Common Myths about Exercising When You’re Pregnant.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

It’s tempting to believe the myths about exercise during pregnancy — they’re just the excuse you need to spend nine months on the couch! But the truth is that staying active during pregnancy has big benefits for you and your baby. Plus, it makes it much easier to get back into the groove after giving birth. So, stop listening to rumors about what you should and shouldn’t do while you’re pregnant, and use these facts — with your doctor’s blessing, of course — to incorporate fitness into your life.

Here are the 6 Common Myths about Exercising When You’re Pregnant:

1. Running Is Too Jarring For The Baby

Running is a good exercise for everyone, including pregnant women. Running is not too jarring or dangerous for the baby. If you are a runner before you got pregnant, then there is no problem in the running at all. However, listen to your body reactions. Regulate your running sessions; too much running may cause a bad effect.

2. Pregnant Women Should Not Exercise More Than 3 Times per Week

Exercise is the best way to stay fit during pregnancy. Some women think that exercising should be done after pregnancy, but exercising during pregnancy will help your body recover faster. Exercising three times per week is fine as long as you are not in a delicate pregnancy category.

3. Cardio Is Dangerous For Your Baby

Cardio workouts are NOT dangerous for your baby. Cardio workouts have proven to have a good effect with pregnancy because it helps regulate the distribution of oxygen throughout the body and also to your baby. Cardio exercises could also make your heart stronger and can serve as a good preparation for labour.

4. It’s Too Dangerous To Lift Weights

Lifting weights is not dangerous as long as moderation is observed. If you are used to lifting weights, then there should be no problem in doing this as long as the weights are not too heavy. The advisable weight to lift for pregnant women is 30 pounds or less. For more safety heads-up, you can consult your doctor about this.

5. When A Pregnant Woman Exercises, Her Baby Is Deprived Of Oxygen

This idea is completely false. Exercise is good for the baby, and it helps in the distribution of oxygen throughout the body of the pregnant woman, including the baby inside her womb. Exercises will help a pregnant woman ease her labouring pain. However, consult your doctor for the exercise, you can and cannot perform to avoid unnecessary complications.

6. Too Much Exercise Will Take Nutrients Away From The Baby

Too much exercise may result to complications, but it will not take nutrients away from your baby. Your baby is directly connected to you. Everything you take in, your baby absorbs it. That is why a pregnant woman should always care of her diet.


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