Desire to pursue fitness

Do you feel a loss of desire to pursue fitness! This question does not sound strange, arising in social conversations, as the circle you interact with, talks about how fat or thin and different our appearance is from when we saw each other or saw some nice profile pictures on social media platforms. In attempts to deal with this universal subject, let’s narrate the story of our lifestyle, with live evidences of the attempts and failures. A simple notion is to blame.

Marketing ad that said it’s on a discount!!

“On recommendations of friends joined some fitness class or trainer, I tried to sign up monthly or annual gym packages as the marketing ad that said it’s on a discount!! “Paid for expensive instructors and then it was too much, it was not possible my energy levels are not the same as before, I can’t push to these levels in the class. Or we hear “I have some serious health issues, I’m not supposed to work out so much” And last but not the least “I tried and not got the results”!

Soft echo of prompt consents trailing with triumph come as finale “With my careful, sensible and evaluative analysis, I have chosen alternatives that is good for me”. Examples are sign up for dieticians and consume alternative foods that show low count of calories such as packed protein bars and zero calorie drinks. Are these food cutting or change of habits the answer!! The foundation is that we are trying hard to understand what went wrong!! It’s a history that we introspect where we or anyone in this phase has done the following in the past. It is a phenomenon strangely, not new and ironically you are not the first one… So, the IMPORTANT thing to now discover is- this is not a dead end. The path of workout, wellness, and fitness is not lost. As of now you have opted other choices, with the belief in some gains from this ideology.

I’m not being philosophical I’m being practical. I share the same history, I can relate the trail clearly. Since the age of 18, I understood three issues- I had to lose the extra chubby weight and flabs that was my baby fat. In a dire need to educate myself, realizing I required a transformation – curative, educative and corrective lifestyle with a suitable fitness regime as my answer. I joined all the gyms and heard workout advices from the world but every time I joined I would gain zero result. Reasons were, people saying don’t work out too much, eat more now that you are exercising, it’s a matter of time your body will get used to this and as soon as you leave you will gain back, Phew, Good Lord, how annoying and demoralizing!

Going with this till the age of 24 years, I did not lose a single kilogram,
However, there was a hell killer self-motivation in me. I was ready to try anything and everything. At least I knew I was not gaining more even though the efforts were futile to lose any fat, weight or inches. Finally, I joined a gym in my building and had a person working with me who was a part time trainer there. I had decided I will skip gym only on Saturdays else I will do it regularly.

Tip 1: Consciously, the changes that I started was to be regular and tell the world this is my workout time , even if I had to postpone a call or work late night.

Tip 2: I invested and bought two good tides and race back tops with inner wear and Nike shoes -like my hardcore investment in those days.

Tip 3: I started hanging my workout clothes in the night behind the bathroom door hook along with my morning work wear. I would eat a breakfast that has more nuts, fruits, date and oats with some treat of toxins in tea or coffee.

Tip 4: To energize at 11ish I would drink eat some Parle G biscuit for energy and half a cup of tea. the reason I did not hit a very strict diet and overdo in killing my normal urge to eat and drink, as there is always a reverse gear in the night and all that you have missed to consume 100% you will crave hard to eat it in the night as you will not sleep and the mind will be a hulk. I tried this secret to reduce the QUANTITY so instead of 4 biscuits I ate 2 or pushing my determination I would victoriously not pick the second one and stop at one biscuit.

Tip 5: No cream and chocolate cookies, no samosas, no fried namkeen, all that was a clear no.

Tip 6: Stop consuming chilled cold water, drink lukewarm if not easy then start with room temperature. Keep a 1 Liter steel, copper or glass bottle and drink in a glass from that .

Tip 7: Drink one glass of water before starting your meal, no water in between, after meal only one glass hot or normal water but please wait
to kill this time get on a call/ meeting or walk outside for 20 minutes at least. Take water only after a gap of min 20 minutes.

Tip 8: One hardship- eat your dinner early 7:30pm (if possible) and no sweets for one month, if you are at work or driving to work that hour carry one extra box of salad meal or dal rice in a take away box with some pickle. Keep a spoon eat while commuting back home. It’s not easy but there are ways to do it.

