If you are willing to take creatine as a supplement, it is necessary that you know when and how should one consume creatine.

Creatine should be taken only when you have hit a plateau. That is you are no longer making any progress in the gym. If you take Creatine all year round your body will get adapted to it and natural producing creatine in you body will be lowered.


Loading phase – Saturate the muscle creatine pool

First 5 days:   20gm/day to be taken in 4 doses.  i.e 5gm/dose                                                                                                                              post workout-early morning-between meals and pre-workout

Maintenance phase – To maintain the saturating creatine levels

Until 1.5 to 2 months – 5gm/day ;5gm dose once post workout

Gap period – Creatine supplementation is completely stopped for 1 month to allow the creatine to be washed out from the body in order not to affect the natural creatine production of the body.

1 month gap.


Blog by – Akshay Kulkarni