Governance structure of sports business and challenges in India


India is a country where people from diverse backgrounds play sports of various kinds both nationally and internationally. There are so many aspects which together contribute in the development of any country. And sports is just one of them. It’s a fact that sports lead to an overall development of an individual and should be taken seriously by the government and citizens of a particular country. More and more people should be encouraged to actively participate in sports activities at different levels. But sports can only reach to people belonging to different parts of the country when the business of sports is managed in a systematic way. And the government plays an important role in the way in which the whole business of sports structure is shaped.

The ideal structure of sports business in India

In recent times, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji has started putting a lot of emphasis on starting a business, which can be in any field, during his recent speeches.  And the reason is pretty much obvious! When people create products in their own country, the finance of that county escalates. Also it creates employment opportunities for more and more people. Now since there is a wide range of possibilities to have a profitable business in the field of sports, government has taken many initiatives to encourage people to take a dig in this area of business. But to start with, it is important to note that the business of sports is closely tied up with the ecosystem of sports. So to build up an effective business plan in the field, the government first has to establish a balance in the ecosystem of sports in our country.

Impact of a balanced sports ecosystem on the business of sports

A sports ecosystem is simply a network of interconnected chains which consists of key elements like- good governance, financial aid,  production and marketing strategy, sports infrastructures, scouting and training centers, suppliers, lead producers, competitors and stake producers. When all of these things are balanced in such a way that they are all interdependent on each other and are doing their job efficiently, that’s when it is called a balanced sports ecosystem. Now when this ecosystem will function properly, the ease of doing business will increase automatically. Thus for a country to develop a profiting business in the field of sports, it is very important to have a well maintained sports ecosystem in that country.

But how do we fuel up the business of sports in India?

With a population of 1,342,512,706 in India, there surely are many people who are interested in sports and would like to take it up as their career choice in future ahead. But to take sports as a career, people first need resources and trainings in the various fields of sports. Now who will provide them such resources and facilities? Now that’s where the business of sports and fitness comes in handy.  Recent stats have shown that 12.82% of Indians play cricket which is also the highest number of Indian population playing any sports. And on the second, comes badminton with 9.39% people playing it all over India. Now with a number like that, who wouldn’t want to invest in the sports and fitness business?  Although theses businesses are doing just fine in the urban areas, to fuel up their business they should step towards the rural areas as well. As a lot of hidden gems of our country have emerged from the villages itself. There are a lot of chances of discovering the hidden talents in the villages of our country, and this can be possible when they are also provided with resources and the infrastructure to practice.  There is also a lot of scope for starting certain training institutes in these villages which will only add up in the process of helping them discover their inner talents and boosting their inner confidence. And in this way one can develop and widen the scope for their business in the field of sports as it has a lot of demand in many of the untouched parts of our country.

Hampers created in the business of sports

There is a reason why Modi ji has to force people to jump into the ‘Make in India’ project. People are just not willing to invest their time and money in startups. Instead of starting their own business, a majority of Indian population has preferred to work for other international or multinational companies. And the reasons are valid to a greater extent:

  • Corruption- This is the main reason why India is still a developing country. It eats away more than half of the money that the government provides for various schemes to build up a competitive yet friendly business environment.
  • Complicated laws- In India to start a business require al lot of paper work to be done. This is a very time taking process. And even after following all the rules some people still have to bribe those goverment employees to get their work done fast.
  • Skilled people- India have a lot of talent hidden within. But what brings it down, is the lack of skill. Due to the lack of proper skill, which is a must for training the budding talents of our country, many people are either not properly trained or completely left behind.
  • Infrastructure- Where other countries have already build up world class infrastructures for the various sports and fitness programs , our country is still busy planning on doing something like that.


Now since there are a lot of reasons why the business of sports and fitness has yet not flourished properly, we still have a chance to ace this field as our country has got both the talent and the resources which are required to boost this business. All that is needed to be done is for our government to reconsider shaping the business structure of sports in India by taking some necessary measures. And our country will be all set to rock the international platforms in sports field.