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What do Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King and Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common? Besides being incredibly successful, they all credit a large part of their achievements to visualization.


Visualization is a very powerful tool for achieving fitness and for weight loss.

One of the bigger challenges in losing weight and achieving a fitter body is getting your mind aligned with your goals. More often your mind is aligned with what you don’t want – bad eating habits, laziness and avoiding exercise. Losing weight is hard under those conditions. You’re constantly fighting an inner battle every time you want to make a decision about eating or exercise.
One of the most effective techniques for bridging the gap between the mind and body is Creative Visualization.



It is the process of seeing images in your mind. You simply need to create little “mental movies” about situations that you want to make true.
By visualizing your body as you want it to be, you induce your sub conscious mind to shape it like the mental image.
It is a know fact that thoughts and emotions affect the body for better or worse. Negative thinking, stress, worry and anger hurt the body. Under these conditions the body releases toxins into the blood, which affect it adversely.
Positive thinking, happiness, love and confidence heal, strengthen and energize the body.
You can use the connection between the mind and body to your advantage. The subconscious mind accepts and treats real conditions and mentally imagined conditions as real. This means if you visualize yourself as being fit and slim, your subconscious mind will accept what you visualize as true. It will act to make your body conform to the mental image.






Use visualization to see the end result of your goal. Focus on a mental image of how you want to look and feel. Imagine yourself in the size and style of clothing you want to wear.



Tune into true feelings of motivation during your visualisation session. You ll be programming your subconscious mind to think that these actions are enjoyable and easy. Your body will lean in the direction of doing them naturally.


Visualizing yourself performing a physical activity can improve your performance. Athletes do it all the time. As you see it in your mind, try to FEEL it in your body. Feel your muscles working just as they would during a real workout. See yourself lifting weights easily and building lean muscle. See yourself improving your cardiovascular fitness easily and quickly. Your workouts will feel easier and a lot more fun.



You can use visualization to change your eating habits. First set your goals relating to food. Start visualizing yourself accomplishing them easily. You soon be drawn towards healthier food options.


Achieving Fitness with the help of Creative Visualization can be termed as “Mental Diet”. This meditative technique is unique because it works from the inside out. It changes your biochemistry and neural pathways. With regular practice, visualization will ease the stress in your body. This technique is used by business people, athletes, celebrities and successful people to improve performance and achieve personal and career goals.


Always read positive, hear positive, and talk positive. Your mind only needs to know this.


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