The Rajasthan Royal – Devendra Jhajharia

Blog By : Ipsa Singh

The Rajasthan Royal – Devendra Jhajharia


“My ability is stronger than my DISABILITY”

We all can’t deny the fact that we all complaint about the things we do not have or the things we are running short of, we do not pay attention to what we have. The real lesson of life lies in the learning that we should be happy with what we have because what we have might be something what someone else is just dreaming of. Most of us just sit back and complaint or blame the god or the situation or not being in our favour r giving us a flaw. But then there are a handful of some great enthusiastic souls living amidst us who not only inspire us but also prove that any physical disability cannot be greater than the will, courage, hard-work, and dedication that an individual possess in himself/herself. Your physical disability can never really become a barrier in the path of achieving your goal until and unless you make your disability conquer the fire in your heart.

Devendra Jhajharia is a Rajasthan based athlete with an amputated hand. At the age of 8 he lost his left hand by touching a live wire. On top of it He belongs to a very poor family. All these circumstances did not make him weak or deter his will to achieve big goals. He believed in himself and his hard-work.

In 1976 he was spotted by the Dronacharya award bearer coach R.D. Singh by his performance during an event in his school for sport’s day function. That was the day, since then there has been no looking back and stopping for him.

“The problems in life are just stepping stones, that make you sore even higher heights.” Is that statement this athlete proves to be true. All the bad days that he faced, all the problems that he went through were just like stepping stones he swiftly and gracefully passed through and came out like a furnished gem.

He has been making his country extremely proud. In 2004 he qualified javelin throw at the Athens Paralympics. And that was when he brought glory to his country’s, family’s and his own name. he created history.

In his first Paralympics only, he broke the world record of 59.77m, his throw was of 62.15m. with that he became the second Indian to win a Paralympic gold medal in the history of India. Around a decade later he qualified for Paralympics in Rio, with a clear cut thought that he will repeat his performance of Athens in Rio. He not only stood by his words but also broke his own record od 62.15m, by giving a whooping throw of 63.97m., and with respect to that he becomes the first Indian the hold the prestige of having two gold medals from the Paralympics.

Critics are there all over the world, no matter how much good you do, how dedicated you are, people are hypocrites and will always land up looking at all the negative signs and put your glory down, and if they can’t find any negativity they start assuming things that never really exist and same happened with this magnificent man. But he again proved he is one of his kind, he kept quiet and allowed his javelin not only speak clear but shout out to the world.

“Whenever I went for competitions, people would either look at me with pity or say that I’ve been recommended here or had some source. But then when they see me throwing my javelin they come to me and tell me- I am a champion.”