Body image is how positive we think of ourselves and our body. People with low body image tend to be less confident and always feel less when compared to others. Women especially are very concerned about how they look and tend to have low body image because they compare with themselves with their peers, actresses, models and other media sources. These people use harmful means to reduce weight without even realizing the cosequences they can have.  Overconcern about body image and weight can have adverse health consequences such as eating disorders.eating_disorder

Eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia is affecting a lot of people worldwide because of the obsession people to become slim and trim and this is more prevalent in women than men.

People who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa have an urge to be thin and indulge in self-induced starvation which can have very harmful consequences such as ill health and sometimes even lead to death. Some anorexic people also try to induce vomits using laxatives and diuretics. Likewise, people who come under bulimia restrict eating food by overeating and induce vomit . People who have eating disorders tend to realize their abnormal behaviour but they are not able to control themselves and find it difficult to control themselves.

Binge eating is also a type of eating disorder and is contrary to other eating disorders, people who come under this consume food within a short duration of time. People who are any type of guilt, anxiety, stress or depression indulge in binge eating. We may not even realize but we also tend to indulge in binge eating in one or the other way. When people are sad, angry or worried about anything, they tend to binge eat. Generally, the food that is binged is not that is very healthy but comes under fat and sugar.

While maintaining a healthy weight is a good thing but it should never be at the cost of your nutrition and minerals. Starving yourself or inducing vomit is never away for a healthy and fit body. People with these disorders should be educated about healthy body image and should be counselled. People should be taught to adopt a healthy lifestyle rather than adopting these harmful habits. Eating disorders have become a worldwide concern because of more and more people getting influenced by media.

Always remember you don’t need to prove to others or be according to others image of a perfect body. Health comes when we are fit in all the dimensions and that includes what food we consume, the type of thoughts we think for ourselves. It is all in your hands, you can always start a healthier, fitter life whenever you want. It is in the small habits of day to day lives that matter. Everybody in this world is imperfect and full of flaws. The biggest step you can take towards a healthy life is to love yourself and build a healthy body image and the rest will follow.