Celebrity Wrestler Sangram Singh’s Fitness Mantra.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

Celebrity wrestler Sangram Singh is a famous name in the world of wrestling. He had won the Gold Medalist in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship, held in South Africa and very recently, he was announced as the World’s Best Professional Wrestler by the World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) association, South Africa. Apart from wrestling, Sangram has made his presence felt on shows like Survivor India, De Dhana Dhan and Yodhao Ka Maha Sangram.

31 year old Sangram has battled health complications since he was five, when he was paralysed waist down, followed by arthritis. To add to this, he was so skinny that on joining an akhada, he was snubbed by the trainer. Today he represents India as a wrestler on a global platform. And he accomplished all of this, despite being a vegetarian!

He shares his secrets on bulking up right:

Eat right

If your diet is not adequate, all that hard work in the gym will amount to nothing. I have been a vegetarian all my life and I’ve had no problems gaining and maintaining muscle. Load up on tofu, milk, pulses and dairy products for protein and veggies, chapattis and brown rice for complex carbs. Taking a whey protein supplement for that extra boost of protein is also a great idea. But personally, I don’t take any supplements, neither do I eat egg.

Go slow

Building muscle is a slow and gradual process, so don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. When you are lifting weights, combine that with compounds like squats, deadlifts, bent- over rows, bench presses and military presses. A full body workout is always best for beginners. That way, even if you miss a workout, you will have exercised every part of you body.

Exercise hard, sleep

Muscle growth comes post your exercise sessions. So, rest is very important. Without it, your muscles will get fatigued. This will not just sap your energy for your next visit to the gym, but can also lead to injuries. Eight hours of sleep is absolutely necessary to let the body recuperate and build new tissues.


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