So, now these conscious do and avoid tips are not a long trail as I have just numbered them, it’s easy to understand – small steps, minor corrections, reducing quantities, refusing to eat every time there is food in front of us, etc.

With some conscience, small changes will becomes habits. It’s good for the system to tune and flex to these steps and then push harder for the larger goals.

I must say the satiation in the taste palette will start recognizing that you are not getting these unwanted unhealthy components and will gradually reduce the desire. You know how! There is this secret that I will tell you

When I crave to eat the hot chocolate fudge (which is my weakness) and say to myself why not, I rewind to think of my one hour fun and hard sweat workout last evening and the voice reminds me – You will have to do the same 3 times more, just to burn this piece of fat calorie. Why am I even eating the entire thing?

Solution – How about I enjoy the flavor and slowly eat just 3 – 5 spoons!! Then, save myself to be a donkey – to carry this fat to the gym and have to burn this. We will burn it with workout nut there is lot in store already, how about we get that out of the system first. I have to yet burn my old fat, so this new baggage that my body should not allow, I must avoid to consume.

Trust you me this reducing the quantity is the one secret that will take you a long way of satisfactory and result oriented work out lifestyle.

Virtual online interactive workout

Just give 30 minutes 4 times a week and live a fitness lifestyle. Workout with me and virtual online interactive online personal class is available This venture was pioneer by me so, I can share the workouts for you to keep up, even when you are on the move, need flexible timings and want to be corrected and upgraded for your fitness lifestyle.

1 Fit in your flexible timing

2. Workout live online

3. Teach you multiple exercise

4. Do and interact with you

5. Guide and mentor you

6. Change your lifestyle in simple steps

“Who can change your lifestyle and make you fit, so you can be independent to be fit, when you travel or have off hours of work This is a unique that you have dreamt of and here it is“

Article By Jyoti Kamaal

DOMS-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Article By:

Urvashi Agarwal


Is climbing stairs, after a gruelling session of legs workout becoming a “Herculean” task for you?
Can’t sit on a chair without moaning in pain?
Can’t lift a spoon ‘coz you worked out those arms in the gym yesterday?
So, you have done a strenuous workout. Next morning, when you wake up and try to move that particular body part ( could be biceps, chest, back or legs) and you feel like you have been hit by a truck. Welcome to the world of DOMS i.e. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness!

DOMS is defined as a pain or feeling of soreness which develops after an intense or unfamiliar exercise.

It’s particularly prevalent if:
-An exercise has an unfamiliar component.
-Doing a completely new workout.
-Doing exercises with eccentric contractions.
-Doing a high intensity workout For ex: Plyometrics, Cross fit, strenuous strength training session etc.

Such exercises cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. Your body responds to this damage by increasing inflammation, which may lead to a delayed onset of soreness in the muscles.
DOMS tends to kick in from as soon as 12 to 24 hours post exercise and peaks around 48 hour mark, though there is some individual variation of this timeline. It’s particularly bad/ inhibiting for lower body. However, DOMS can occur anywhere in the body that has been recently exposed to
unfamiliar or intense physical activity.
DOMS doesn’t require any specific treatment and disappears in 3-5 days.

Some symptoms to watch out for are:
-Muscle pain and tenderness
-Tightness and stiffness
-Compromised range of motion due to pain for the affected muscles
-Swelling in that particular muscle
-Short term loss of muscle strength

Here are 10 tips on how to tackle DOMS:

1. AVOID IT: Yes! You read it right. Avoid having DOMS by going strategic with your workouts and doing them in the correct form. Do your workouts at a scalable level. Getting strong is a gradual process. Please don’t be in a hurry to lift heavy weights or to do strenuous workouts. Listen to your body.

2. STRETCHES: Have you ever taken a road trip for 3-4 hours? Don’t you stretch when you come out of your vehicle? It helps in circulating blood in the entire body and then you feel normal. So, do some dynamic stretches religiously before every workout and on sore muscles.

