Group fitness

Group fitness is affordable and it is convenient for the busy professional as well as for the person who does not have much time to spare in his day to day life for exercise the approach is especially beneficial if you plan to work and then go the gym. This approach can be useful even to those who work from home as it gives you more flexibility in terms of size and timings. Group learning also helps people turn exercise into a fun and social activity and we all know humans love to socialize so without further ado, this blog focuses on the ideal of Group fitness.

Group fitness as a concept emerged in the early 80s with lots of people emphasizing the benefits of learning in groups over solo efforts. It has taken the world by storm in terms of more people coming in and popularizing the method so that it is no longer a fad but a valid form of training in the modern healthcare and fitness industry. The best trainers know how to utilize the strengths of the group and then turn it into blissful synergy where each person feeds off the other in terms of the training they get and also can add more value to the overall training regimen. It is a case of the sum being more than the parts and while there are a lot of people who think that the best training is the one with solo efforts and one to one ratio between teacher and pupil, this training method is actually pretty good and scientific studies are increasingly bearing out the relationship between group learning over solo learning. For one thing, humans love to learn in groups over the solo effort method. Our psychology is wired that way and we do not like to learn on our own for another, the group learning methodology has actually made people find exercise enjoyable.

Group fitness is actually fairly easy to get into and learn. To start with, there is not much pressure in terms of the time. Batches will be conducted by all the health and fitness clubs and you just have to sign up and check which batch would be suitable for you. The best batches usually have 15-20 people and not more than that. There is no ideal ratio but usually 1 trainer for 15 to 20 people is the best way to go about training in small groups. However once the training starts size barely matters as people would be more involved in the actual activity than really bother about the size of the class. The best training sessions create synergy wherein each participant gets value from the training throughout the session and is also able to add value to the rest of the class with his valuable inputs in terms of the training and the lessons learnt from him. In the best case, training can also help people deal with their stress and handle it better. The best training is therefore meant to be in batches of 15-20 with valuable contributions from all the members adding up to the overall synergy in the group. The system is quite useful especially for trainers as well as they can handle multiple people efficiently in an hour rather than waste time in a go over a single trainer. The easiest way to train would be to join any class with the size mentioned above and then explore for yourself whether the method works. In most cases it does and adds lots of value.

BFY offers a variety of courses and certifications on group fitness activities be it in aerobics or in functional fitness training. These courses are also accompanied by workshops and certifications in which you will learn the best ways to build synergy in the classroom and also help people contribute to the class and make up the sum greater than the parts. These industry level certifications can help you understand the dynamics of understanding how to build up unity in group fitness activities and how best to ensure that the groups are not disconnected from the objectives of the fitness goals.

You will learn how best to organize sessions and what is the best method to ensure that the classes fall into line with the objectives of each member of the group and the overall goals of the group. You will be focusing on singular exercises like aerobics and how each member of the group has different expectations from the same set of exercises and how best to ensure that these expectations are met while exercising.

These are industry approved and the exercises are state of the art. Healthcare professionals the world over recognize their importance and these certifications are also from Desert Southwest Fitness who have been in the industry for more than two decades. The DSF Group learning courses are very effective and they specialize in self-directed distance learning that offer the largest selection of home study courses. All their courses are taught by outstanding industry leaders who will be using a variety of multimedia formats. The company has been an innovator and leader in the field of continuing education for over 25 years.

The course offered by DSF in conjunction with BFY is Cardio Coach: Equipment-Based Group Fitness    Develop creative group-exercise classes that use the treadmill, elliptical trainer and stair climber. This course helps you customize your workout to meet the needs of participants with different abilities and fitness levels. They also teach you how to cue correct technique for each piece of cardio equipment and to incorporate motivational coaching and strategies to improve each participant’s exercise performance and enhance class experience. Skillful coaching in a group-fitness setting is necessary to ensure safe activity and to create an environment that encourages success for all class members and this course teaches you these vital skills to achieve synergy in groups.

The objectives of the course are to define components of an equipment-based group-exercise workout for the treadmill, elliptical trainer and stair climber, to demonstrate and cue proper exercise techniques on the treadmill, elliptical trainer and stair climber. To assess exercise intensity using the perceived exertion scale, talk test and exercising heart rate. To calculate target heart rate zone using the Karvonen formula and to develop an equipment-based group-exercise class using a cardio coach workout template. The courses cover an exhaustive range of group fitness techniques.

Do check out the BFY website for more details on Functional Training and how you can incorporate these methodologies in to your regimen and gain maximum benefit. BFY Sports and Fitness offer a range of services that can help one become more flexible. These will be explored in detail in our articles in the series but for starters you can explore the BFY site at  for a variety of products that can help you stay fit. BFY also offers specialized programs that can keep you fit as a fiddle. You can check out some of the training programs that you can enroll at the BFY website  for more details on the right stretching exercises to follow. Until the next blog post stay fit, stay healthy, eat the right food, rest well and enjoy learning!