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“Belief is like a muscle; unless it’s developed it remains weak, small and basically useless. Small achievements build up your belief in your ability to conquer bigger tasks.”

Feeling intimidated by the big numbers showing on weighing scale? Does your target bogs you down? It’s an age old adage that big tasks are best conquered by dividing them into smaller more manageable tasks.

Many weight loss aspirants fail to achieve success, give up in between or never begin because how much they have to lose makes their dream appear unattainable.

Shedding weight feels like a humongous task to everybody. People who have target to lose 10-20 kilos, that numbers feels big. For people who have a target to lose 5-10 kilos this number feels big. And for people who have to lose 1-5 kilos this number feels big. Your problem is always tough for you and just you until you conquer it.

Understand that losing every pound really matters. Each pound you shed moves you one step closer to your target. Power to lose that one pound is all you have in your hand right now. So why worry about how many more pounds are there beyond that. Focusing all your effort on what is in your control right now is more significant. Give attention to the remaining weight when its time come and believe it will come.

There is a big difference between achievers – people who have done it and people who are trying to achieve :

1 – People who are “trying to achieve” usually try to accomplish too much too fast. That’s why they tend to take abrupt measures. And so get exhausted and give up and feel defeated.

2 – Achievers set milestones. They reach the milestone and hold for a while. Look at target, feel closer to it and feel energized. Learn everything they have to learn from the experience. Then move on to conquer next milestone. Every milestone builds up a belief in themselves that supports them from not falling back.


There always has to be a system to accomplish something. Whatever your target is 2 kilos or 20 kilos do this:

1 – Know your milestoneYour milestone could be 1 kilo or it could be 1 pound or something else. A person who weighs more could lose one kilo faster but with the same efforts a person who weighs less might only be able lose just one pound. So know your milestone.

2 – Start making effort towards your goalLose that one kilo or one pound. Usually if your workout is efficient enough and diet is proper you should be able to attain this target within a week. If not watch how long does it takes you. If you are taking longer than a week or if you don’t see any results at all then following could be the reason:

a)Your diet is still high on carbohydrates and fats. Body is getting enough calories from food so it is not burning extra stored calories.

b)Your workout is not efficient enough.

c)Your lifestyle is too sedentary.

d)You are consuming too less calories. So your workout performance gets affected and also the calories you usually spend in daily activities goes down.

Weight loss is all about expending more calories than you intake. But finding a balance. So you need to watch what modifications will help you to balance calories in your diet and improve your workout performance. Remember the milestone that you are trying to reach now is all you have in your hand. Quitting will not help you. So make every effort to attain it. It’s all about crossing hurdles. It is also your learning step for losing subsequent pounds.

3 – You got the balance – Once you get that balance as to how much workout and dietary modifications helped you to lose first pound it will be easier to work on losing second and so on.

4 – Remember to get the feel of accomplishmentAfter losing every pound (or kilo) always remember to look at your target. Feel energized to see how your efforts are moving you closer to your goal, milestone after milestone.

5 – Never look backBecause if you stagger in between from your plan you might gain weight and this could be really discouraging and might jeopardize you entire plan. You have successfully built up the momentum. So don’t let feeling of accomplishment overpower you and you end up believing you need a break. No.

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