Celebrity Trainer- KUMARMANNAVA


Trained with Stan McQuay in LA, Kumarmannava is a celebrity fitness trainer. He is also the first Indian Master Trainer of Physique Elite.

In his own words- During my school’s summer vacations of year 1993(I was 14yrs old) I was compelled to hand pump water for almost a month everyday for household needs. By the end of it I saw my left bicep (I am left handed) had grown in size. Thus my relationship with muscle and iron started.Fitness was not a big deal in India during my initial training days. Even access to a gym was not available. My dad had a bull-worker. I trained with that for few months using the guide book. Learning and implementing was all done through trial and error and that was the only source I had and eventually I learnt the mind-muscle connection. However, I always lagged on the nutrition aspect and had great difficulty understanding my requirements as a newbie.

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If any goal is not part of your daily lifestyle it gets difficult to maintain consistency and it’s true even with training. Making training part of one’s daily lifestyle is the only solution to be consistent.

I look in the mirror and say to myself…You are someone’s idol. Someone is looking upto you. You cannot let them down, you cannot fail. That’s enough for me to go that extra mile.The difference I make to people’s health and lifestyle as a fitness expert is what I am always proud of.

I love HIIT. I do it almost all through the year except when I am on restricted calories.

  1. Believe that you can do it.
  2. Do not follow others blindly. Try, test and see what works best for you. Remember, one shirt doesn’t fit all.
  3. Stay focused and motivated.

Know more about us at http://www.bfysportsnfitness.com 

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