Deepika Kumari – An Archery Professional

Blog by : Zainab Suratwala

Deepika KumariAn Archery Professional


Deepika Kumari the famous archer was born in Ranchi, Jharkhand. At an age of 23 she fell totally in love with the archery, but cannot tell her parents in supporting her dreams, particularly when her parents were struggling hard to make their ends meet.

Deepika then started practising with the wooden bow & arrow, by plucking mangoes hanging on trees as her targets. At present, Deepika is known to be the World No 5 player in Archery. Deepika held No 1 position at 2012 after winning the World Cup.

Deepika Kumari is the role model for many, and her statements give us the goose bumps: “I was totally focused; losing never came to my mind. At Olympic Games, it is not just an athlete, but the whole nation wants the medal” as quoted by Deepika.

Struggling Days of Deepika

Being the child prodigy, accepting her sport wasn’t very easy for her family. Her dad didn’t really understand what potential she has in initial days. She struggled hard, and won her dad’s appreciation.

But then, it is not very simple to be the Deepika Kumari. Success comes with their share of struggle and sacrifices as she pointed out.

Deepika hails from the financially disadvantaged family and her father was the auto-rickshaw driver whereas her mom works as the nurse at Ranchi Medical College.

Records Won By Deepika Kumari

Deepika won 11th Youth Archery Championship World held in USA at 2009

She also secured the Gold medal at Commonwealth games 2010 in women’s individual & team recurve event.

In 2010, when Deepika scored the goal against Italy at 4th minute of extra time that gave Unites States 1 – 0 victory with Italy to qualify to the final spot in Women’s World Cup.

She started her archery career in 2006 when she finally decided to join Tata Archery Academy at Jamshedpur. Here she got the right access to all archery equipment or uniforms for first time in life, all along with the monthly stipend of 500/- Rs.

Kumari won her Archery World Cup gold medal in Antalya (Turkey) in 2012.

Awards and Rewards

  • Deepika was honoured with Arjuna Award, which is India’s second biggest sporting award in year 2012 by Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India.
  • Indian Government also honoured her with country’s civilian honour, called Padma Shri in year 2016.


While it comes about archery nutrition, there is not much written, which is specific to the sport. As per the famous Archery player Deepika, forget tangy chaat and go in for simple channa gud (sprouts and jiggery) if you are looking to be strong, healthy, and flexible like Deepika Kumari. Start making habit of having plenty of greens vegetables and complete no to golgappas!

This dietary tip came from ace archer as she revealed this secret for good health and great life.  Knowing importance of maintaining the right haemoglobin levels, Arjuna awardee urged the girls to consume vegetables, cereal and only nutritious food.