Celebrate Christmas without guilt

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

1. Healthy Christmas delicacies

Our dieting and fitness plans often go for a toss during holiday and festive season. Constant craving for fatty and oily food leaves us with extra pounds, making us regret our choices later. But for all you fitness freaks, we present to you some Christmas delicacies that are healthy and guilt free.

2. Pumpkin pie

Whether it is Christmas or New Year, every celebration is incomplete without the desserts. So why not choose a healthy dessert? You can replace high-calorie Christmas desserts with pumpkin pie, which is healthy and delicious.

3. Apple Cider

Why to savour fatty drinks when you have the option to drink something healthy? Swap your usual Christmas drinks with apple cider and save calories and all the fat.

4. Whole wheat rolls

If you are aiming for healthy holidays, then swap white flour rolls with whole wheat rolls. Have your meal with whole wheat bread and stay beautifully healthy.

5. Yoghurt dips

Dips are great with appetizers. So why to start your meal with so much of fat cream? Instead of full-fat dips, prepare yoghurt dips at home and have a healthy start.

6. Drink wine

Cut your alcohol intake and drink wine. Wine has various health benefits if taken in the right quantity.

7. Homemade stuffing

Unhealthy and market-bought stuffing is not a good idea this season. If you really want your holidays healthy, then prepare the homemade stuffing.