“Get fit with Zareen”:Zareen Siddique

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you cant do, you got to dream and protect your dream ” these are the words from a very beautiful movie titled “The pursuit of happiness”,
we have always heard that this particular age is right for marriage, this particular age is right for a career,But we rarely come across people who live life at s own pace.One such is the story of Zareen Siddique Shaikh.This super mom is a post-natal fitness trainer, ultra runner and loving mom of two.We rarely come across any fitness program for post pregnancy and this was also faced by Zareen.She hails from Pune , Maharashtra.
She had always been a fit women and therefore after her pregnancy she wanted to be back in shape.It took her tremendous effort
to find the perfect workout for post pregnancy.She also underwent Formal training for a basic program from Abs fitness for trainers to understand fundamentals like which muscle group is activated during certain exercises. She also did a course to understand nutrition.She gains attention from various mothers and while guiding them she keeps all the factors under control such as psychological and conducts 2 counselling sessions with woman. to understand their physical to limitations.
According to Zareen, running is the best cardio and she is also a ‘part of Jeetu Nair’s Free Runners group.She also runs marathons .According to her, people should not choose between gym and running and should be gym and running for more endurance.
She has also started yoga therapeutics and body work immersion.
Protein supplements are a big no-no for her and she never prescribes them to her clients and also her clients are not bodybuilders but merely women aged between 20 and 50 .She also has a fitness channel on you tube where she shares various circuit and tips for better performance.
She does a lot of research work and considers the background of every client before preparing for their diet.
Being a mom and a fitness coach may sound very dreamy but it takes a lot of strength to build this routine and this is only possible for her because of her husband’s unconditional support.
She wants to tell every woman that heath is priority and never neglect it,
You have to take care of you first and then of everyone else.
If you also want to become a certified fitness trainer and get more understanding of your body,
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