The Top Foods to Avoid for a Kidney Friendly Diet (1)

Age group :- 65+ years

Description:- during this age the body digestion process slows down and break down of food becomes difficult and food remains undigested. So food for old age people should include diet which makes the food easily digestible. The fat intake should be reduced so as to prevent increase in cholesterol  as physical work is less carried out. Healthy fats should be taken as it increases solubility of vitamin A, D, E and K. So as to prevent deficiency. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed to prevent deficiency of micro nutrients. Most importantly calcium is required to maintain bone density and oral health. Carbohydrate intake should be moderate to meet the energy requirements only and protein consumption should be increases so as to make new cells

Calorie requirements

  • Male- 2000 calories
  • Female- 1600 calories
Meal time Foods Quantity calo  
Breakfast Egg whites 4 In no. 16  
  Porrige 100 gm 50  
  Skim milk 1 cup 83  
Mid morning Fruit salad (banana, kiwi, apple, papaya) 100 gm 50  
  Dry fruits 1 bowl 150  
Lunch Chapati 4 in no. 200  
  Dal 30 gms 104  
  Rice 1 bowl 204  
  Curd 1 bowl 113  
Evening Oats soup 1 bowl 100  
  Carrot +beetroot juice 1 glass 62  
Dinner Chapati 4 in no. 200  
  Paneer 100 gms 265  
  Vegetable soup 1 bowl 159  
Bed time Skim  milk 250ml 83  
    Total 1839