3. TLC and NUTRITION: Now that you have that pain, give your body some love. I can’t stress it enough. After your workout, you have literally depleted, fatigued and damaged your muscles and they need proper nutrition. Protein after the workout and especially immediately post training, delivers the muscles more amino acids for rebuilding at a time when muscle repair/synthesis has its greatest potential. Without supplying protein at this point the body will not maximize its repair and rebuilding process thus limiting the gains from exercise. Carbohydrates are equally important to the pre/post exercise formula too. Optimum quantity of carbs also help in replenishing the depleted glycogen levels in your body.

4. COLD THERAPY: Taking a cold bath after a workout is very common in athletes. Cold exposure following a hard workout is an effective method to reduce tissue swelling due to muscle breakdown and help decrease inflammation. Take a cold shower or go swimming in the pool.

5. HEAT THERAPY: Applying heat after 24 hours will dilate the blood vessels, promote blood flow, and help sore and tightened muscles relax. Some experts also advice alternate hot and cold therapy
for fast recovery.

6. GENTLE TISSUE MASSAGE: A gentle tissue SELF ( so you know how much pressure to apply) massage after exercise has been shown to increase blood flow to muscles and speed up the removal of inflammatory chemicals that produce soreness.

7. SLEEP AT NIGHT- Your muscles don’t grow while you are working them out. They don’t grow after you consume all the protein in the world. Muscles grow when you are sleeping and that when the Growth hormone is naturally released, improving muscular recovery and regeneration. In simple terms, when you sleep, you recover, and when you recover you replace, repair, and rebuild—all of which are needed for optimal recovery.

8. HYDRATE: I implore you to drink lots of water. It helps greatly in flushing out toxins from your body.
Dehydrated body = delayed recovery.

9. ACTIVE RECOVERY: Active recovery calls for any low intensity activity which raises your heart rate a tad up and the improves the blood circulation, thereby flooding the muscles with nutrients and clearing out metabolic waste. It expedites the recovery process and helps the body in returning to pre-training levels of function and performance.

10. FOAM ROLLING: One of the best methods to reduce DOMS is to use a foam roller. Foam rolling helps in releasing tension and ease muscular discomfort. Just 10-20 minutes will lead to a dramatic improvement to your recovery time.

Hoping that the above tips will help you in recovering from DOMS. Whatever you do but please don’t stop working out. Don’t let DOMS discourage you.


Be it summer, winter, rains, lockdown or no lockdown – Oats always remain king of the Breakfast table. Oats can be had in various forms – Oats porridge with milk, Oats Upma, Oats dosa, Oats Dhokla, Oats fruit yoghurt smoothie, Pancakes, Energy bars etc.

Oats are most preferred in diet for preventing diseases like Cardiovascular problems , Diabetes & Blood pressure. Oats are loaded with beneficial compounds which include ANTIOXIDANTS & Beta-glucan, a type of SOLUBLE FIBER which has many health benefits. The soluble fibre helps in lowering Cholesterol. It also helps slow digestion, increasing feeling of fullness after consuming oats & this leads to gradual spike in blood sugar. The difference between the varieties of oats is simply how much the Oat groat has been processed.

Oat Groats

Groats are the hulled kernels of cereal grains : in this case, oats. Groats are whole: they include the cereal germ, the bran, and the endosperm of the grain. They are very nutritious, but often require soaking prior to cooking, and remain somewhat chewy. They are best used in porridges and stews.

Oat Bran

Oat Groat but without the germ, or the endosperm. It can be prepared very similarly to oatmeal, but will cook much faster (in about 3 minutes). Additionally, while it is nutritious, it is not a whole grain.

Instant Oats

One of the most well-known, Instant oats are the most processed of the three. These oats are pre-cooked, dried, rolled, and then pressed slightly thinner than rolled oats. They cook faster than the others and have a more soft and mushy texture. They are super simple to prepare and dress up with spices and toppings.

