Water consumption



Water largest constituent of the body, 60 to 70% of total body weight is made up of water. Water is important for the entire body structure function and metabolism. Optimum hydration status i.e.  Presence of adequate water is the must not only for muscle performance during workout but also to support muscle growth and fat loss throughout the day.

Muscle tissues have higher water content (75%), adipose tissue contains about 10 to 15% of water.

Water distribution in the body:-

  1. Intracellular fluid- Inside the cell
  2. Extracellular fluid- outside the cell


Water moves from one Compartment to other useful websites and other substances dissolved in it to maintain water balance.


Functions of water

  • Cellular structure and growth
  •  nutrient transport and waste excretion
  •  Metabolism
  •  maintaining core body temperature


Requirement of water and salt

  • Total quantity of water-

if workout intensity is low- LBM(in kg’s) x 40=water (ml)

If workout intensity is moderate to high- LBM (in kg’s) x 50=water (ml)


  • Distribution of water

Water intake must be well distributed throughout the day so as to keep the body in a hydrated state at all times. During post workout water requirement is high



Dehydration is inadequate water or an imbalance of water and salts in the body. Fluid loss more than 1% of body weight is termed as dehydration


Effects of dehydration

  • Muscle breakdown and loss
  •  Drop in BMR
  • drop in fat burning
  •  fast ageing due to faster breakdown of all tissues
  • Drop in immunity and energy levels
  • high risk of muscle cramps during exercise


Optimum hydration is therefore a must for an exercising population, reasons

  • Improve body performance, maintaining good blood circulation to working muscles, skin and brain: Maintaining body temperature in the core and muscles: efficient nutrient delivery: energy production and conservation: improved muscle performance and brain function
  •  fast results( muscle gain and fat loss)
  • anti aging: increasing anabolism over catabolism: maintaining immunity: detoxification of body





Creatine is a substance that is found naturally in muscle cells. It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or high-intensity exercise.Taking creatine as a supplement is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders in order to gain muscle, enhance strength and improve exercise performance.Chemically speaking, it shares many similarities with amino acids. Your body can produce it from the amino acids glycine and arginine.Several factors affect your body’s creatine stores, including meat intake, exercise, amount of muscle mass and levels of hormones like testosterone and IGF-1.About 95% of your body’s creatine is stored in muscles in the form of phosphocreatine. The other 5% is found in your brain, kidneys and liver (9).When you supplement, you increase your stores of phosphocreatine. This is a form of stored energy in the cells, as it helps your body produce more of a high-energy molecule called ATP.


ATP is often called the body’s energy currency. When you have more ATP, your body can perform better during exercise.Creatine also alters several cellular processes that lead to increased muscle mass, strength and recovery.Creatine is a substance found naturally in your body — particularly in muscle cells. It is commonly taken as a supplement.

Creatine can improve health and athletic performance in several ways.In high-intensity exercise, its primary role is to increase the phosphocreatine stores in your muscles.The additional stores can then be used to produce more ATP, which is the key energy source for heavy lifting and high-intensity exercise.

Creatine also helps you gain muscle in the following ways:

Boosted workload: Enables more total work or volume in a single training session, which is a key factor in long-term muscle growth.

Improved cell signaling: Can increase satellite cell signaling, which aids muscle repair and new muscle growth.

Raised anabolic hormones: Studies note a rise in hormones, such as IGF-1, after taking creatine.

Increased cell hydration: Lifts water content within your muscle cells, which causes a cell volumization effect that may play a role in muscle growth.

Reduced protein breakdown: May increase total muscle mass by reducing muscle breakdown.

Lower myostatin levels: Elevated levels of the protein myostatin can slow or totally inhibit new muscle growth. Supplementing with creatine can reduce these levels, increasing growth potential.

Creatine supplements also increase phosphocreatine stores in your brain, which may improve brain health and prevent neurological disease.


Supplementing with creatine can result in significant increases in muscle mass. This applies to both untrained individuals and elite athletes.Creatine is one of the best supplements for improving strength and high-intensity exercise performance. It works by increasing your capacity to produce ATP energy.

