Fight Depression By Breaking a Sweat!

Blog by: Sulagna Das

The sad reality today is that women are more prone to depression and anxiety than men. In fact, women are twice as likely to suffer from clinical depression than men. And most of the time, we leave it untreated because of the sheer difficulty we face in opening up about it. Depression seems like a living nightmare, but that doesn’t mean you cannot step back into the world of your favourite dreams again.
Not just scientifically, even practically physical exercise has proved to be a better way of tackling depression and anxiety.
I know some days it is difficult to even get up from the bed, and working out regimes every day seems just as exhausting. But believe me when I say that it will you help you so much and you will feel so much better later.

Regular exercises ease depression and anxiety in a number of ways and provides several psychological and emotional benefits:

  • Releases feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins, neurotransmitters and endocannabinoids.
  • Helps gain confidence.
  • Coping in a healthy way.
  • Increases social interaction.
  • Takes your mind off the overthinking and worries.

Following are some exercises that will help you cope with depression:

  • Trip to the Gym: Your therapy lies within the four walls of the gym. Maintaining a regular workout routine helps you remain active and energetic. Researchers say that people who are more physically active are reported to have greater general feelings of enthusiasm and excitement than less active people.
  • Running: Cardio and aerobic exercises are perfect to fight depression. Ever heard of a runner’s high? It is the euphoria you feel after running a long distance due to the release of endorphins in your brain due to the physical activity.


  • Walk on: If you’re not comfortable with the idea of running around, try walking. Simple. It is an aerobic exercise, hence it is suitable for all kinds of people. All you need is a pair of comfort shoes and some little music to accompany you (if you want) and you’re ready to go!
  • Try Tai Chi: It is an internal Chinese martial art that is practiced for both defense as well as health benefits. Chinese patients who tried tai chi for a period of three months showed a significant improvement in their depressive symptoms.


  • Yoga: In a study of 65 women with depression and anxiety, the 34 women who attended a yoga class twice a week for two months showed a considerate decrease in the level of depression than the women who didn’t attend the classes. Yoga is your natural antidepressant, Om.
Women practicing yoga in a class
Women practicing yoga in a class
  • Play outside: Being outside in the sunshine also boosts your mood. The sunshine increases your serotonin level in the brain which makes you feel better. So, go throw a Frisbee or tend to those plants that you’ve been wanting to.
  • Bounce: If you see a trampoline, just go and jump. Bounce like there’s no tomorrow. Do some unsuccessful flips and have fun. Your mood will uplift and the world will shine a little brighter for you.

You will get through your difficult times. You are way stronger than you think.