Fitness Secrets of John Abraham

Blog by : Anushka Jain

When it comes to fitness, we need to look no further than our Bollywood hottie John Abraham. He is as devoted to fitness as people are to their lives. He calls fitness his religion, and that is saying something, isn’t it?

His body has been the talk of our country since he has become a model. And after he started acting, girls went crazy over his charming looks and his drool-worthy six-pack abs. But how did he reach here? How does he never go out of shape and always maintain himself? Admit it, somewhere we all wish to be that sexy and want to know the secrets behind his perfection. So, this article takes you to explore all his fitness secrets, including everything he does for his body.

Let us start with his dos and don’ts. He has always been disciplined about his fitness. And so naturally, he has rules and regulations that he strictly follows.

  • Always have a good breakfast: One of the things that he strictly follows is to always have a healthy breakfast. He wakes up early; prepares something healthy and rich in protein to sustain himself throughout the day. That is how, he has enough energy to stay alert and focus on his work all day.


  • Keep yourself fuelled: Whenever he is actively doing something, he keeps munching on something to fuel his body. Also, he never forgets to have a healthy snack after his workout.
  • Focus on what is important: He suggests to everyone to not look at how many calories they are eating. Instead, he says that we should focus on how many nutrients our meal contains. That is the more important thing.
  • Eat carbs carefully: He gets amused by the way when we want to lose weight, we drop carbs completely. He says we all like carbs, so if we don’t want to completely give them up, we should eat them in limit and as early in the day as possible. That will give us the whole day to burn them off.
  • Fight the temptation: He shares stories about himself when he was offered some of his favourite dishes, but just because his fitness plan didn’t allow him to take those, he fought the temptation and didn’t look back. Even the most professional fitness enthusiasts can have their moments of weaknesses. So, it is okay to occasionally have those treats. But occasionally should never turn into every day.
  • Water is important: He ridicules the rumours about him that said that he avoided fluids for two days to look good in a photo shoot. He says on those days, he drinks a little less water than usual but he never avoids it completely. Furthermore, he tells us how important water is for the muscles, the skin, our immune system etc. He suggests us to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day.
  • Always know your body type: He tells us how important it is to know our body type in order to really reach our fitness goals. Only according to our body type and our metabolic age, our trainer will be able to make an appropriate fitness plan for our body. So, do visit a dietician and ask them to assess your body and tell you these things.
  • Do not compromise sleep: If there is one activity that repairs your body without any efforts, it is sleeping. When you are sleeping, your body is actually actively building your immune system, purifying your skin, relaxing your muscles etc. That is why; he tells us that proper sleep is the most important rule you need to follow when you are trying to achieve a fitness goal. 8 hours of sleep every night is equally important for the body as it is for the mind.
  • Follow your routine every day: John tells us how he is always changing his workout plans according to the look he is trying to achieve. But the one thing he does not change is his routine of exercising and eating healthy every single day. He suggests we should never skip this routine or we would never be able to be devoted to it. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to do the same exercises every day. He tells us about the times he doesn’t want his workout to get monotonous, so he plays sports instead. It just has to be a healthy activity that keeps our body fit.
  • Do it right: Spending hours in gym won’t pay off if you’re not doing the exercises right. Always listen to your trainer about how to proceed with an exercise. If you do it wrong, you can often end up getting cramps and hurting a joint. He also tells us that he spends more time on the technique of a few exercises than doing various exercises in sometime.
  • Slow and Steady: John strictly tells us to go slow and steady with our workout. If we try to achieve too much too fast, it can harm our metabolism. So, it’s better to do it with efficiency than do it in less time.
  • Expense is not important: keeping in mind the general public of our country, John tells us that our workout does not have to be expensive at all. If we cannot afford to go to the gym, we can play any sports like tennis, squash, swimming etc. to stay fit.
  • Say No to Fad Diet: Our fit, handsome hulk tells us to never starve ourselves. Our diet plays a 60% role in our fitness and our workout plays 40%. So, if you don’t eat anything at all, you will soon realize that you have damaged your body and its immune system is now unstable.
  • Know when to stop: he talks about the times he has continued working out even after he has had injuries. The reasons are that 1. He has deadlines and 2. He knows how not to make it worse. But when we feel that we have injured ourselves or we are too ill to work out, we must stop. We will only make it worse. But if you still want to, you can always try different methods (if confirmed by your trainer) such as: if you have a leg injury, let your legs rest and work out only the upper body.
  • No Drugs or Steroids: Drugs have always been the downfall of us humans. John tells us how upset he gets when he sees the youth destroying themselves by indulging in these destructive things. So, say no to drugs.
    Steroids too must be avoided at all costs. It is an unnatural substance that causes serious harm to our bodies including hair loss, high blood pressure, mood swings, aggression etc. Stay as far as you can from these two.
  • Late night outs: Of course, an occasional party and drink sounds good. But doing it very often can disturb your body seriously. John tells us how it can make us age faster, ruin our sleeping routine, disturb our work out and diet plan. So, keep a control over these things if you are serious about your health and fitness.

So, now we know behind this charming dimpled smile, there is a highly disciplined and devoted man. His secrets are inspirational and will provide good insight to anyone who wants to be like him. We wish all the best to everyone who is going to follow his lifestyle. You are in for a difficult but fruitful journey!