Sporting Arenas Business

Sporting arenas are often large stadiums which are oval or circular shaped; these areas are often used for conducting matches of different sports. The term has now evolved and has a new meaning attached to it, now there are multiple closed sporting arenas that allow the sportsperson to practice indoors in a space more than enough for an individual’s or a small groups practice. These arenas are more often found in various localities, residential areas and societies.

With time, India is constantly evolving in the field of fitness and sports. There has been a rapid growth in last ten years; U-17 FIFA Football World Cup, Common Wealth Games 2010, Hockey World Cup and Cricket World Cup held in India can prove that the development has been really good. So, opening a business which helps people to get better in their sports when there are more and more athletes and sportsperson thriving to be the best in the field is a good idea.


Options Available

There are a number of different options available to the person willing to set up a sporting arena. First of all, he/she needs to know about the difference between different types of arenas:-

  • Stadiums Stadiums are a type of sporting arena too! It depends on the person what kind of stadium they want to set up. One can go for setting up a stadium which follows international standards and can conduct various international events- sports as well as concerts too! Generally, stadiums which meet international standard are favorable for only one sport. These stadiums receive a huge amount of payment whenever an international event is conducted. Though the events conducted are few in number but the amount earned just by one event is great too! With this comes another condition, one need to take great care of this stadium as it should always remain in the best of its condition throughout. Other sources of income are practice sessions held by various different academies and sporting clubs. This option provides a constant income to the owner. Inter-state matches can also be held here like the Ranji Trophy, Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, etc.
    On the other hand, one can go for a stadium that is suitable for conducting local matches, practice sessions and club matches. These stadiums are often used for matches between different clubs and schools for conducting matches. These stadiums don’t provide with huge income at once but a fixed one, but the positive point is that you don’t need much of investment in order to set up this kind of stadium.


  • Indoor Sporting Arenas There is numerous kinds of indoor sporting arenas too. You can go for international indoor arenas for conducting a number of events. These events include various sports and games which need to be played indoors such as- table tennis, Badminton, chess, snooker, etc. These sports require an area to be played too, and are played on international level. India has produced world class sportsperson such as- Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Pankaj Advani, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati, etc. These talents need a space to get their talents nurtured too. You can also go for indoor arenas that are meant only for practices.



  • Amphitheater This is an open-air place which can be used for multiple purposes such as- Entertainment, Performances and Sports. This kind of arena can also create a large revenue as various concerts, events and sports events can be conducted over here. These are the most versatile kind of sporting arenas.


Setting up Business 

Here is a guide how you can go about setting up a business in this field:-

  1. Business Plan­- This is the most crucial part which decides where you want your business to head. The various options available to you are- stadiums and indoor sporting arenas. You need to well design your business plan and act accordingly. The space and area to be selected depends entirely on your business plan, what it is headed towards! Apart from all this, your business plan further elaborates what are your current needs and what you will need a few years down the line.
  2. Finance You should be really worried about your finances because this type of business requires a huge investment. Before stepping into the field of finance, you should have a proper business plan that can be executed. This is necessary because you need to present it before the financers in order to secure the loan or shares. You may also plan for a partnership; this is a bit risky because you need to draw a fine line between business aspects and personal life!
  3. Location This factor is also determined by your business plan, if you wish to make a sports arena which matches international standards and can be used to organize international matches, you need to choose a location that is easily accessible and has good roadways which can handle large amount of traffic. Apart from this, the area should be really large for an international sports arena; in the other case, one can go for a much smaller area too!
  4. Construction This is another important factor that may determine the success of your business. The better the infrastructure, more are the chances of generating a great revenue. So, you should hire a good construction firm who has a lot of knowledge. You need to get a blueprint before starting the construction work; this must include the minutest details of the arena to be constructed.
  5. Official Work­ The current Government supports development in the field of sports. There are a few schemes that may help you get some finance ready from the Government. Other than that, there is a set of guidelines that need to be followed by the owner, which you can easily get by visiting the official site of Sports Authority of India. This site can also help you with the documents that you need to get registered and start the business.   



Protein Snacks Market In India


The current market status of Indian market is in favor of the companies producing healthy diet options in the market. According to IKON’s report, the Indian savoury market will definitely hit the Rs. 1,000 billion mark by the end of the current decade, which is a good CAGR. Simultaneously, we see that the companies in India providing snacks are shifting to much healthier options; this itself proves what is the demand and growth of healthy snacks in the Indian market.

