Don’t Forget The “E” In FITTE. – By Sagar Gawankar, BFY Faculty.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine there are 5 different variables that need to be taken into consideration when developing the cardio portion of a training plan for an individual. No two people are going to respond the same way to fitness regardless of how similar they are, so using the FITTE principle helps to create a more tailored experience.


F: Frequency

I: Intensity

T: Time

T: Type

E: Enjoyment

The first four points are crucial to figuring out what cardio plan will be the most effective for a person. Varying how often, how hard, how long and what type of exercise is performed can make or break this part of a training plan.

The fifth point, enjoyment, is often overlooked in light of its predecessors. For me, as well as many others, I have to enjoy what I am doing or I am likely to quit.

“Here, I would like to share a small story to make this a little more clear.” – By Sagar Gawankar, BFY Faculty.

There was once a young boy named Bheem, who lived in a small village with his grandmother. They were not very rich. Bheem was not that bright academically, so his grandma often worried about his future.

The only thing that ever interested him was Motichoor’s Laddu. He was obsessed with it. There was a shop next to his house where these laddus were sold.

When his friends played in his neighbourhood, all Bheem did was stand below a tree near the shop, taking in the aroma that came from the shop. He was addicted to it. All the villagers used to often tease him about it.

Years passed, Bheem was still obsessed with the aroma that came from the shop. One day he found out that the owner of the shop was ill and was going to close the shop, for good.

When Bheem found out, he immediately offered his help because, that was pretty much the one good thing in his life and he wanted to do everything in his power to save the shop. Bheem started going to the Shopkeeper’s house to learn the basics of how the business works. The Shopkeeper lived with his single daughter who took care of him when he was ill.

Soon, the shopkeeper reluctantly gave Bheem the keys of the shop, wondering if he has got what it takes to keep the shop running.

With love and joy, Bheem began to work on his passion project and in no time, the shop started flooding with customers. Because, of the gentle nature of the boy, there were far more customers in the shop. The business turned out to be a huge success!

Eventually, Bheem got married to the Shopkeeper’s daughter. And they all got their happily ever after.

“Now I know this story sounds very clichéd and filmy. But the point of the story was how Bheem was able to do something he enjoyed doing and how he excelled in it.”

“Although the FITTE principle is emphasized for cardiorespiratory training, I believe that it holds true for any type of exercise.”

“Ultimately, it is the things that we enjoy the most that we tend to repeat.  Everyone is different, so make sure to find something that you enjoy doing and then it won’t feel as much like work!” Says Sagar.


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