Certifications for Training Professionals

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

There are specialized certifications for training, learning and development professionals who are seeking ways to increase business performance through innovative and collaborative training methods. These certifications not only provide the necessary skills and tools to improve performance management, but also establish a credential that is recognizable in the training industry. Certifications usually address specific areas of expertise including training delivery instructors, design developers, online learning facilitators and others.

Most certification eligibility requirements include several years of experience in a performance improvement and facilitating field.

The following table provides a list of some of the most recognized certifications for training professionals:

Acronym Name Organization Description
COLF Certified Online Learning Facilitator Learning and Performance Institute The COLF course offers the skills and approaches to provide live interactive online courses and events.
CPLP Certified Professional in Learning and Performance Association for Talent Development Certification Institute The CPLP credential, based on the ATD Competency Model, focuses on talent development skills necessary to be successful in the industry.
CPT Certified Performance Technologist International Society for Performance Improvement The CPT credential uses evidence-based performance research to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to improve performance within an organization.
CPTM Certified Professional in Training Management Training Industry Inc. The CPTM program provides the tools needed to develop and manage performance improvement.
CTDP Certified Training and Development Professional The Institute for Performance and Learning The CTDP credential focuses on professionals with multiple years of experience demonstrating skills in facilitating training and performance needs.
CTP Certified Training Practitioner The Institute for Performance and Learning The CTP credential recognizes trainers based on experience and skill facilitating training sessions.
TTA The Training Associates Certification The Training Associates The TTA certification program is for those who have demonstrated knowledge, proficiency, and experience training in development and performance.
N/A Specialty Certification Langevin Learning Services The Specialty Certification provides eight days of workshops in a specific area of expertise.
N/A Master Trainer Langevin Learning Services The Master Trainer is the next level of the Specialty Certification and provides 16 days of workshops.
N/A Training and Development Diploma Langevin Learning Services The Training and Development Diploma is the highest level of certification after the Master Trainer and provides 24 days of workshops.

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