According to another report, the Indian snack market is expected to reach 185 million USD by 2023, which is again a double digit CAGR. Another significant snack that is in demand in the Indian market is snack bar. The snack bar market is recorded a CAGR of 20.1% during the last five years.

The snack bars that are in demand are cereal and granola snack bars followed by the energy bar and protein bars. These are the healthy, safe and quick options for the replacement of meals in today’s busy lifestyle. Moreover, expanding this market in the urbanized cities of India has proven to be a boon for the market; this market draws maximum of its customers from these highly developed cities of India.


Protein snacks Manufacturers in India 

There are a number of Protein snacks available in India but we will cover only two which are pretty famous and demanded the most- Protein bars and Protein cookies.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are not necessarily needed by bodybuilders or people who are regular gym goers. It can be used by anyone who is busy to have a breakfast or a meal and just needs a quick shot of good nutrients along with taste. The top manufacturers in India are-

  • Labrada Cookie Roll Bar These bars are available in a pack of 12 bars. They contain 230 calories, 6 grams of protein, 23 grams of carbs, 13 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber.


  • Allmax Isoflex These are available as single units. What makes them unique is that they contain only 1 gram of sugar while all the other nutrients are more or less at par with other brands. They have high quality protein, omega3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamins and minerals.


  • Pure Protein Bar These are also available as a single unit; they contain 12 grams of protein per 40 grams, 3 grams of fat per bar, gluten and are cholesterol-free.


  • MuscleBlaze Power Bar These bars are available as individual units as well as 12 pieces per pack. This Indian brand provides 5.5grams of dietary fiber and 20.5 grams of protein per 50 gram.


  • Universal Nutrition Dr. Carbrite Bar this bar comes in a pack of 12 pieces and is sugar and gluten free.



Protein Cookies/Biscuits

There haven’t been much protein rich cookies or biscuits in India. Only two of the brands have stepped up in this game and hence a new brand can easily make its way through this business.

  • Threptin This is the most trusted protein cookie that is recommended to people who cannot fill their daily protein requirements. It comes at an affordable rate.


  • Hershey’s This brand has recently announced to step up in this business. Nothing is confirmed about the products but you’ll soon see the market flooded with Hershey’s protein rich cookies.


Protein snacks distributors in India

Due to increase in the gray market of India, people prefer giving a few extra bucks to authorized dealers or distributors. Some of the authorized distributors in India for above stated brands are:-

  1. Muscle Pro Nutrition
  2. HBS distributors
  3. GlobalImpex
  4. HealthKart
  5. Muscle Pro Nutrition
  6. Shri Balaji Overseas


How to Establish a Protein Snack Manufacturing Company

To establish a company, you’ll need a huge investment and a great plan. In this case, you’ll need recipes too to carry on your business. Moreover, this business won’t be successful without proper marketing and sales strategies, you need to lower you profit margin during the initial days after the launch of the product; and you’ll also have to collaborate with gyms to promote you product. Apart from these, the legal procedures required are:-

  1. Get your company registered or approved by the Government as Food Company.
  2. You need to get a FSSAI certificate.
  3. You need to get a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which ensures that the products are being constantly produced and pass the regular quality measure tests.
  4. ISO certification for the company and the product.
  5. Get TIN number.
  6. Get service tax number.

A Growing Brand



A brand that is growing in this current market is Ripped Up Nutrition. This brand has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian Market lately. Moreover, it has captured a huge segment of ‘Protein Snack Market’ in India due to its various products, such as- Peanut Butter, Cookies, Coffee, Oats, Protein Shakes and Almond Butter. This brand may be a tough competition to you if you’re going to step in this business.






Protein Shake Market

There has been a steep rise in the field of sports, especially fitness lately in India. The credit goes to the Bollywood and the modeling industry which has been promoting fit models, actors and actresses. Moreover, there is a huge requirement of jacked up models and actors which in turn promotes bodybuilding industry. The sports industry has also played a major role by supporting bodybuilding and physique competitions. Due to all this, the requirement for supplements has increased manifolds as it is impossible to achieve the desired physique without the aid of supplements. Thus, the supplement market has seen great growth; to be precise; the most demanded supplement is protein shake!