Rolled Oats (Types are Old fashioned oats and Whole oats)

These oats are steamed as whole grains to soften and then pressed with steel rollers. Because they are rolled thinner, it cuts down cook time and gives them a more supple yet substantial texture. Unlike instant oats, they are able to hold their shape fairly well and are used in cookies, energy bars, muffins , breads & also made into porridge or upma , dhoklas, dosa’s etc. Most of the time what people buy in Mumbai are Rolled Oats. Eg Quaker

Steel Cut Oats/Irish/Scottish oats are all, more or less, interchangeable terms referring to whole oat groats that has neither been pre-cooked nor rolled but has been cut into several pieces. These are not flat; they look like small, irregular pellets.The shape and size of steel cut oats make for a longer cook time (about 15-20 Minutes), and in the end, have a completely different taste and texture. Used in soups & stews to give texture, creaminess & thickness.

Article By : Kajal S Khaturia (Clinical & Sports Dietitian)

Foods Seniors Should Avoid

Artical By :

Kajal Khaturia Setpal (Clinical & Sports Dietitian)

[Post-graduation in Dietetics & Hospital Food Service Sports nutrition certification from Sports Dietitians Australia, Melbourne]

In today’s times where elderly are at risk for Corona virus, they must also protect themselves from other bacteria and organisms to keep themselves healthy. Gut health & Bone health are equally important for Elderly.

The following food items are to be avoided to prevent any food borne illnesses in seniors who are having a compromised immune system and have digestive disorders.

  1. Raw Meat

Reason: Raw meat contains bacteria which has not been killed by heat and puts seniors who have digestive disorders or weak immune system at risk of falling ill.

2. Raw seafood like Mussels, Oysters etc

Reason: Raw seafood is filled with vitamins & minerals, but it also contains bacteria. Seniors can try cooked options such as grilled salmon, cooked fish.

3. Raw sprouts like sprouted pulses, alfalfa sprout, bean sprouts

Reason: Sprouts are the breeding ground for many types of bacteria, including Salmonella and E.coli

4. Raw Eggs 

Reason: Risk of raw eggs being contaminated with bacteria leading to Salmonella infection.

5. Unpasteurized milk

Reason: Unpasteurized milk is milk that has not been pasteurized, a process of heating liquid foods to decontaminate them for safe drinking. Unpasteurized milk breeds and harbours bacteria in higher levels than pasteurized milk.

6. Soft cheeses like Feta, Brie, Camembert.

Reason: Soft cheeses are made from unpasteurised milk which breeds and harbours bacteria in higher levels than pasteurized milk.

7. Unpasteurized Juices

Reason: Unpasteurized juices contain harmful bacteria which may harm seniors.

Other foods to be avoided are:

8. Sticky foods like toffees & caramel.

Reason: Dry mouth caused by hyposalivation known as Xerostomia. This is a common problem among the elderly. Elderly with Xerostomia have difficulty in chewing & swallowing. So they need to avoid crunchy, dry & sticky foods.

9. Alcohol


  • Empty calories.
  • When alcohol is substituted for nutritious food for elderly, it may interfere with absorption of some nutrients especially folic acid.
  • Alcohol is also one of the contributing factors for osteoporosis.
  • If seniors live with chronic illness, such as diabetes, or if they take certain types of medications such as antihistamines, painkillers and medications for hypertension, alcohol should be avoided.

10. Large quantities of fats.

Reason: Fat digestion & absorption may be delayed in elderly people. Avoid large quantities of fat and emphasize on the quality of fat used. Avoid deep fried items.

11. Foods with empty calories such as fast foods, fried items, soft drinks, fruit flavoured sweet beverages, foods containing mostly added sugars including high-fructose corn syrup etc.

Reason: Many seniors become naturally less active as they get older, it becomes much more difficult to work off the extra calories. The prevalence of Diabetes and impaired fasting glucose increases with aging so foods which give empty calories should be avoided.