Creatine exhibits no harmful side effects. Though it’s commonly believed to cause dehydration and cramps, studies don’t support this.creatine is one of the cheapest, most effective and safest supplements you can take.It supports quality of life in older adults, brain health and exercise performance. Vegetarians — who may not obtain enough creatine from their diet — and older adults may find supplementing particularly useful.


Creatine monohydrate is likely the best form. Try out creatine today to see if it works for you.



What is nutritional counselling?

Nutritional Counselling is a continuous process in which a health professional, usually a registered dietician or nutritionist counsels an individual on his or her daily meal intake to achieve certain fitness goals.

The purpose of nutritional counselling is to get people make necessary dietetic changes.

A healthy diet is helps in more ways that we believe. It keeps our body fit, our mind fit, protects us from chronic diseases, fights existing chronic diseases, helps make better changes in our body etc. That is why; nutritional counselling must be a part of our lives. Without proper nutrition, our health will decline, leading to barriers in our healthy and happy life.

During the counselling, the counsellor assesses the patient’s health and provides them with information based on the change their bodies need. They advise the patients on what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat etc. Finally, they prepare a diet plan for the patients to follow every day. Every diet plan is prepared according to the needs of the patient’s body.

What are the benefits of Nutritional Counselling?

There are many benefits of nutritional counselling, some of which are explained below:


  1. Staying fit:
    As your counsellor assesses the fitness problems you are facing, he/she also assesses the hurdles between you and your target. With proper assessment comes proper treatment. Your counsellor will provide you with the best ways to overcome these problems quickly and efficiently. This will end all your fitness problems, giving you a fit body and mind.
  2. Healthy lifestyle:
    To live right, we have to eat right. And to eat right, we must consult a nutritionist. A regular follow-up of your diet plan will not only end your fitness problems but will also lead you towards a healthy lifestyle. The more nutrition-rich your diet is, the healthier you will be. And who doesn’t want a healthy lifestyle?
  3. Preventing and Fighting Diseases:
    When our body cells receive proper nutrition, it prevents diseases and health problems even before they touch your body. This is the greatest benefit of consulting a dietician. By assessing your health, they will already know what you are lacking and will provide diet plan accordingly. When your body will have no deficiencies, how will diseases ever attack it? Even if you already are suffering from some diseases, food with rich nutrition will make your body tough enough to fight them away.
  4. Overall Health:
    A healthy diet can not only affect your fitness and health problems but also your overall body health. You will see your stamina increasing, children and teens grow quickly if take the proper nutrition, you will always feel energized, your hair and skin will glow and always stay healthy and many more. You can only imagine how many benefits eating proper nutrition have.
  5. Delicious Food:
    It is only a myth that healthy food doesn’t taste good. Healthy food can still taste delicious if you know how to cook it. Consulting a nutritionist has that benefit as well. Nutritionists know the best ways to prepare delicious healthy food. They will advise you on everything you need to do to keep your body and your taste buds happy.


Don’t wait for your body to act unhealthily. Just like we keep our minds prepared for catastrophes, we must keep our bodies prepared too. Consult BFY today for the best nutritionists and dieticians of India.





Why is it necessary to have a competitive market in the business of sports and fitness?


The market of sports and fitness has been growing ever since it set its first foot in the field of business. The main reason is that it has a high revenue growth and hence a good profit margin. And to add more to it, the never ending customer demand is what has kept this going so strong even when there is so much of competition in the market.

Thus the business of sports and fitness has been a major market and with the growing interest of people in physical performance and new technologies, this market certainly has possibilities of even bigger growth in the coming time.

Now since this business has more profit than loss, more and more people started to invest in this business. This in turn led to a lot many companies manufacturing the similar kind of products. As a result, competition grew. Now that people have so many options, to make a place in this market, companies have faced some of the toughest competitions. Small companies have been majorly affected by this as, they not only have to face completion with their peers, which are already well established but also from the new budding companies that are jumping into this field every now and then.