Market Size

As discussed above the size of the protein shake market is pretty large and is expected to grow at CAGR of about 20% till 2022 compared to what it was before 2017. This is so because people are getting more and more aware of the health benefits of the protein shakes.

The market of protein supplements in India is pretty dominant in the southern region of the country which is greater than 34% of the total protein consumption in the entire country. There are a great number of consumers in the market and 78% of adolescents of the urbanized areas of India are in the list of daily consumers of dietary supplements. Thus, we can conclude that there is a huge market of protein supplements in India.


Protein Manufacturers

There are a lot of protein manufactures around the world who import their products to India, the dominant ones are ON (Optimum Nutrition), Dymatize, Muscletech, etc. These brands have well-established their name in India and have a brand loyalty as much of the people have got great results using their products. Since these brands are famous in the western part of the world too, so establishing your own brand’s name against them is a Herculean task!



How to establish a Protein Manufacturing Company

This task is pretty tough because it requires one to compete with various other foreign brands which have already well-established their market! Moreover, the investment required is quite large too. After all this, if you still manage to get all the stuff done, you need to give a good reason to the consumers to try out your brand. Moreover, the pricing of your products should be such that it gives tough competition to all other foreign brands which are dominating the market.

The protein shakes in India ranges from Rs. 1,000 to approximately 9,000 for 5 lbs. of protein. Now, you need to find the appropriate price range you want your products to compete with. General rule is- “More the protein (isolated), more the price”. There has been a weak hole in the protein supplement industry which can hinder all the great brands’ sale out there, it is the gray market! If you give your customers 100% genuine protein with no chemical additives, the amount of your customer base will definitely increase over time because it is known to all that the fake products kill the kidneys!

Six Star Nutrition, Muscleblaze, TNC and Vigourfuel are some of the best Indian protein manufacturing companies but these companies don’t provide a tough competition to their western counterparts. The Indian brands are used only because they are cheaper, you will not see any professional athlete using Indian protein supplements.



Some of the Indian protein shake brands import all the stuff required for the protein shake from the foreign and process it, add flavors and enzymes.

The legal work that you need to complete before manufacturing protein is as follows:-

  1. Get your company registered or approved by the Government as Food Company.
  2. You need to get a FSSAI certificate.
  3. You need to get a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which ensures that the products are being constantly produced and pass the regular quality measure tests.
  4. ISO certification for the company and the product.



Protein distribution is required in India as most of the protein available in the market is of foreign brands which require importing the products. Now, some of the trusted distributors in India are:-

  1. NEUVERA Wellness Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Bright Commodities
  3. Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited
  4. Healthkart
  5. ARC Distributors
  6. Global Implex
  7. Paradise Nutrition
  8. Arena Implex
  9. 121 World Exports
  10. Polar Exim Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Kar Enterprises

These were all the trusted distributors in the Indian market. Always make sure that your protein shake has branding of any one of these distributors. Since the gray market is increasing rapidly, we need to assure the quality of the food supplement that we’re having.



Protein Supplement Shops

There has been a great increase in the number of protein supplement shops lately due to increase in craze of bodybuilding and fitness. Some of the shops which are pretty famous in the city sell genuine products but most of them are a part of the gray market.

The fake supplement market chain is referred to as gray market. This market is not only responsible for bringing a bad name to the fitness and supplement industry but also killing many of its clients. Some local supplement shops and pharmacies are offered to sell fake protein supplements where they can have large amount of profits. These supplements are difficult to identify as they have almost same packaging with a slight differences but can be verified by visiting the site of the manufacturer. One should always buy supplements from trusted shops.


Since the gray market is increasing rapidly, there is great scope of opening authentic protein supplement shops in the market. These would rapidly attract a large customer base as the fake products fail to give results. For this, one needs to get in touch with the authentic distributors of each brand they want to have in their shop and get all the legal work for opening a supplement store done. Moreover, this field is great from business point of view as it offers 70-80% profit margin of the product price.




Personal Trainer in India

What is a personal trainer? Well, a person offering training services to people in exchange of money based on proper knowledge is known as a personal trainer.

