Devrath Vijay – The Bengaluru Bod #FitMenSeries

By Niyathi Rao

A software engineer,Devrath Vijay dreamt of being a fitness trainer while sitting at his desk in IBM’s office in Bengaluru. Being a part-time dancer and kick boxer, he constantly looked for ways in which he could grow and educate himself to be a trainer.
And boom..

Welcome to the world of functional training, where fitness is equated with strength and conditioning rather than rippling muscles and six-packs. Instead of pumping iron, here functional movement and activities like pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying, walking and running are used to train.
Devrath owns ‘The Outfit’.

The OutFit presently has three centres in Bengaluru and has imparted training to nearly 1,200 people so far. Besides the founders, there are 12 other coaches who train people at these gyms.

The training helps provide one with the strength, stability, and mobility needed in life and sports.

He says, “These things come easily to people in rural areas because they have an active lifestyle. However, in our urban culture, staying fit becomes difficult.”

Devrath Vijay says, “India lacks when it comes to finding a right coach and that is where we would like to fill the gap. It is only with the right form and technique, can one grow and help others. Most customers are with us only because they know what we are delivering is right for them,”

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