What causes led to the formation of a competitive market?

There are several reasons that led to this business turn into a highly competitive market.  The main reason is the customers themselves. With time there demands has been increasing. Be it their ever growing hope of becoming fit and having a perfectly toned body to the day to day social media activates of other people  that constantly remind them to join a fitness class, there seems to be no end of the demands coming from people for the various sports and fitness product. As a result companies saw a good response from their customers who started buying such product. This led to a profitable growth. Seeing which other startups too decided to dive into this business. And then one after the other, so many companies took birth in this market and that too in no time.

Thus the main causes that led to this completive market are-

  • Customers never ending demand.
  • A good revenue field in this business
  • High profit margin
  • Innovation of new technologies related to this field which grows the interest of people in that product


What impact does it have on the business of sports and fitness?

The scope of doing a business in this field is so wide, that once an individual or an organization gets into this there is absolutely no turning back. This market has seen a lot of growth during the recent times. Several statistical data have shown that while in the year 2016, The Global Fitness and Recreational Sports Centre Market size was $83,680 million in 2016. It is expected to reach $113,116 million by 2023. Also it has been estimated that there will be rise in the CAGR of 4.4 % from 2017 to 2023.

The Global fitness and recreational sports aim to establishing fitness centers and Gym and Yoga centre and also on providing equipments to the customers. It also provides with activity centre where one can do swimming, skating etc.

Now these are the ways to spread the business empire of sports and fitness. This has led to an increased number of customers who are in the search of a better lifestyle.

It has also led to increases in the manufacturing of the product which in turn has generated a good revenue growth.  Also due to so many products on the market this industry has fragmented into smaller divisions.

What are the strategies of the companies to be on the top?

To establish a business in the market, it is quite essential to have a strategic plan for the ways in which the product can reach to maximum of people. And since the world holds majority of people who come from some sort of middle class background, this companies manufacture products by keeping them in mind.  These companies manufacture products in such a way that there costs aren’t very high still is of a very good quality. This is done to establish a strong base of dedicated customers.

Also they launch advertisements which are motivating and provoke people to get out of their bed and head to sports and fitness centre to achieve the desired health results.

This field has seen substantial growth over the year. This can be attributed to the fact that the so many health clubs and sport centers have been opened in the recent times. And the industry operators are now expanding their markets to the age group form 18-54 years old people which was earlier targeted on people whose age was between 1805 years.  Also there has been a rise observed in the number of females in such sports club and fitness centers. Today nearly 40 percent of the women can be seen in such places. This is also a result in the number of rise of female-only health and fitness centers.


How well has the completion been handled so far?

Although the completion in this field is at a rise, it has been handled fairly well. The major business companies of this field have managed to gain a significant share in the market.  Also different companies have been trying different marketing strategies but their main focus is on providing the best quality product to their customers at affordable prices.


Thus the completion in this market has right reasons to exist. Because in this way production and sales of products with top notch quality can be ensured. And this will ultimately lead to the benefit of the customers.









Why is developing an e-commerce website for sports and fitness a good investment in the long run?


The 21st century era is the age of Internet. The internet has revolutionized the world by making digitalization a part of our lives. Today from shopping to making online transactions, everything has become online. Just one click away and you are good to shop the things of your choice without even moving an inch. So many e-commerce websites have come in the limelight in the recent years and it’s all for the right reasons!

Now days, a new trend has evolved in which the business of sports and fitness, has stolen the limelight of the show. And developing e-commerce website has only made things easier and more profitable.

Why should one invest in sports and fitness e-commerce websites?

Today, the sports and fitness industry is a massive billion dollar profitable business, if executed with the right kind of marketing strategy.  It indeed is a good investment because its customer base isn’t limited to a particular field /area / country / age or even gender. Sports and fitness go hand in hand. And it is open to all. With the increasing work load on people day by day in their workplaces, they are striving to find a balance between their work and fitness life.  And this is where people have started to invest in their sports and fitness regime so that they can live a long and happier life. And since time becomes the biggest hurdle to actually go out and buy those sports and fitness stuff, they prefer online platforms to shop.  Thus the demand of such products is increasing rapidly day by day which has led to a steady revenue growth. Also one who is aspiring to start a business in this field doesn’t need to have a background in the sports field. All they need to do is to understand the market and its strategy.