A person who is self-motivated to hit the gym on a regular basis, maintain his own physique as well as motivate others to be fit and go to gym frequently should go for a business in this field. Yes, being a personal trainer is a kind of business where you sell your experience and knowledge to people. Now, a personal trainer must most importantly have the patience to explain each and every small detail of the exercise to the client. Behavior is the number one etiquette in a personal trainer’s life.

A personal trainer must also be aware of safe workout practices as well as proper work ethic; he or she must know the line and must not cross it, it counts as a bad work ethic. To be a successful trainer, one must know how to analyze different lifestyles, different types of diets and the proper human working as well as anatomy.

A personal trainer aspirant must be energetic as well as be able to live a stressful lifestyle. They must also be able to make use of different equipment for different people as everyone doesn’t want to train with weights; they prefer kettle bells, etc.


Requirements to be a personal trainer:-

  1. CertificationThis was as expected the first and foremost requirement to be a personal trainer, no one is fool enough to hire uncertified trainers who give out ‘bro-science’ and you’ve a heavy probability to get injured while being trained by them. The personal trainer must be certified, i.e., he must be able to provide proper knowledge and save his/her client from injury during the workout. In case of any misfortune, the trainer must be certified to act with appropriate measures and must be able to give CPR. The certifications provided in India are-the American Council on Exercise (ACE), BFY (Better Fitness for you) Sports and Fitness, National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM), The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American Fitness Professional and Associates (AFPA), National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA).



ExperienceExperience plays a vital role in securing a client. Now, you must be thinking about what if you’ve just completed your certification and don’t have any experience. In this case, you may start working at a gym for experience or start giving out personal training at a very cheap rate. You mat target the college students to be your initial clients. Since college students are most motivated to get a nice physique, they have appropriate hormones to build a great physique pretty fast and don’t have enough money to hire a good personal trainer



  1. Family History (Special Requirement)If you’re chosen to train a really young kid or a minor, then you may end up attaching your family history and police records in your CV. This is so because the family member always looks up for protection of their children and don’t want a person to train their children with poor family record or criminal background.


       Job Aspects:-

  1. As a personal trainer for gym The first option is to work as a personal trainer for a gym. Most of the bigger chains offer with this option. Here, the trainers just have to train new clients for free for the first few days, and then if they like their work, they are allotted with certain fee. Now, here the fees given to the gym for the personal trainer is not directly given to the personal trainer but first the gym takes its commission which varies from gym to gym and then the remaining amount is given to the personal trainer. Now, if the trainer recommends supplements to the client, they’re supposed to tell them about the supplement store which has tied up with the gym chain and the personal trainer is either given very little or no commission at all.
  2. As a freelance trainerThis option is less popular but results in much fruitful rewards. This is so because you don’t work for any organization or gym here but all by yourself. You personally have to visit gyms, find potential employees and then offer them personal training but here you can recommend them with dietary supplements, drugs, etc. which isn’t much freely available as an option if you work as a personal trainer for a gym. Now, you can tie up with a supplement store which gives you supplements at a cheaper rate if you buy in bulk and then you provide supplementation to your client by your own resources. Here, you can earn a little amount apart from your regular earning. You can also add online personal training to your schedule, now this requires a good internet connection and a good quality phone camera. This type of coaching is gaining more and more popularity with time. In this, the trainer indulges in a video call over various social media platforms with his client and trains him using it. This method requires immense patience and command over the language because giving proper exercising instruction via mouth and visual representation is really a tough job. Coming to another perspective of this business, you can also have a business as an online trainer where you just provide your clients with diet plans and workout schedules. Now, coming to the disadvantage of this option; the only disadvantage is that you have to work really hard to secure clients.


The most important topic is here, the amount of money one can earn by being a personal trainer. The answer is really simple, it depends entirely on you. There are celebrity trainers who earn millions and then there are trainers who are stuck at a salary of 15,000 per month. This business depends entirely on your skills, your business strategies and your business ethics.





Healthy Meal Delivery Business and Restaurant in India

Due to a rapid rise in the craze for fitness industry, the need for a healthy diet has also come hand in hand. It is a well-known fact that you can never get a fit physique without having a healthy and clean diet. So, much of the people need additional health supplements to fulfill their nutritional needs but these cannot be used as diet replacement all the time. Diet plays a really important role and supplements cannot make up for a diet.

The modern lifestyle of people barely leaves them with enough time to eat food, let alone cooking. So, a great business idea comes in the focus which is healthy meal delivery and restaurants in India. There has a steep rise in the business in the recent years but is yet to maximize its potential.



