Dietician in India.

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Dieticians are the authorized individuals who may provide you with appropriate diet and nutrition tips and schedules in order to prevent you from being unhealthy as well as they may help a person to reach their fitness goals. Though, the prime purpose of the dietician isn’t to guide the person to reach their fitness goals (it is the job of a nutritionist) but to improve their health conditions.

If you’re a person who is interested in knowing the effects of foods on human body and the amount of nutrients should the body be enriched with and wish to impart this knowledge to other people in order to help them with their diseases, health conditions and fitness goals, then this is the most apt field for you!

So, the main question arises, how to become a dietician in India. You will find all the necessary details about how to become Dietician in India, their job opportunities and their salaries under the next heading.

How to be Dietician in India

There are end number of courses one can pursue in order to be a dietician, they are as follows:-

  1. Sc./ B.A. in NutritionThis is the most basic course yet it has the caliber to help you earn really handsome amount of money! This is a 3 year long course which revolves around human physiology, basics of nutrition, health and weight management, etc. One will also be briefed about techniques to preserve food and check its quality! This degree not only makes you a general dietician but also trains you enough to make you able to design personalized diet charts as well as weight loss and gain plans!
  2. Sc. in Food Technology It is also a 3 year long course which deals with various techniques to preserve food and their safe packaging and distribution. One will be an expert in testing the quality of the food and its evaluation by the end of the course. This course helps people to develop scientific understanding about food and nutrition, it also aids in providing a large number of options apart from nutrition.
  3. Sc. in Food and Nutrition This is a post-graduation course which can only be persuaded after graduation. This program provides you a large variety of specializations to choose from and after the choice is made, the person is trained as a specialist in that field. Various fields available are- Public Health, Food Processing, Public Health, etc. This course puts emphasis on advance practices in the field of Therapeutic Nutrition, Food Science and Quality Control, etc. In order to get the degree and complete the post-graduation, one needs to complete an internship of 6-8 months where one will be made to work as well as research in different areas and will have to undergo harsh training. This program also requires the student to get hold of a topic, research thoroughly on it and write a thesis on it!
  4. Post-Graduation Diploma This program is enough for you to get a license as a registered dietician. It is generally a one year long program in which the course structure covers almost everything. Now, the students are taught all the fundamentals of nutrition, public nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, public health nutrition and institutional food management. This program also requires the student to do internship under a Healthcare Center for 2 months.
  5. Dietician course from various institutes offering it There are a various institutes that offer the course for a dietician and can make you a registered and licensed dietician. These courses are usually short termed and an easy option but using these, one can only work in a gym as a dietician or for an athlete, the person cannot apply for the post of the dietician in a hospital. These courses are a much cheaper as well as time saving option and can yield huge amount of money too!

Scope of Dieticians in India

  1. Clinical Dietician They are dieticians working for some hospital or a health care where he or she is required to create diet plans for various patients suffering from different diseases in order to provide their bodies with appropriate nutrients for speedy recovery.


2. Pediatric DieticiansThese are the dieticians dealing with the nutritional contents in the diets of children of all age group. These dieticians can either choose to opt for an individual clinic or work in a hospital or Healthcare Center.

3. Sports and Health Dieticians These are the dieticians dealing with the diets of sportsperson and people involved in the field of fitness. This is a very good opportunity for the dieticians; they may help thoroughly with diet plan of an athlete and later on ask the athlete to promote them.\



4. Research and DevelopmentThe students who have completed their studies may also get involved in the different research and development purposes, where they check quality and nutritional value of food items. Nutrition is the main area of attraction to all the scholars in Research and Development department. These people are allowed to work only in laboratories and also study the effect of all the new types of diets on human body!

5. Teaching One can also apply for teaching profession in various colleges as well as institutes that offer dietician courses. This is the easiest profession of all the above listed professions as one is given regular holidays and the pay scale is great too.

6. Community DieticiansThey can work in gym or as a part of Government’s diet awareness programs. Here, many dieticians come together and join hands to educate people about proper diet.

Salary of Dieticians

Like every other profession, the salary offered to a fresher isn’t great, one may expect to get anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000. Slowly and steadily as the time passes by, one gains experience and the increase in salary is obvious. On the other hand, to get a stable salary, one may opt for Government jobs in various Government hospitals and other Government sectors.