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Javed Jaffrey was the pioneer of Indian comedy during the 90s. Son of famous comedian Jagdeep, Javed Jaffrey carries his father’s tradition of humour with his comedic style. Javed Jaffrey has added numerous feathers to his cap, be it acting, dancing, singing, emcee among others. In the 1990s, when channel [V] was at its peak, Javed Jaffrey took it as a platform to showcase his comic skills, amidst receiving huge appreciation from the fans and thus garnering a huge fan following.

He made his acting debut in the year 1985 with a negative role in the movie Meri Jung. Javed Jaffrey was also a huge star in the television industry. It was he who started and judged India’s first dancing reality show Boogie Woogie. Currently, it holds the record as one of the longest-running shows. Apart from these, Javed Jaffrey is also known for his role in the animation dubbing scene. He dubbed Mickey Mouse, Goofy and others in Hindi for Disney. He even scripted the Hindi version of Disney’s Jungle Book 2 and The Incredibles. Also as a child, we grew up hearing his commentary on the show Takeshi Castle. One could never stop laughing at the amazing reaction he delivered to the contestant’s performance.

Another Bollywood role Javed Jaffrey is known for is his portrayal of the character Manav in the film Dhamal. Javed Jaffrey impressed everyone with his comic timing and child portrayal of an adult. The film went on to be a success at the Box Office with Jaffrey receiving numerous praise for his rendering performance

Recently Javed Jaffrey shared a photo of his on Twitter which shows that he has developed a new hobby. His latest hobby is now lifting weights. Javed Jaffrey could be seen with an extremely fit body and he credited his physique to a 4-month of intense performance and intense diet. He was extremely appreciated over the internet and his transformation is truly mentioned worthy.

A four-month timeline may feel tedious but in reality, it is a very short span of time. To lose more pounds in four-month requires that the burning rate of calories is higher than the intake rate. The main factor in such a diet is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also before stating an extensive diet, consultation with a doctor is a must. The doctor can recommend an improved diet measures to be taken during these 4-5 months.

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One cannot stay fit until their diet plan does not meet the requirements of the body. In case of a four-month plan, managing and maintaining the diet is one the biggest challenges. One should start the day with two omelettes loaded with vegetables, be it spinach or kale. Another crucial factor is the consumption of protein during each meal. Food that keeps the blood sugar level down should also be consumed such as pear, pineapple, and grapefruit.

When going for an excessive weight loss goal, the calorie burning rate should be increased through activity. Getting more active makes it easier to create that 1,400-calorie gap we need for weight loss without getting deprived of essential nutrition. Creating a varied cardio schedule that alternates longer, moderate-intensity exercise, like a 60-minute workout on the elliptical, with shorter interval workouts that increase the metabolism. Strength training is especially important when you’re trying to lose weight fast. With rapid weight loss, you’ll tend to lose muscle as well as fat, and weightlifting can minimize our muscle loss.

Javed Jaffrey’s dedication shows that age is never a bar for anyone to remain fit. Being 54
himself, Javed Jaffrey was able to attain so much in just 4 months. His story is really an
inspiration for all of us. All we need is dedication and discipline in our lives, the rest will follow its way through. Javed Jaffrey has been a master of all trades and his recent indulgence shows the benefits of staying fit in today’s time. Maintaining a six or eight packs or completely visiting the gym should not be the lone purpose. Instead, all we can do is maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Kudos to Javed Jaffrey for breaking the norms related to age and may he provide more such motivation for us.

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