Get in shape in 3 steps. Follow experts advice

Blog By: Faiyaz Ali Khan
(certified muay thai trainer,personal trainer and fitness consultant)


Are you bored with jogging, gymming or aerobics?do you find that you are making all kinds of excuses not to exercise?

When boredom sets in,sticking to an exercise regimen becomes difficult,I bet then you wont regret starting kickboxing. Kickboxing is hybrid form of boxing,martial arts and aerobics,it can give you an intense total body workout which can make you burn up to 500-800 calories in comparison with a typical hour-long step aerobics class where you will burn only 300-400 calories according to american council of exercise.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a devastating striking art developed centuries ago in Thailand is also known as The Deadliest Martial Art.

In this art one can use elbows and knees to strike or hit  too along with punches and different type of kicks. Now a days it is used for fitness training,competitive sport and self defense..the modern kickboxing or the cardio kickboxing is mainly taken from this great art from Thailand. Kickboxing helps you win the battle of the bulge,which in turn can improve the quality of your life.people who exercise have more energy,less anxiety,more self-esteem and a great sex life,kickboxing does all this and more as it firms and sculpts your body.just like frequent exercise,kickboxing can enhance your everyday life. It is not relative to body size,age or sex.kickboxing is based on technique rather than muscle power.a woman can take down a 100kg man if she has good skill..kickboxing focuses on what you have instead of what you dont have.if you can’t kick high,you can kick low.if your punches lack power,develop the power in your kicks,its fun for all..cardio kickboxing is not a self-defense class,it’s a workout,yes you are learning to throw punches and kicks.but that doesnt replace common sense and it doesn’t make you immune to crime.if you want to protect yourself,you should learn kickboxing well to kick some but when in trouble,God for bid. Kickboxing can be therapeutic too-you can erase the stress of life as you workout,it can act as a great stress buster and in the end who doesnt want to look good in the mirror,remember and checkout kickboxer as they always have great bodies.

Some more benefits of kickboxing at a glance:
weight control,greater energy,better immunity,peak mental performance,stronger bones,better sex life,less chance of heart disease,delayed ageing,greater confidence,more strength and peace of mind.Here are some simple moves to get in shape and which can work most of your body.

Note: Practice Everyday at least for 15-20mins.

1: Block and walk:
Make fist and hold at your cheeks,lift your knee up to your waist level and bend slighty from upper body taking your elbow behind your knee,squeeze your waist and walk in the front alternating knees for 50 steps and then without turning around walk backward the same way for 50 steps again..this works your legs,abs and waist and also helps you to block a kick or a punch and improves your balance.

2: Punches 1 and 2(Jab And Cross):
Stand with your left leg forward,make fist and keep your hands at face level just below your eyes. 1 is your left hand which is also called a jab,throw 30 count jabs only straight at your face level. 2 is your right hand which is also called a cross,throw 30  count crosses only straight at your face level. Then throw 1 and 2 alternating for 30 counts non stop. Remember never be jerky or never lock your elbow when you throw a punch.This will tone up your arms,shoulders and also make u lose flab from upper back..

3: Front kick:

Stand with your left leg forward,lift right leg,fold leg,extend in front as high as you can with your foot straight,return to fold leg and set right leg down on floor. Do 10 to 15 reps and switch legs. This works to tone up your legs and builds strength in knees.this kick also works on lower abs and back and also improves your balance..remember that you should not snap or be jerky when doing this kick.
if you do this three basic moves with very less rest gap your bound to get hooked to kickboxing and you will be wanting to learn more abt this fab art.

Note: Always consult your doctor before starting a new workout program.

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