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A sound mind in a sound body- a phrase all have heard and many strive to attain. And garba helps you attain that state of mind and body.


A sound mind in a sound body.This proverb which is of Greek origin insists that there is a strong connection between the mental and physical health of a person. The neglect of one is bound to have adverse effect on the other.


The Navratri festival has just ended. This is a time for mental and physical rejuvenation. Garba works a great stress buster as well as a great physical workout too. The music and rhythmic movements release happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins which relax the mind. When we synchronise biorhythms with music, we begin to feel euphoric, joyful and energetic. This pleasure drives us to dance without becoming tired or bored. It almost works as a legal performance enhancing drug. Let’s see how exactly does it improve performance?


  1. DISSOCIATION: Dissociation refers to diverting the mind from sensation of fatigue that creep up. This especially holds true if there is synchrony between the rhythm of music and movement of the participant.


  1. INTERNAL MOTIVATION:  There is an altered mental state of awareness during the activity. Music enables people to put aside all distractions. The mind and body function on “auto-pilot” with minimal conscious effort.


  1. EMOTIONS THAT ENRICH ENJOYMENT: Good emotions and positive feelings are triggered when we move to music. We experience joy in the activity which can be quite addictive


The health benefits of dancing in large numbers go beyond reducing stress or exercising. When the experiences feel good, that’s usually a signal that they have served some kind of evolutionary purpose.  The brain evolved to find certain kinds of food tasty, because eating those foods had survival value for our ancestors.
As social species, being part of a group has survival value. Evolution also may have adapted the brain to experience a sense of reward when we did things with or for other people. It is fundamentally co operative in nature. Researchers think this is why so many cultures have synchronized dancing. Just as dance is innate to every human being, social dance is universal to every society. Besides making us happier and healthier, it raises our pain tolerance and makes us more connected. Thus it bonds us.


Dance is a language of physical exercise that sparks new brain cells and their
Connections. During toe taps, arm extensions, leg curls , it is the brain that dances. During execution of a movement, several regions of the brain become active. Our nervous system responds in a variety of ways. To engage in a new movement, a new neural pathway is formed. This pathway is a route that a message travels from the brain to the muscle and back to the brain. It is made up of specialized cells called neurons. Neurons can improve intellect and memory.

Creating new neural pathways can be highly beneficial as we age. Any new activity that we try will produce more neurons. But as we get older we do not like to move out of our comfort zone. Comfort zone is like the” Great Wall of China” that barricades us in our life. It‘s an imaginary wall which we have built.  As humans we are inherently afraid of change, afraid of what other people will think, afraid of failure and afraid to step out of our comfortable little environment.
Today the world is getting increasingly competitive where only the fittest can survive. We need to step out of our comfortable little environment. We have to experiment and try new things.
But comfort zones feel so real, that they have the power to affect our important decisions. The good news is that because comfort zones are imaginary, just a bunch of neuron firing in the brain can push further the boundaries created by us. As we keep expanding them, we can experience a lot more in life and become comfortable with a lot more newer things.

Big things happen when your comfort zone expands.
As the saying goes” follow your butterflies“. That’s the fluttery feeling in the stomach before doing something that’s out of our comfort zone. Use those butterflies to guide you towards your dreams.

Life begins at the end of the comfort zone.


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