Market Size

There has never been a study about the market size and its growth in this field but you can look up on the internet how much success it has gained recently; all thanks to modern busy lifestyle and increasing awareness for fitness. Apart from this, the healthy meals are not only restricted to people who work out or go to the gym, people who do yoga, MMA, etc. also demand healthy meal. So, closely looking, we can conclude that the market is really large.

Though the market size holds a special importance before setting up a business, so does the location where you want to expand your business. Now, looking towards the location aspect, the metropolitan cities and developed cities act as a good and profitable location for this business. Your target cities should be Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune, etc.


Market Insights

There are a number of companies in the field. Competing against them is not a tough task because the business has not yet reached its peak. Though, you will have to put in a lot of efforts in advertising, offering discounts, value for money and taste along with healthy food to your customers in order to attract them to your brand; this way you can earn brand loyalty easily. The most unique concept is to provide healthy food with great taste. With time, the taste buds of people have become more demanding and nothing beats a good tasting healthy food. So, if you can have chefs who are capable enough of providing this, your business will reach the heights of success.

This industry is not yet well set up, so you still have an ample amount of time and opportunity to set up your business.


Some of the leading brands in this business are as follows:-

  1. Healthie
  2. Calorie Care
  3. PurpleBasil
  4. Yustrength
  5. Kalchi
  6. Tandurust
  7. Foodgasm

These are some of the well established brands in the market. They all have something unique about their brand and have targeted various different cities in order to expand their business.



Tips and Tricks

So, you are in to set up your own business but have no clue where to start from. So, here is a small guide to start step by step. First, you need to get a plan; which clearly states how you are going to be different and attract you r customer. Next, you have to select your target customers, find their needs and plan accordingly. Thirdly, you’ll have to secure an investment. Next, you will have to complete all the official work that needs to be completed before setting up a restaurant. After all this, you need to find appropriate employees who can really put life to your business by making it unique and maximizing your profits. Last but not the least, you need to provide your customers with additional discounts during the first few phases.

There are a few companies which provide with an option to prepare a healthy meal based on an approximate value of your daily calorie intake and your macronutrients. You need to go to their website, tell them your requirements and the food which you would like to consume and then they will provide you with food accordingly; you can get food for one time, a particular meal at a particular time for everyday or may set it up for entire day for all days of the week(monthly meal subscription).

On the other hand, there are companies that provide their new customers with a free 3 day trial or a 3 day trial for fee as small as Rs. 100. You may also provide this to your customer but remember not to cheat him, never provide food that you won’t actually provide on a daily basis because if you try to fool them, you are just earning a bad reputation in the market and giving other brands to attract your customer.

Apart from the delivery process, you can go for a café or a restaurant which provides healthy meals. This would really attract all the fitness enthusiasts out there!

How to Establish a Healthy Meal Delivery Business and Restaurant in India

There are certain licenses which you need to obtain before getting into the business, these are as follows:-

  1. FSSAI License This is one of the most important licenses in order to open a food restaurant in India. This license confirms your customers that they are at a place which follows all the safety standards.
  2. Health/Trade License This license ensure that supreme care must be taken of the health of the customers. These are provided by local civil authorities such as State’s Municipal Corporation or Health Department.
  3. Eating House License This license is provided by the Licensing Police Commissioner of the city in which you desire to open your restaurant.
  4. Shop and Establishment Act Your shop must be registered under this act in order to run a food business. This license is city specific.
  5. GST Registration This needs to be taken care of. All the services and food that you provide have some GST on them that goes to Government and for applying this tax to your final bill and to run your business seamlessly, you need to get a GST Registration.

These were all the major licenses that you need. Apart from these, you also need a few more according to your personal needs, such as- music license, lift clearance license, etc.





Fitness Wearable Market in India

Due to steep rise in the knowledge and awareness in the field of fitness in past few years, India has seen an increase in demand of wearable that tracks fitness activities. These are devices which track various physical activities such as heart beat and steps travelled; they are the best way to monitor one’s health and activity without paying proper heed to it. Moreover, the results are pretty accurate too. With time, the advancement in the terms of features is no big deal and so is done by all the fitness bands in the market that even track your sleeping statistics.