Understanding the market

For an entrepreneur, before starting a business, it is very important to understand the kind of market they will be diving into.  The sports and fitness itself has a wide array of option in which one can start their business.  And all these options in it hold the ability of being a fully fledged profitable business. To tap into the sports market one first need to get a clear idea of what products are in demand or in trend these days.  What they also need to understand is about their business competitors. They need to know the market value of products and the amount of revenue that can be generated.

Building up an e-commerce website

To start an online business it is very important to build a bridge between the seller and its customers.  All one requires is a minimum investment to give the business a start and a lot of perseverance.  Now a days, there are so many ‘Internet marketing specialists’ available who help people to build up a better website with a stratetegic marketing plan and also help them to implement and manage the same.

All that a seller has to do is the following things-

Decide on the kind of products that they will be selling to their customers.

Deciding on a business model that best suits their plan.

Setting up an e-commerce website builder and then designing the online store.

Giving a business and a domain name

Setting up a secure payment gateway

Protecting their website with a Secured Security Layer (SSL)

Finally making arrangements for a shipping facility.



Setting up a marketing strategy


A market strategy when planned smartly can fuel up the business into 10 times!! Planning a marketing strategy is a complicated process in itself but in the end it surely is worth the effort. The first thing it requires is setting up a web design for the website which should be eye catching and understandable so that it grabs the attention of maximum user.  Then comes the search engine optimization.  It basically does the job of making one’s website appear higher on the list of Google search engines.  Email marketing adds the extra glitter to one’s strategy as with email marketing the seller can get an overview of the purchasing habits of their customers.

Approaching the right kind of customers-

This is a very important aspect for a successful online business. One needs to understand that not all customers are interested in the sports and fitness stuff. So to attract the customers who are also potential buyers of such products, they should be approached in a right way.  One thing is through e-mail. By going through the email list that has customers with specific needs, one can easily attract them to their website by sending them emails. Also one can generate an opt email list which helps the customer to subscribe to that particular website so that they regularly receive update of the new launches on the website through email notifications.


Advertising and brand deals

Advertising is the best way to bring customers to a website. Advertisements can be done through blog posts, social media handles like Facebook and instagram. Also if one has a big budget, they can approach many well Known celebrities to advertise their brand. Now days, a new trend has started and this is especially for low budget businesses. In this, the seller can approach some of the popular bloggers on instagram and also people with a huge number of followers and ask them to post pictures with their product on their instagram profile.  In turn they pay them a fixed amount of money which is also not very high compared to national or international level celebrities. YouTube has become another place for advertisement too. And the best part is that advertising through YouTube is very much budget friendly while still getting in contact with a large number of people.



Thus developing an e-commerce website proves to be a good investment. With its billion dollar industry, steady revenue growth, and a widespread customer base, it has a very vast scope in future.  Also with the demand of sports and fitness product growing higher day by day, it surely is going to prove as a safe business option in the coming future.











Factors which have led to the development of business of sports and fitness in the Indian market


The market of sports and fitness in India is a place where there is a scope for all kinds of business to flourish. One such business is the business of sports and fitness. This business is not only flourishing in India but also is contributing to the economy of our country. Although this market has always had seen an overall good revenue growth in terms of sales of products, in recent times the profit margin of this business of sports and fitness has also escalated real quick!

Now there are so many factors which have led to the business of sports and fitness market reach at a position that so many other fields of business are still struggling to be at. These factors are as following-


  1. The globalization of sports and fitness market

The basic idea of the globalization of sports and fitness market is to expand this market all over the world. The foundation of modern sports was laid in the early to mid 19th century when countries like the United States and Britain had began to take interest in the business aspects of both sports and fitness and started taking it professionally. The business that started in a small land with limited access began to set up its franchise in other countries. And this led to an increase in demand which eventually led to an increase in the revenue growth. By adopting the same strategy today the Indian market too has been successful in setting up its base in foreign lands. Not to forget, even the fitness industry is some or the other perishing in India due to the influence of western countries.