12. Soft drinks

Reason: Soft drinks are nothing more than sugar and carbonation filling up a can or plastic bottle. Phosphoric acid, a major component in most sodas can accelerate process of demineralization of teeth and bone, which is especially concerning for seniors already nearing the need of dentures and demineralization also increases risk of osteoporosis. Regular consumption of soft drinks also contributes to weight gain and other health issues which puts seniors at risk.

13. Diet soda’s

Reason: Seniors especially who are diabetics may go overboard with the consumption of Diet Soda’s thinking that it is limiting their sugar intake, but the presence of artificial sweeteners in these Diet soda’s is a matter of concern. Recent researches have associated diet soda consumption to dementia and stroke which puts seniors at risk

14. High sodium foods

Reason: Too much salt can be a problem for seniors, especially for those who have Hypertension.

So avoid wafers, chips, salted snacks, salted nuts, packed and processed foods which have high amounts of sodium. Avoid excess salt in food. To improve flavour of food, lime or dried mango powder (amchur powder) can be used as well as other herbs and spices.

Conclusion: By avoiding or cutting down the above mentioned foods it will help seniors reduce the risk of food borne illnesses and osteoporosis, obesity and other health issues and will help them lead a happy, healthy and fit life.

Types of Calcium Supplements

Whether you are 6 or 60  , you never outgrow the need for Calcium.

Most  adults are recommended Calcium Supplements based on their medical history and deficiency status. So here is a brief on the different types of Calcium Supplements & how is their absorption.

  • Calcium Carbonate: Most calcium supplements currently on the market are in the form of calcium carbonate. While calcium carbonate contains the highest percentage of elemental calcium (40%), it is not absorbed as well as some other forms. Calcium carbonate requires extra stomach acid so that it can be dissolved and absorbed. It is best to take calcium carbonate supplements with food or a meal because the extra food will cause the stomach to increase its production of stomach acid.
  • Calcium Citrate: Calcium citrate is the second most common calcium supplement available on the market. It contains a lower percentage of elemental calcium (21%), but it is more easily absorbed by the body. It is not necessary to take calcium citrate with food because the citrate provides enough acid to help the body absorb the calcium.
  • Calcium Phosphate: Calcium phosphate contains the second highest percentage of elemental calcium (38%). Calcium phosphate can be taken with or without food, but may not be absorbed as well as calcium carbonate or calcium citrate.
  • Calcium Lactate & Calcium Gluconate: These forms of calcium supplements are not widely available and contain small amounts of elemental calcium.
  • Coral Calcium: Makers of coral calcium made claims that this calcium supplement not only improves bone density, but it can also help to prevent diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and lupus. While it can, in fact, help to improve bone mineral density, it is not effective in helping to prevent any other disease.
  • Dolomite, Bone Meal & Oyster Shell: It is best to avoid these forms of calcium supplements because they may contain high levels of lead and other toxic metals.

Article By : Kajal S Khaturia (Clinical & Sports Dietitian)


undefinedUrvashi Agarwal


Do I look like a cannibal?

Urvashi Agrawal

No right…

Well, read on:

When I was 16, I became a cannibal. Yep you read it right!!!

I was a cannibal for 10 days.

Not figuratively but literally!!!!!!

I ate a human being for good 10 days.

I can gauge your reactions:


“She is bluffing”

“Oh! She definitely meant figuratively”

“She is lying”

“Is she insane? She looks normal”

“Isn’t she ashamed of herself?”

To answer the last question…


In fact, it’s the only thing that I would want to change in my journey of fitness..

I still have to brace the repercussions of that deplorable act!!!!

Who saved me? My saviour was my mom!!!!

Here’s my story on “Cannibalism”

An episode that I am not proud of:

I was a 16 year old girl when I moved to Chandigarh to study in 11th class. It was a new city, no friends and a hectic 13 hour gruelling schedule of attending school and tuitions.

8 months later, I had become a

“Fatso” ( a term that girls used liberally to address or describe me) due to umpteen episodes of erratic food habit, skipping meals, binging on junk.

From a waist of 28” to 32″…a whopping 65 kgs…

I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes and then the only option for me was the “Man Shirt” teemed with a pair of jeans.

