Conor Mcgregor

Conor Mcgregor the cage and real life warrior


Blog By: Abhishek Pandit

Cage fighting is almost matched to real life fighting but with rules humans able to knock out the each other. But the real warrior is who just don’t fight in the cage instead he should be the fighter in real life as well.

Conor Mcgregor is pure example. The guy who started chasing his dream at the very young age is now one of the best Mixed Martial Artist. People are blessed but Conor is pure example you feel blessed when you work hard for it. He is now the millionaire but the road is never easy. Daily sweating is different thing and sweating for your dream is different thing he has shown.

The journey of Conor Mcgregor is never easy he fought for every prospect of his life to become one of the best. His style of playing mind game is just awful. With trash talking before any fight disturbs the mind of enemy and at that point he wins it 40% of the fight then the real cage fight begins where he conquered many fighters. Some warriors stay quite cause may be they wasting time in talking but we can say he is the warrior who is talented in many areas. Not just his mouth speaks his fight speaks for him as well.

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McGregor Wife

His wife supported him since his young age. Prepared meals and paid for his training as well and she knew she is investing in the best asset of her life and Conor never disappointed her. At some stage of life some needs support of someone but lucky are those who get full life support. Recently, he fought against Floyd Mayweather may be he lost but his loss made him millionaire this is what hard work and dedication pays off. Even the loss give you profit when you worked hard for your real goal. Now Conor deny many fights and whynot money changes people and after all he is millionaire why he wants to get punch on face for some amount of money. Dana white himself said “money changes people and no shock Conor changed as well”.

First he was employee of MMA and now MMA asks him to fight. And now Mcgregor is in mood to fight. May be later on when he will see the fans really want him to beat one more guy in the cage or break the bones of them. Everyone should learn from him chase your dream then dream chase you as well that is when you win the real life fight.

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