4 Gold at Student Olympic Badminton, Three Indians at Asian Boxing Semis!!

Blog By- Harinadh.A.S

Bangkok/ Johar Bharu: Indian students won four gold medals at International Students’ Olympic Badminton. This is the third Students’ Olympic Badminton. Malaysia was the host. In under-17 Anirudh.K. and M.Shameel won Gold in men’s doubles. In the Under 14 Devika Ranjaith and Nighna.T.Narayan, won gold defeating Singapore pair in the finals. Under 17 doubles Navya Rao and Sanjana Santhosh won gold defeating Malaysian pair in the final. Shree Ranjini Vinayakumar won the only one individual gold for India.

In the Asian youth Boxing, Naveen Boora of India reached the semi final in the 69 kg category. Ankit in the 60 kg category also reached the semi final. They both ensured the bronze medal in the Championship. Earlier Harshpreet Singh  also entered the Semi Final. Thus India ensured three Bronze Medals in the Asian Youth Boxing Championship. Other two Indian who reached the Quarter Finals went out without getting any medal. Sudeep Kumar in the 52 kg category and Ashish in the 81 kg Category went out with reaching the Semi final. Naveen Boora defeated Huan Rui of China. Ankit defeated Adilet Egenberdi Uulu to ensure the medal.

Ankit will face Sakda Ruamtham of Thailand and Naveen Boora will take on Thailand’s Peerapat Yeasungneon in the semi finals.

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Keeping Active for Life

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Avoiding sitting for long periods of time may at first seem “impossible” if you commute to a fulltime desk job, but really, all you need to do is alter the way you work and travel in small ways. For example, standing up every 10 minutes or so could easily compensate for the majority of the damage associated with sitting. Simply reorganizing your office space to be less convenient, forcing yourself to repeatedly get out of your chair, can help you build more physical movement into your workday.

It’s important to realize that while modern technology has ushered in an era of previously unfathomed speed, connectivity and productivity, it comes at a big price if you’re not careful about counteracting factors such as increased physical inactivity. The answer is quite simply to revert back to a lifestyle that incorporates natural movement, even if you have to devise “ploys” like moving your printer to the other side of the room, instead of having it on your desk within easy reach.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that your body needs perpetual movement in order to function optimally, and this includes both non-exercise movements, and a more regimented exercise plan. In the case of the latter, exercises in which you use your body the way it was designed to be used is quite clearly the most powerful way to optimize your health and fitness. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an example of this.

This type of Peak Fitness exercise mimics the way ancient hunter-gatherers used their bodies, and research has again and again confirmed that HIIT outperforms traditional aerobic cardio exercise. That said, I believe it’s important to include a variety of exercises, as doing the same ones all the time will lead to a relative tolerance and will not provide your body with the variety of stresses it needs to continuously adapt, improve, and grow stronger. Four additional types that will turn your Peak Fitness regimen into a truly comprehensive exercise plan are:

  • Aerobic.
  • Strength Training.
  • Core Exercises (including Pilates, yoga, and/or Foundation Training).
  • Stretching