  1. Increase in the number of types of sports and fitness activities

Earlier people in India took interest only in two sports. The first one was hockey in the 60s and later came the cricket during the 80s. Fans went gaga over the players when they used to bring gold or a cup for the country and wanted to be like. This led to the market of sports industry which sold various hockey and majorly cricket related stuff advertised by the famous sportsmen of that time. Thus cricket played an important role in establishing the business of sports and fitness in India. But cricket alone couldn’t carry the entire burden of the market on its shoulders. Thankfully, due to the globalization other sports like football, volleyball etc came in India even when they weren’t played professionally on the Indian ground. Slowly and eventually, sports like Polo, Snooker, Wrestling, boxing came in vogue. This led to the growth of market as people started playing different sports which led to an increased number of demands.


  1. Influence of social media exposure

In the world of internet that we are living today, almost everything is influenced by the social media. Be it sports or fitness, social media has created a buzz all over the world. Social media allows people to post a part of their daily activities online. Be it regular gym posts, or heavy exercise routines, to stunningly fit body pictures, everything is on social media. And since these things can be found on all platforms one simply can’t avoid but take a dive in it. Such is its influence that even the laziest of them all will for at least once drag themselves out of their beds and go to fitness or a sports club. Thus when more people enter in this field , the demand of such products will increases as well leading to an increase in the overall growth of this market.


  1. Increase in profit and growth revenue

This is the main reason for such massive popularity that the business of sports and fitness has gained over time. This field produces a good profit margin and hence a decent revenue growth. There is a reason why it gives profit. Sports and fitness is a field in which the demand of customers never ends. After all everybody wants to be fit and look good. And nothing but being active sports and fitness activities can help them achieve this. Thus unlike other businesses, this field has no such future of coming to an end as there is an always some profit.


  1. Increase of the competition in the market-

In India, since the time Modi ji has started promoting the famous “Make in India” project, so many start ups are being created on a daily basis. Some of which have a focus on the sports and fitness market. Now there are already some of the national and international brands who have firmly established themselves in this business. And with the small companies trying to make a space for themselves, the competition has fueled even more. This scenario has led to the production of more products of good quality and affordable price because the majority of buyers come from the middle class background. Thus when good quality products are sold in the market of affordable prices, the number of buyer increases which lead to an increase in the demand. This automatically leads to the profit of the companies.


  1. Involvement of women in the business of sports and fitness- Women are the paragon of success. Where-ever they set their foot, a positive growth is seen. In recent times, India has since quite a change in the way people have started treating women. Women are being encouraged in every field be it science, art, sports, finance everywhere. The involvement of women in the business of sports and fitness has led to the betterment of this field. Also there are several sports clubs ad fitness health centers especially for women. This has led to more women come and join such places. This in many ways has led to the profit of business of sports and fitness.



This industry of sports and fitness has come a long way from what it was a century ago. Form people not taking any interest in this field, to a mass number of people having started contributing to this market in some or the other,  the sports and fitness business has seen more profits than losses.  And all the above factors have played a key role in leading this industry to what it is today.











The impact of digitalization on the business of sports and fitness


Today we are living in the age which is driven by digital technology. Everything is being digitalized and the credit goes to the Internet. Even the places which are dealing with the scarcity of food, water and shelter have the facility of internet in some way or the other. The web of the internet is growing so fast and widespread that even the most backward areas on earth are trapped in it. Digitalization is affecting not just the technology but also the lifestyle of people, their thought processes and their ability to make decisions. And this is where the business models take full advantage of the ever-growing digitalization in order to benefit their own businesses.


What is the impact of digitalization on the business of sports and fitness?

