Cleanse your mind and purify your soul with these four techniques

Blog by: Animesh Paul


The human mind and soul are the gateway to the life of a person. The condition of these two are often related to the life one leads, and it is safe to say that one who is pure in mind and soul is the enlightened one. With a fast paced lifestyle, and a wide range of technological products, the mind and soul has certainly been corrupted to a large degree.


In the noise of life, where can one possibly find silence? The truth is that silence lies within, the silence of peace and sincerity, of love and faith; all of these entangled together form the base of a human being. We often come across individuals who are far away from the universe, dwelling in alien pleasures, but to come together with the universe is to obtain fulfilment.


The human mind is an impure hub of parasites, where jealousy, lust, anger, and hatred reside, the person who can steer clear from these thoughts, and cleanse the soul, is the one can truly be at peace. Here are four techniques in which you can purify your mind and soul.

Positive attitude

Keeping a positive attitude can go a long way, and this is very important for a healthy mind and soul. Positivity is a blessing every time, whether you are facing the harshest realities of life, and feeling down, staying positive can help you overcome all evil. The positive mind is also capable of thinking clearly, and therefore you will automatically help your soul see through the wonders of life.

Reflect on life

Before sleeping, one must lie down quietly and think about the day, think about their life in general. This will help a person to recognise his or her mistakes, and will stop you from committing them over again. When you reflect on life, you will come to realise that a lot of things are meaningless, and you can do without them. This will usher you to a clear path of righteousness, thereby helping you to purify your mind and soul.


Nurture life

A good way to purify your mind and soul is to nurture life. If you are not willing to become a parent yet, then you can have a pet or grow plants. The act of seeing something grow is a stunning declaration of life, and is a sure way to ease your mind. It will help you appreciate life as well, and make you aware of the universe like never before. Nurturing a life with your own hands is a great way to make your mind and soul pure; it will take you close to God.

Appreciate seasons

The world is a magnificent place to be, and when you realise the intrinsic details of it, you will be surprised. Seasons change every few months, and each of them brings its own beauty along, the idea is to appreciate the seasons and bask in their beauty. Look for autumn leaves, appreciate the warm summer sun, enjoy the strolls on winter evenings, and watch the world turn green every spring. The act is almost as good as watching the universe work its magic. It will soothe your soul, and change your mind for the better.