The better part of the story is that these trackers come in different price ranges, ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs 30,000. So, these products will not cost you much if you want just the basic features.


Indian Market

Indian market is full of fitness wearable bands from different companies. All of these work perfectly in their basic functions but as you pay more, the precision and features get increased manifolds. Though the market in India did show some great enthusiasm last year by buying around 2.7 million units last year but this number fell greatly this year. To worsen the condition of famous brands, other small brands are joining the market and selling gadgets with similar features at a much smaller price.


Though MI provides MI band, a reliable and cheap product, the market is still dominated by all the bigger brands out there, namely- Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and Polar.


Talking about the affordable section in India, GOQii outnumbers every other company in the Indian wearable market. This company has focused deeply on the unique wellness proposition along with personal trainer, lifestyle doctor and health locker available as a subscription. Xiaomi has also found consider success due to its low price with pretty good features and the popularity of the brand.


After watching Xiaomi win over the Indian market, other phone brands such as Honor and Lenovo have stepped in the Indian wearable market too! This poses quite a threat to all the brands out there as the prices are going down due to tough competition. Lenovo has recently launched two of its products, that are- HX03 Cardio and HX03F Spectra in India.

Still, the most famous of all the brands of wearable bands is Fitbit.

Fitbit Market in India


Fitbit is a California based company which has seen a huge amount of profit in India. It was founded in 2007. This company came in India back in 2015 and since then has built a vigorous network for sale and distribution of goods. It provides products that enable the user to stay in touch with the fitness industry and motivates them by letting them view their daily fitness statistics. Fitbit products are easily available in online as well as offline market. The online market giants such as Flipkart and Amazon have already tied hands with the company. On the other hand, Reliance Digital, Croma, Helios, etc. are the ones which look after the offline sales of the products. According to the company, Fitbit’s devices are sold in more than 1,000 stores in 100 cities across India. Moreover, the plus point about Fitbit is that it provides the products at all price ranges and features according to them.

This company is highly focused on fitness wearable products only; thus it makes pretty precise products (in terms of information provided by the device) as are required and the variety of products offered by them come in all ranges so that a person can buy products according to his needs and budget!


Fitness trackers that dominated 2018 

  1. Moov Now­- This fitness tracker is light weighted and has a really great battery life but doesn’t come with a screen and has pretty limited features.
  2. Saumsung Gear Fit 2 Pro This watch is pretty expensive but is definitely value for money. It supports iOS as well as Android but lacks an alarm feature and a barometer.
  3. TomTom Spark 3 This watch is great for all the music lovers as it provides phone-less music and provides GPS navigation too. The cons of this product include poor view of the menu and it doesn’t provide sound quality as is expected.
  4. Huawei Band 2 Pro This product comes with an affordable price tag and the results are accurate too! The only disadvantage is that it has a freezing app.
  5. AmazFit Bip This watch is available with a stylish design that would help you enhance your style statement. Although the user interface is little clumsy but manageable.
  6. Garmin Vivosmart 3 This device has a great battery life and a GPS as well as heart monitor but data provided is superficial, it doesn’t have details.
  7. Garmin Vivofit 3 This device has a great battery life and an always on display, which may create problem to some of the users but to most of us, it is really helpful. The disadvantages are that the notifications of the phone aren’t visible and it has a really poor design.
  8. Fitbit Charge 2 This device comes with a big screen and a comfortable strap but lacks GPS as well as the notification displayed is pretty limited.
  9. Fitbit Blaze This fitness tracker has a stunning battery life and has really great fitness features but lacks notification. Moreover, the design may seem a little weird to some of the people.


Starting a New Brand 

Starting a new brand in this field isn’t advised because no matter what, people barely prefer the new brands of electronics over the older and more trusted ones. The only case when your products will be bought is when you offer a great design, build quality and features at a very low price. This would mean that you will have to really consistent with your products and the profit margin offered will be low. Moreover, the investment required is really huge. I won’t recommend starting this business unless you’ve made your mind and have a great investment ready as well as you’re ready to bear some losses and tiny profits.