Digitalization has a very huge impact in the way in which the business of sports and fitness works. Today approx half of the humanity on earth is on some kind of digital platform. Be it social media or any mobile app, people have found a way to connect with each other with these digital medium.

Gone are those days when people used to go to shops for shopping sports good they required. Earlier the companies used to spend lakhs of money on locating massive hoarding on public places in order to advertise their product. People had to visit dieticians to get a proper diet plan suitable for their health. Previously, so many people avoided to do exercises simply because they had to head to the gym.

But things have started to change now. Many online websites are available to shop for all things related to sports and fitness that one can ask for. To advertise, companies have started using social media platforms like facebook YouTube, instagram, which are a very strong medium to connect with the customers of today’s generation. Also there are so many apps available for mobiles in which one can make their diet chart prepared for them via these apps. All they have to do is to fill up a form which asks for some questions related to an individuals’ daily routine and health related issues. And bam! Their diet plan is prepared within minutes, without even taking the effort to visit a doctor or a dietician. Even there are several online websites which have started online gym. Although this is new in trend and not many people are aware of it, but it surely looks promising in the days to come.

In this way, while the business of sports and fitness has already set up a strong foundation in the public market, the digitalization is only helping this industry in stepping up their game.


How has digitalization impacted the business of sports and fitness?

The digitalization has a phenomenal influence on one’s lifestyle, shopping habits, public interaction and work life.  And people who understand this have successfully managed to set their foot in this tough market competition.  Just two decades back, companies had to take huge amount of effort to transfer data and information from one junction to other. It would take weeks and in some cases even months to bring the product in the market and influence the customers to buy it.  But with digitalization, this entire frill has become a matter of just 24 hours. Just give them one day and most of the things are sorted. Internet of Things is the reason behind digitalization. Interest of things is a network of several different kinds of devices that communicate among themselves via artificial intelligence. In this way, these intelligent technical systems transfer data and information by taking quick decisions on their own, reducing the burden of people. And this is the reason for the popularity of digitalization. It has made the life of people so easy and yet so depending.  People have become so dependent on the internet that the markets are also shifting on it. Because where there are customers, the market will go there!


Why was there a need for digitalization to boost the business?

Although the business of sports and fitness had set up a strong foundation in the market, there is always a scope for growth. And growth can only come when something new is brought in the market. While the latest kinds of product were helping but it didn’t have the potential to hold the grip of their customers for long. Eventually they would lose interest in that. So to constantly remain connected with their customers and bring more and more facilities for them, so that they remain dedicated to the company, digitalization was needed. Digitalization has a lot of options when it comes to innovation and bringing out something new. This binds the customer to the company as there is always something new for them.  Be it a simple change on the website or some new update available on the app which has some features, these things keeps the customers busy in some way or the other and don’t let them loose interest in it.


Benefits of digitalization

Fast communication- With digitalization, communications have become really fast. Whenever a new product is launched it is advertised all over social media. There are also notification feature which provided time to time messages to people even if they haven’t asked for it.

Worldwide advertisement- In today’s world, it takes seconds after the product is launched and soon after becomes popular. The advertising industry is so strong that, it has boosted the marketing to a whole new level.

Product marketing- Today right after a product is launched; it is out there in the market. It is available on various e-commerce websites, with websites claiming great deals and attracting customers.

Revenue growth- Due to the increase in product marketing, this sector has seen a good revenue growth in the recent years.



Today there is a wide range of online products and services available on the online market. And the ability of the customers to get an access to these is just a matter of time. With the availability of mobiles, tabs, laptops, it has become quite easy for customers to make full use of the product and apps that are sold online. This in turn has increased the demand of the supply. It has brought a revolution in the field fitness and health care sectors. Thus digitalization has made quite a positive remark on the industry of sports and fitness.










