Fitness for corporate life

Get up, rush, get ready, grind , eat , sleep and repeat. Seems like an endless cycle, doesn’t it? Well it’s important too. In an era of 20 year aged billionaires , there is an enormous pressure on every working individual to be successful. But our health does take a hit amidst all this madness. We keep wishing for washboard abs, that perfect jawline , toned arms and waist. However, our aims at achieving that becomes futile. So what can we do?
Here’s some ideas of exercising that require barely 20 or 30 minutes of your schedule, and can steer your health and fitness life to a more regulated area:
Power Yoga- means moving dynamically (and continuously) with your breath for a heating, full-body workout. There are two core principles of power yoga—breath-based movement and flowing between the poses—and made the flows simpler and safer than traditional chaturanga vinyasa taught in many studios. The workout is still heating and meditative, but accessible to all levels. Some effective yoga poses are: dolphin pose, downwards facing dog pose, eagle poss , easy pose.images (5)

Swimming- Swimming is usually not considered as much an choice of exercise than means of relaxation. But swimming is actually a better option for weight reductions than a lot of other sports. If you swim for at least 20 minutes straight, keeping up a constant rhythm and speed, it is an aerobic exercise, which helps improve general fitness, stimulates the metabolism and burns fat.The fact that it’s an aerobic exercise also means it improves cardiopulmonary capacity, while the effort needed to overcome water resistance tones muscles.

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Skipping- Jump-rope involves almost every muscle in your body. The more muscle work during an exercise, the more calorie you burn, and you can play with the intensity too. If you have a lack of time, Do high intensity intervals e.g. 30 seconds fast skipping, 10 seconds slow skipping or rest, 6 times. You can try the Tabata protocol, which means 8 rounds of 20 seconds exercising, 10 seconds rest. E.g. 20 sec double-unders, 10 sec slow singles or rest. You can add not only skipping variations but burpees, wallclimbers, push ups, pull ups, etc to your skipping workout.

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Pilates: Pilates can be the best workout for people wanting to remain in shape. You could take out the heels and get onto the mat near you desk and try 8-10 minute sessions of curls, leg circles, leg stretches, side bends and the plank. Also use your abs to lift your legs overhead till they touch the ground and then and bring them back to the start. It’s benefit is that it strengthens the core and busts tummy flab.

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We have to remember that as much as these exercises count, it is necessary that we focus on our diet as well. If we stick to these exercises religiously, rest assured, that perfect jawline, toned arms and legs and flat tummy is yours.
So what are we waiting for? GET, SET, GO!