Endomondo- Running/walking App.

Endomondo – Running & Walking


Endomondo is the application introduced by www.endomondo.com. The company’s mission is to make fitness more fun by socialistic way. Endomondo was launched in 2007 since then they are innovating new ideas to provide fitness guidance and help for people. With endomondo you can track your progress.

They believe if fitness is fun then social interaction will be the key to fitness in the world. It is a real time app so your friends and relatives can share their progress and new goals with other.

When you challenge in your circle or challenge your audience it will engage with each other which will motivate them as well to work when they will see your progress as well.

When you post your challenges endomondo posts it on social media channels and features it on their website and newsletter and notifies the users for challenges.

Join the community of Endomondo and make this app self-trainer of yours.

You can apply in endomondo as well for:-

  1. Tech: If you know how to do coding then you can apply on their website.
  2. Product: If you can help them in making good products
  3. Business: If you want to do business with them then you contact them as well.

So basically they are working in multiple ways. If you are fitness lovers and want to join in a fitness organization or company you can join them. But It’s all about you what you want to do first you will test the application or you just join as per your needs.

This can be said as personal trainer app since it is tracking all your activity by switching on your GPS.


Endomondo is the app or gadget you can decide. By tracking your location it will detect your running speed and calories burning as well.

Here you will see timing, your running location track, graphs, setting standards and sharing after reaching your goals.

App includes:

  1. Tracking Your Fitness: Tracking your running through gps, tracking speed etc
  2. Analyze Performance: Now you can analyze your performance as per split timing, graphs etc
  3. Synch with apps and wearable: You can connect with various gadgets for tracking your progress.
  4. Setting goals and take on challenges: After Setting your goals you will challenge yourself and a audio coach will guide you how to work for that
  5. Get social: Sharing progress, advising etc.

This will be the best app as per progress concern cause tracking or monitoring is the best way to guide yourself to reach your goals.

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.endomondo.android&hl=en

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Article by : Abhishek Pandit