk around the park and keeping the junk at bay are enough for us to be at our perfect health. Most of us refrain to agree upon our bad habits, but we cannot deny the fact that in our fast paced, career-oriented lives we somehow compromise on our health, which will not prove to be good in the long run. So let’s strike out these habits given below:

  • The late night eating habits:

They say that, 8pm is the ideal time by which a kitchen should close down. However it may not be possible today, reason being, the work schedule. But, what is possible is that, we finish a light meal by 11 at night and then carry on with the work pending. Because gulping down food late at night is the reason for the everyday problems of lack of sleep, headaches to fatal outcomes like oesophageal cancer, respiratory problems and also asthma and chronic bronchitis.

  • Overusing your smartphone:

We are all aware of the ill effects of using a smart phone in access, but somehow, we fail to cater to the responsibility of managing our own health. Today we cannot eliminate the need of smartphones or digital devices in our lives, but we sure can reduce its usage or the amount of time we spend on it. Needless to say that we’re all aware that these smart devices ruin your eyesight, disrupt your sleeping patterns and come with add-ons like headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

  • Sleeping with the contact lenses:

Though this may not imply to all of us, but it sure should concern those who use contact lenses. Studies show that people who sleep with their contacts are almost 20 times more likely to develop eye infections, sometimes leading to permanent corneal scarring and loss of vision. The effect of this bad habit worsens with each consecutive night worn.

  • Keeping the wallet in your pocket:

Now, as weird as it might be to believe, carrying your wallet in your pocket has some serious effects that we have been unaware of. Studies say that keeping your wallet in your pocket causes strain and stretching of ligaments and may also result in pain in the pelvis and back.

It may also result in unnatural tilting of the pelvis. Try carrying your wallet into a blazer/coat pocket or not carrying the cards that you don’t require.

  • Ignoring your oral health:

Let’s admit it. Oral health is not on our priority list of health problems to be fixed. But, little do we know that ignoring oral health can not only result in tooth loss, but is also linked with problems like diabetes, heart strokes, pre-mature birth etc. So, do not just brush and floss away, try keeping your dentist in loop of any problems faced. Trying fixing the problem before you’ve to get your teeth fixed.


It may not sound like a big deal, but these habits will cost you your health, which is a big deal to lose upon. So buckle up, and get rid of these habits as soon as you can.

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