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Article By: Abhishek Pandit

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

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Google fit is the application owned by Google LLC the world’s best internet related series and products specialized. In 1998, It was founded by 2 students who were doing PH.D. from Stanford university names are Larry Paige and Sergey Brin. Headquarters of Google is at Googleplex, Mountain View, California, U.S. The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai and CFO is Ruth Porat.

History of Google is they were funded by Andy Bechtolsheim, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems with $100,000. And other three are Jeff Bezos( founder), David Cheriton(Professor of Stanford University) and Ram Shriram(Entrepreneur). In 1999, they wanted to sell Google to Excite and online service company. But they rejected it. Then after 5 years Larry Paige, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt (executive chairman of alphabet inc.) agreed to work for 20 years together until the year 2024.

Now Google owns the android OS(operating system). All the smartphone mobiles are having Google’s android operating system. However, the initial release of android is 23rd September 2008. Latest OS of android is 8.1.0 Oreo.

Social media platform for Android are:-




Google Fit is one of the finest app for fitness lover. In this application you can record your health status and progress while running, walking and cycling.

You can find many stats here like timing, distance, calories and steps but all you need is internet and gps on in your mobile phone.

It will track almost everything like your weighting as well that how much you may have lost the weight or gained the weight as well.

For daily purpose it is really a fantastic application. You can monitor and can measure what is happening with your body at each and every step as well.

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