Fitness on Weekends


Blog by: Kartikeya Chaturvedi
The weekends are very indolent at times and specially our beloved Sunday. After a week’s long working schedule comes the weekend, where the normal working class plans to relax and remove stress. Some opt to arise late, some plan picnics, or even at times an informal get together. There are million ways today through which you can rock your weekends. The food and entertainment industry have created such a market that will lure you with their charm. So how does one keep a check on their fitness on weekends? Let’s find out:

  1. Treat the weekend as 2 normal days- wake up early

    The more you think about the weekend which is approaching, the more your planning goes wrong and then that results in planning things which aren’t fit for your health. Therefore treat all 7 days of the week as equal and do not alienate the Saturdays and Sundays. This will help you plan better and start your day with the schedule your body is used to. Treating the body like a temple for two days a week isn’t a good idea is it?

  2. Try some recreational Activities


    Fitness is not just about doing exercises. Fitness is an overall composure of the body. Since the weekends provide some spare time, try to indulge in some recreational activities. This will let your mind relax and keep the work-stress away for at least two days. Not only this, you may find a new passion or master in some activity while doing the recreational activities which will benefit you and add something new to your cap. How interesting !

  3. Talk to your old friends

    Usually we make friends at the place we work or study and forget to be in touch with the friends we made at school or college or the last place you worked. Talking to your old friends is a great way to realise that how worthy you are to someone. This helps one to be motivated and start afresh in the regular week.  So the next time a Sunday comes, recharge that mobile phone and give a ping to an old buddy- see the difference !

  4. Don’t skip your workout on a weekend

    This is a rule which every fitness-freak knows. If you are irregular with the workouts, nothing’s going to work. So apply the rule of early to bed early to rise and push yourself to workout at least for 30 minutes if not an hour.

  5. Do not put limits on your fun-but don’t be limitless

    We all want to enjoy the weekends, and we know that. Hence, do not also stop yourself from enjoying your time. Keep the work away, and enjoy the life. Remember your life on this planet is not confined to just doing work. Time is running out, keep the work-life balance put !

We do not want you to miss out on your weekend, but we also do not want you to miss out on your fitness. Just choose the right way and all will be good. After all- All is Well !

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