History of the business of sports and fitness in India


The history of sports in India dates back to approx 6000 years ago but only in the recent years close to the mid 20th century, has the “business” in the field of sports and fitness been evolved. Since the global sports and fitness business sector is estimated to be worth between $480-620 billion, it also had an impact on the Indian market. According to recent stats, the business of sports and fitness industry in India reached up to $35 billion in the year 2016 while it is expected to reach $90 billion by the year 2022 with a magnificent growth of 17% CAGR. But what led to the tremendous growth and expansion of the Indian sports and fitness business industry lies in the history of its origin.

The origin

The origin of the business of sports and fitness in India dates back to the 20th century, when the extraordinary achievements in hockey led India to win six gold medals in the Olympics starting from 1928 to late 1960s. With the massive popularity that hockey had just gained in India, a new kind of business started to evolve which was associated with sports and fitness. This market got a boost during the 80’s and the 90’s when cricket came in vogue after the Indian cricket team won the world cup in 1983 on a foreign ground. As players like Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev became legends over time with a huge dedicated fan base, the then evolving market of sports and fitness took good advantage of this and took their help in advertising their products. And this led to the establishment of such a massive industry in today’s date.

Why it started

Sports and fitness alone is considered to be one of the largest revenue generating businesses all over the world. It is a billion dollar industry which in itself and has many sub branches. The sports and fitness sector involves several promising sub sectors. These different segments include sporting goods (manufacturing and retail), sports and fitness apparel industry, sports tourism and other opportunities in the field of sports management and sponsorships. Sports and fitness is considered as a full-fledged industry at a global level and is able to contribute to 1 to 5 percent of any country’s GDP. Also it enhances the revenue growth and the employment rate of a particular country which is quite essential for an overall growth and development of that place. And this is the reason why sports and fitness business started in our country at first place. Also with so many benefits that this industry has provided to the firms and the country, its enormous never-ending consumer demand is one of the sole reasons for the success of such a massive industry in a country like India which ranks second in population ranking worldwide.



The establishment of sports and fitness industry in India

While businesses in other fields were flourishing well in India, people weren’t really in the ‘mood’ to try their luck in the field of sports and fitness. But what eventually drove people towards it, was its worldwide flourishing business and the other numerous of benefits that came with it. Although the huge population of India was seen as a problem by many, some of the world’s leading global international corporations saw it as a nice opportunity to make maximum profit by selling their products in India. Since India has a huge population, it led to a variety of marketing options and unlimited costumers’ demand. This helped in escalating the business quickly as more and more products were manufactured and sold on a daily basis. With a response like that, our fellow Indian entrepreneurs too decided to take a dig at it and today India has both national and international sports and fitness businesses well established and flourishing.

How did the business of sports and fitness evolve?

At the beginning, the industry of sports and fitness was quite uneven and shapeless. It was largely messy and was in a desperate need of becoming an organized entity. The business of sports and fitness was not always considered a profit making business until the end of the 20th century. By then the mentality of people had changed a lot as so many people started to take initiatives in this field. Good revenue growth and promising market opportunities were the reasons that led to the evolution of a business like this with time.  India has a huge market and thus it comes with a tremendous potential for the business of sports and fitness to evolve. Today in India, the total market of the sports and fitness industry is valued around Rs 4670 crore and is growing at 17-19 percent. Also modern retail is estimated at 28 percent of total market and is expected to grow even more.

The changes that came with time in the business of sports and fitness industry

The sports and fitness industry has come a long way from not being taken seriously by the investors to becoming the biggest investment sector in today’s date. There was a time when people did wrestling in ‘akhadas’ and now they are going for international Olympics. Earlier people didn’t care much about their looks and fitness regime, but today in the age of internet, where everything is up on social media, people have actually started to take their fitness and looks seriously. As a result, they are inclining towards gyms and other sports activities. This has opened up a wide scope for the business of sports and fitness industry to flourish. In older times people only needed sports goods like cricket bats, wickets, footballs etc. thus the manufacturing of goods was limited. But with time they chose to start going to gyms, which led to the development of gym business. Then came the social media where “looking good” was not a choice but a necessity. This led to the business of gym apparels including workout outfits to expensive shoes. Thus with time, body building training increased among men and aerobics and strength training amongst women.


