Effects of Smoking on Women

Blog by: Sulagna Das

Now you may think that a cigarette might take the edge off or according to the younger age group it would look extra cool to blow off that puff of smoke, but well, it is just harming you and nothing else. There are other ways to take the edge off and other ways to look cool, and smoking isn’t one of them.

Women, especially, are a greater risk at the hands of smoking.  According to a study, women smokers face a 17.8 times greater risk of dying of lung cancer, than women who do not smoke. Women who smoke now face a risk of death from lung cancer that is 50 percent higher than the estimates reported in the 1980s, according to Dr. Prabhat Jha of the Center for Global Health Research in Toronto.

Here are a few detrimental effects of smoking on women’s health other than lung cancer and strokes:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis: It is an inflammatory disease of the joints and is chronic in nature. Increased smoking leads to prompt development of this arthritis.
  2. Decreased bone density: Women who have gone through menopause and smoke have lower bone density. Thus, these women have a higher chance of breaking their hip than others.
  3. Cataracts: Foggy or cloudy lens is another consequence of chain smoking. Such a condition is known as cataracts and is often found in women who smoke.
  4. Pregnancy: Women who smoke have a hard time getting pregnant. They also have higher chances of undergoing miscarriages. Studies show that sudden infant death syndrome is often observed in babies born to such women.
  5. Breathing: Teen girls who smoke have retarded lung growth, which later affects the proper functioning of the organs, thereby causing problems to breathe. Asthma, lung cancer and ulcers are common.
  6. Surgery: Smokers have lower survival rates after a surgery than non-smokers. They are more likely to have several complications and poor wound healing abilities.
  7. Depression: Most women turn to smoking when they are suffering from depression. Instead, it doesn’t help. Smoking worsens depression and makes them more addicted to the habit, hence causing several problems inside the body.
  8. Menopause: Smokers have worse symptoms of menopause.
  9. Gum disease: Smoking can lead to gum diseases leading to tooth loss and bleeding gums.

So you see, there aren’t exactly anything beneficial about smoking. It definitely doesn’t make it look cool or helps you cope up with harder situations in life. It only worsens your health and makes you prone to dying at an early age.

Quitting Is the most effective solution. Remember, it’s never too late.