Chamomile Tea:How to take for Digestion.


Dr. Renu Bala Shehria
Dr. Renu Bala Shehria
BAMS, MBA (Health and Hospital) , UGC – NET

Chamomile tea is a herbal tea derived from the Asteraceae family of plants. A decoction prepared from the dried loose flowers or tea bags is the best way to enjoy its healing and soothing properties. This tea for digestion has numerous benefits. It aids digestion and promotes good gut health.

To achieve longevity and alleviate chances of falling ill, everyone needs to make positive lifestyle and dietary changes. Our day-to-day choices influence health greatly. While competing in the fast pace of life, we build up heaps of stress. This stress, if not managed properly, can lead to many mental conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression and a badly disrupted gastro-intestinal system, which can also lead to many systemic ailments. Stress, coupled with faulty dietary and lifestyle habits, contributes to the overall upsetting of physiological and mental equilibrium and promotes an unhealthy state in an individual. Most of us are aware of all this but are still not able to improve the condition, usually due to a lack of time.

What if adding a cup of herbal tea could ease this stress, cleanse toxins and boost digestion?

Most of us drink tea many times a day. One can easily replace caffeinated black tea with a healthy decoction of chamomile tea to detoxify the body and mind.

Chamomile, scientifically known as “Matricaria Chamomilla” and as “Babune ka Phool” in Hindi, has a stellar reputation for healing.A decoction prepared from dried flowers added to boiled water can bring calmness and tranquility, with a potent healing touch. The top health benefits of Chamomile tea include the ability to reduce stress, regulate sleep, soothe menstrual cramps, and boost immune system and gastro-intestinal health. Chamomile tea is widely recognized for its ability to assist in digestion. Due to its beneficial effects on the gut, naturalists call it the “tea for digestion”,recommending this herbal tea in conditions such as colic, flatulence, indigestion, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. One can take chamomile tea for digestion up to four times a day, before meals, as needed.

Stress induced gastro-intestinal disorders such as acid reflux are quite common these days. Drinking chamomile tea reduces stress, in turn relieving stress-related acid reflux. Essential oils present in Chamomile tea soothe the walls of intestines and eliminate gas, hence relieving pain. Studies on the benefits of chamomile tea for digestion and other systems include:

  • Chamomile is used in many conditions due to its spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It has been approved by the German E Commission to treat Gastro-Intestinal spasms and inflammatory conditions by using internally.
  • German Chamomile has two anti-inflammatory compounds i.e., Chamazulene (studied by Jakovlev et al 1983) and Alpha- bisabolol (by Alves Ade et al 2010).
  • This German species is anti- bacterial in nature (by Salehi et al 2005) and is found to be effective in the treatment of bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus, Streptococcus and the fungus Candida Albicans (by Khezri et al 2013).

With an intense fruity aroma and delicious taste, Chamomile herbal tea is worth a place in today’s stressful and hectic life, but only in its purest and most potent decoction form. The two most commonly used forms of chamomile tea are herbal tea bags and decoction prepared from dried loose flowers. A fresh decoction using natural dried loose flowers is the best way to consume chamomile herbal tea instead of tea bags. The herbal tea decoction is prepared by steeping natural dried loose flowers in fresh boiled water in a covered container so that the useful natural oils of the herbal tea do not evaporate. After steeping it for a few minutes, the cooled decoction can be strained in a cup to consume. A decoction of the herbal tea from dried flowers instead of from tea bags ensures that all the goodness of Chamomile tea is obtained rather than dust and damaged bits that are often part of tea bags. In case of tea bags, adulteration cannot be spotted and the quality of herbal tea cannot be ascertained, except when one has sampled the strength and potency of a decoction of this tea for digestion prepared using loose flowers. There is loss of potency of the volatile aromatic compounds of chamomile tea by leakage in tea bags. This reduces the efficacy of chamomile tea for digestion. Thus, to avail all the benefits of this wonderful herbal tea, one should use a reliable brand of loose flower chamomile tea to ensure that quality and potency are intact.

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To conclude, a tea for digestion such as the Chamomile tea decoction is a requirement today, not an option. It frees the body from toxins and the mind from stress, helping in establishing a state of calm health.