I began having self esteem issues, lost focus in studies, began bunking school and tuitions. Basically, my life took a nosedive!!

Then came a moment of epiphany………


Cut it down to a bare minimum🤔

The naive and juvenile mind of a ~16 year old couldn’t think of any alternatives.

I went on a CRASH diet and it continued for good ten days. I was constantly lethargic, nauseous, irritable and had throbbing headaches. I BRACED it all ‘coz I wanted to be thin..

Then came a day, when I just couldn’t do it anymore. With all energy sapped from my body, I made a frantic call to my mom ( an obstetrician and gynaec)

She came and rescued me.

First, she fed me a REAL meal without admonishing me.

Then, she sat me down and said:

Let me tell you what u did to your body in these 10 days.

In a lay man’s terms:

A human body needs nutritious food and fluids to do well. A normal body uses carbs in the form of glycogen and then it burns fat as fuel.


Your crash diet has shocked your body and has sent it into a starvation mode because you took below 800 calorie diet. In this mode, your body doesn’t know when it will get food so it has turned inside to look for energy source. Typically in such cases, the body starts consuming/ feeding on lean tissue/muscle which equals cannibalism.

You technically turned into a CANNIBAL. and forced your body to eat itself!!!!!!!

Crash diets never help, in fact they are detrimental to your health and cause irreparable damages to you.

Bottom line is…. if you want to lose weight then there are safer, more effective ways to do it than a crash diet. Find time to exercise and eat healthy. Make a life style change and I will help you.

This horrendous episode was like turning a new leaf in my life. I began eating healthy. My mom helped me in losing weight by eating right and exercising right. It was an arduous journey but I became fit and thin…

Felt healthy, strong and confident☺️☺️

I did put on weight at different junctures esp during both my pregnancies but my mantra has always been:

Eat healthy and exercise well!!

Since then, I have never explored crash dieting, Coz I don’t want to become a cannibal😌😌



PANEER 30g 77.1 5.7 3.7
EGG 30g 40.1 3.9 2.7
MUSHROOM 30g 8.3 1.1 0.1
BEETROOT 30g 10.7 0.5 0.03
NUTRINUGGETS 30g 102.8 15 0.2
MAYONNAISE 15g 112 neg 12.4
351kcal 26.2g 19.1g


  • Clean mushroom.
  • Boil egg and mushroom.
  • Soak nutri nuggets in water for half an hour.
  • Peel off beetroot and clean.
  • Chop or diced paneer, boiled egg white, mushrooms, nutri nuggets, beetroot.
  • Mix all these in a bowl.
  • Add mayonnaise, spices (salt, black pepper, oregano, chilli flakes) accordingly.
  • Mix well and serve.




PANEER 100g 257.1 19.04 12.3 15
SOYA BEAN(BROWN) 50g 190 17.5 6.2 10
NUTRINUGGET 50g 171.4 25 15 0.35
SEMOLINA 20g 66.3 2.2 13.6 0.18
730kcal 63.7g 47.1g 30.5g


  • Soak soyabean and nutrinuggets in water for 20-25 minutes.
  • Cut paneer pieces equally.
  • To a bowl add semolina, little water, spices and mix well.
  • Dip paneer pieces, soyabean, nutrinuggets into the mixture partially.
  • Add the dipped pieces to a stick and roast it on medium flame.
  • Serve hot with stick.




MAIZE FLOUR 30g 35.9 1.1 6.8 0.4
EGG 1 piece 29 7 0.4
GROUND NUTS 10g 52.3 2.3 3.8
162kcal 10.4g 6.8g 9.6g


  • Sieve maize flour and add spices, groundnuts into it.
  • Mix well and turn into a dough by adding little water.
  • Prepare chapatti out of dough.
  • Grease pan with oil and bake maize chapatti on it from one side only.
  • To the other side pour egg white and yolk onto it.
  • Quickly change the heating side.
  • After baked or cooked, serve on plate.
  • Cut this chapatti into two halves and put on one another (egg portion facing inside)
  • Serve hot.