In general, the history of sports and fitness business teaches us a lot about patience and smart long term planning. Without a long term vision and planning, no one could have ever been able to visualize the immense opportunities and the profits that this industry had in store for the future generations to come. And today the success of this business is solely dedicated to its strong historic evolution from being nothing to becoming the favorite global investment sector for the investors of today.











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Certification with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) USA:

While beginning your career in fitness & health, many important decisions must be made. One of the most important ones is to decide what course will you get certified in and from where? As quality matters, only if your certification has value will you build a successful path in this field. And so, we have brought ACE to help you make these decisions.
ACE has certified more than 200,000 health and fitness professionals in USA and 77 other countries since its founding in 1985. Its certificate is widely respected throughout the world, is recognized with high certification standards, and is legally defensible in a court of law. Its exams are standardized, enough to create world-class instructors.

ACE believes in quality, not quantity. Therefore, it offers four fitness certifications:

  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • Advanced Health + Fitness Specialist Certification
  • Group Fitness Instructor Certification
  • Health Coach Certification

Your certification from ACE ensures your capability as a health and fitness professional. It enhances your knowledge in the best possible way and improves your skills most efficiently. ACE confirms your commitment to the industry by giving you an advantage of your clients’ belief in you.


ACE has high certification standards as its study materials and exams have been developed by leading experts in the fitness field.

NCCA Accreditation (National Commission for Certifying Agencies)

NCCA is the accreditation body of the National Organisation for Competency Assurance (NOCA) The NCCA Accreditation decides how organizations should conduct certification programs. In 2003, ACE was granted NCCA Accreditation for all its certification programs. It is clear that NCCA recognized the excellence of ACE certification and distinguished its quality from the other 300 fitness certification programs available to public. They understood the difference between qualified and unqualified fitness professionals.
It is clearly defined by The International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association (IHRCA) and Medical Fitness Association (MFA) that club owners and fitness facilities must only hire fitness professionals who have gotten certificates from agencies accredited through NCCA or other equivalent accrediting organisations. This will give you an advantage over most of the certified professionals out there as you will be seen as a valuable asset.


To renew and maintain your certification, you must earn 2.0 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every 2 years through ACE approved courses or professional activities.


How to renew?

Each ACE approved CEC equals on academic hour. You are expected to devote 20 hours to in-class time + some additional study time to earn 2,0 CECs.


ACE offers a variety of courses: distance learning course, practical and comprehensive training, exam prep and live classes taught nationwide by leading industry experts.

Pursuing certification of personal trainer would be one of the best choices you make. They train competent trainers with potential to be one of the experts in the fields. Furthermore, being an ACE certified personal trainer is very much in demand. These trainers are treated as fitness clubs’ valuable assets. You will find endless reasons to be certified with ACE, but the most important one will always be – to assure a successful career in the fitness & health industry.


The ACE Personal Trainer Certification Curriculum is consistently evaluated and updated to ensure that they keep up with the dynamic culture of fitness & health. They always stay one step ahead and create excellent trainers for the world. When you successfully complete your course of ACE Personal Trainer, you will have learned: knowledge of exercise science, nutrition, fitness assessment, exercise programming, and instructional techniques.




  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must hold current adult CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification at the time of exam. If you don’t, you will be allowed to sit in the exam but your result be held until you provide the CPR.

Important information regarding the exam and passing marks:

  • Passing Marks: 65% (Out of 150)
  • Duration of the course: 3 months (2 times a week)
  • Exam format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) through computer based testing

At BFY, we offer coaching for the ACE/PT.

We will provide:

  • Coaching over 3 months twice a week.
  • Practical and theory sessions.
  • Extra/special lectures for understanding difficult concepts.
  • Exam prep sessions.
  • Mock tests in exam formats.
  • Unlimited individual Skype sessions for: counselling, help, clarification of doubts etc. as required by the students.





Required Manuals:

  • Personal Trainer Manual 5th
  • Essential of exercise science for fitness professional manual.
  • Study companion book.


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