Fight with Depression

Blog By – Vaishali Khanna

We here it almost everyday from someone or the other that I’m depressed when in-fact they mean “I’m fed up because I’ve had a row or failed an exam or lost my job” etc.These ups and downs of life are common and normal and most people recover quite quickly however,depression is a mood disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness.

It lowers motivation and energy levels.Depression permeates through the body and mind.Symptoms can become severe enough to interfere with day to day activities. When depressed,you may often experience feelings of low esteem,guilt and self reproach driving you to take irrational decisions.

Women are more likely to become depressed than men.The higher risk may be due in part to hormone changes during a woman’s life.Men are less likely than women to get help for depression.They may show the common symptoms of depression,but they’re more likely to be angry and hostile and few may mask their condition with alcohol or drug abuse.The risk of suicide is greater for men than for women.

Elderly people may become physically ill and less active than they once were.They may lose their loved ones or may have to live alone.These changes can raise the risk of depression.

Depression is typically diagnosed simply by a clinical interview asking about the core depressive symptoms.People tend not to recognize depression, even it’s right before their eyes.Never overlook the various symptoms.Being honest with one’s self is the key to be able to cure such an illness.Depression shouldn’t be something that one fear of, instead,one should just start taking charge of his/her life and actually face this illness and fight it.


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