Four Reasons to make a Career in Fitness & Health:

Choosing a career in today’s world is a real dilemma. While most people get a degree, a corporate, secure job with lots of money and no time, some of us actually want to follow our passion and do something that makes us happy. Staying fit & healthy was that for my mother, a dietician and yoga teacher. She was not even young when she decided to follow her dreams. She was middle-aged, free and bored. Her routine at even that time included waking up early to do yoga, eat a balanced diet and provide everyone in our family the same, giving advices to relatives for their daily meals. Soon, she realized she could put all that into use and become a professional. How did she do that is a long process; I am not here to tell you that. I am here to tell you about the happiness she feels while doing it; and even now when she is almost fifty, how fit and healthy she is. You should know this because if you are doubtful about stepping foot in the fitness industry, you would not be after reading this.
So, let me tell you the four reasons to make a career in fitness & health:


  1. High demand: Yes, you will be shocked to know but there is a high demand of fitness instructors, dieticians, physical therapists etc. Hospitals, gyms, fitness & sports clubs, schools are all looking for people with certified skills for these jobs. In the growing awareness of health, health experts are highly required in all these places. Not only them but even celebrities need personal trainers for their daily work-out and meal plans. This has led to increase in employment opportunities and good income in the fitness industry. If you do decide to choose a career in this field, there would be low risk of failure. Besides, this job is ageless. You can start your fitness career when you’re 20 or 4o, it really doesn’t matter, as long as you have the drive, passion and skills.


  1. Flexibility: A career in the fitness industry would be like – do it however you want to. It is flexible because you are your own boss. You can decide the work hours yourself, the number of days you want to work by yourself. Ultimately, the client will have to listen to you and understand your convenience as you are the coach. You will never feel bored as you do in a 12 hour job. You can decide to take a break anytime you want to. Furthermore, you can decide the fees of your clients by yourself too, according to their customized training, of course. The whole profession would be in your hands. You would never be yelled at for not finishing a project report again. Doesn’t that sound appealing?


  1. Satisfaction of helping others: If you already are a fitness freak, you know the satisfaction you feel when someone who listened to you about meals or fitness is now all healthy because of you. Just imagine, if that one person’s change can make you feel that happy and worthy, how will a career in the field make you feel? Also, you will be doing what you love. That never has a chance of getting monotonous because it gives you the “kick”. I have seen the glee on my mother’s face when her patients tell her that her diet plan saved them. What better job than helping others grow, saving them from chronic diseases and help them reach their potential?


  1. Personal Growth: When you coach others, you are practicing your skill repeatedly too. That makes you better at what you do, helping you grow even more. You are saving others and yourself too in the process. In a job where you earn well, do what you love, help others and see yourself develop into a better figure, who would not feel good? Your motivation will boost every day, leading you to do your job more productively. Besides, who wants an unhealthy health trainer? Staying healthy and fit will set an example for your clients. They will be able to see how their future selves will look with only one glance at you.


While choosing a path in life, we look at only two things: good income and job satisfaction. Here, you have four reasons to follow the path you were born to. I don’t think you should be waiting anymore. Visit the BFY website; start looking for suitable courses in fitness, diet & sports for yourself. Once you are certified, who can stop you from building your dream career?

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