Explaining Mothers to stay fit

We all love our mothers and want them to be fit and healthy. Explaining health to our mothers can be quite an exhausting task as their concepts about health are different from ours. Mothers always focus on keeping others healthy and forget about their own health. It is very important for women to take care of their health because of the many hormonal changes taking place in their body. They are more prone to different types of diseases. Women should be given the awareness and education they require to check themselves in order to live a healthy life. Everyone can make a difference, you can start with your mother and if every house makes their mothers aware of the importance of health. Our world will be a more healthy place.

Breast cancer and ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers that affect women. While there have been many awareness drives regarding breast cancer, many women still are unaware of them.Teach her how to check for breast cancer and the steps to perform while checking it. It is your job to tell your mother about these cancers and tell them the importance of getting a routine checkup and the importance of eating well and exercising. You can show your mother videos on youtube of how cancer or any disease starts and how it is affecting other women as well. Encourage her to eat healthy meals herself instead of giving it to her children only.

Diseases and infections related to menstruation also affect women a lot. A lot of women are unaware of the health hazards when can have because on menstruation. In some homes, women use cloth and unhygienic means during periods. It is necessary to educate our mothers and tell her the alternatives which she can use. Menstrual hygiene is very important and children should tell their mothers about it.As our parents grow older, they neglect their health and  need to be motivated to keep  themselves healthy. Take your mother on a walk with you and urge her to indulge in group activities with other women. There are a lot of options available and they can start a variety of things such as aerobics, yoga in a park, walking. Group activities is one of the best things you can suggest your mother and will benefit her health and also keep her socially active.

Not every woman are enthusiastic about health and fitness and don’t like to hit the gym. And that is totally fine . Tell your mother to start walking for 1 hour daily. Elaborate the health benefits to her if she is not unaware of them. If your mother is not very tech savvy show her the resources and information she can get from the internet. As we grow older, it is our duty to give the information to our parents of which they are unaware of. Mothers need to understand how important it is for them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Content by – Pooja Sheth