Gerald John Shares his Experience as BFY’s Student.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

With more than 6 million people working out with personal trainers, a clear path to a variety of certifications through organizations like the American Council On Exercise (ACE), and a fitness industry that just keeps growing, if you’re hooked on health and fitness, now might seem like the perfect time to turn your passion into a career. Plus, beyond being relatively low stress and high reward, the average salary for personal trainers is on the rise, and wearing workout clothes every day is simply following the dress code—not too shabby. If you are considering a Career in the fitness industry, then this article is for you.

We recently spoke to BFY’s Student, Gerald John who agreed to share his experience at BFY, with us.

Gerald belongs to the corporate background. He has worked for about 12 years in the corporate sector. He says that it was a struggle to climb the management ladder. He realised that, the higher one gets, the more the pressure and demands.

So, he quit his job to pursue a career in the fitness industry, something he has always been very passionate about. Right from his childhood days, Gerald has been into sports and fitness. He used to participate in Cricket, Football, Boxing and Athletics.

Gerald is a highly passionate and driven Fitness professional and loves the satisfaction of helping as many people, get fitter as possible.

His goal is to become one of the best fitness professionals. With that in mind, he enrolled for ACE- Personal Training Program at BFY, this year.

Gerald picked BFY because, it is a much recognised fitness institute in India.”If you are from the Fitness Industry, there is no way you havent heard of BFY. It is a reputed, renowned institution for Fitness. In my personal interaction and experience with BFY, I can vouch for their passion and integrity.” he says.

He is currently learning about Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Health and Fitness screening, in the program at BFY.

Gerald only had good things to say about the course. “Yes, this course helped me a lot. I am learning a lot through ACE Course. It is a comprehensive course which covers many aspects of Fitness and equips you to be a competent trainer.”, says Gerald.

“I love the fact that it is accredited by NCCA and is recognised worldwide. The course has really helped me expand my knowledge in fitness.”, he adds.

Gerald is currently working as a Free Lance Trainer, operating mostly in Mumbai (Andheri West). “It is going great and I am enjoying the process of helping People get fitter. I have helped about 25 Personal Training clients, and about 100 people in a lesser capacity, it could be just motivating or counsel on how to achieve their Fitness goals.”, says Gerald.

In the future, Gerald plans to to do a graduation in Sports Science, if not advance PT and Sports Nutrition courses. He also plans to keep learning and growing as a Fitness Professional to increase his reach and influence to people, to become one of the best in the Fitness Industry.

Gerald urges the new comers to join the fitness industry. He says, “Pursue it only if you are passionate about it. Keep an open mind for learning. The day you think you know enough, you will be left stagnated.”

“All you need is Passion, Desire to learn and grow, good interpersonal and communication skills, to do well in the fitness industry. Also, don’t forget to be fit yourself.”, he adds.

That said, we are very glad to be a part of the process that helps passionate and determined students like Gerald achieve their dreams and fitness goals. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.


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