Fitness Equipment Business

With growth in image-sensitiveness of people and growth of health-consciousness, the efforts of people to be fit have increase manifolds. The majority of the people who are getting involved in fitness are between the ages of 20 to 35 and are striving to achieve a toned, muscular and conditioned body. Another group of people who focus on their fitness strive to achieve much more athletic attributes like- increased core strength, increased stamina and endurance. Moreover, the fact that people indulged in fitness are happier and stress free than those who aren’t adds up a significant number of people to this field. So, to sum it all, there has been a great growth in the fitness industry lately.

This growth encourages members to open a new gym in a locality as not much people have time to travel more than 1 kilometer to go to the gym. Nowadays, we see that there is a gym in almost every locality. With growth in this business, grows another business which is significantly lower in number than are the demands. Each and every gym requires machines and equipment. Yes, the fitness equipment business. For opening a new gym, a person requires a full set of machines and equipment to begin with. On the other hand, the gym which have a lot of customers or are there for a long time need to update their machinery and equipment.


Now, moving on to the business aspects of the fitness equipment store; one needs a large capital investment in order to start this business. Moreover, a person should be involved in the fitness industry.  A fitness equipment store owner must himself be aware of the ways to get fit; he must know the ways to achieve the dream physique and be fit. To add to this, the person should also be able to recommend the equipment which is versatile, effective and help achieve one’s goals. A person with good business tactics can also make huge profits in this business; after all it is all about selling your stuff to the potential customers and attracting them to your store. Some of the points which one should keep in mind before opening a store, which are as follows:-

  • selecting appropriate products: – If one has already acquired the knowledge in the fitness industry or is there for a really long time, one can easily make a choice between the products one wants to keep in his store and what brands to select. Moreover, one should make a choice so as to what he wants to focus on; some people may want to sell only brand new products while others want to be a reseller and some want to be in both the fields, they want to sell new as well as old re-constructed machines and equipment. Every person is aware of the consequences one has to face due to poor choice of products; one may end up losing money instead of earning with bad choice of products.
  • Advertising: – One should always keep a close check on advertising their shop. Advertising plays an important role in every business. One should also spread pamphlets in various nearby gyms which may take an active role in further recommending the equipment to the people who wish to buy the equipment for their homes. One should also provide gyms with special discount code that the gym may offer to its clients seeking personal machines and equipment; this way using the code, the customer can get some additional discount and a little amount of the profit made is given to the gym too.
  • Competitive offers: – Providing offers that can compete well with respect to the offers offered by the other fitness equipment stores. The owner of the store should try to offer some extended warranty apart from the warranty given by the company this aids a lot as people can get an extended warranty with no extra cost. Since, the machines are more susceptible to failure; a person may find this offer to be very lucrative.
  • Extending Business: – One should always look forward to extend his/her business. By this, we mean that a person should not confine himself to the fitness equipment store; he should also hire employees which can repair the broken parts and wires of the machines and equipment. By this, one can not only sell machines but make money by sending mechanics to repair them if they break down.
  • iNFLUENCE OF CITY: It is very important to see the city structure and the gym structure before selecting the products as well as the location to open the store in the city. If the city does not favor the big gym chains and the expensive gym brands, then one should keep in mind to stack up only the machines and equipment which are required and affordable by the smaller gyms. On the other hand, if there is a city like Delhi or Mumbai which is dominated by the bigger and more expensive gym chains, the store owner should stack up with imported machinery and equipment as well as keep a small stock of a medium and low grade machinery and equipment because even after the domination a number of smaller gyms are present in the city which want only the very essential machines and equipment as well as want them at a base rate. The third possibility is that the owner decides to open a store in a developing city like Lucknow, where the number of bigger gym chains is great as well as the smaller gym brands find a place in the city too. Here, the owner should try to avoid stacking up low grade machinery because as the city develops more, the demand of mediocre graded machinery also decreases manifold. Thus, we can conclude that a significant role is there of the city in fitness equipment store business.
  • CHAINING UP THE BUSINESS: The last but not the least option to make huge profit is by chaining up the business, which means spreading it from one city to another. This way, one can partner up with various bigger gym chains and can exponentially increase their profit.



These were some things that one should keep in mind while going for a fitness equipment store business. We wish luck to all the people who are willing to step in this business.

BCAA and Glutamine Market in India




A branched chain amino acid (BCAA) is an amino acid having aliphatic side-chain with a branch. Among the proteinogenic amino acids, there are three BCAAs: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These amino acids cannot be made by the body and are available to humans in protein rich food such as eggs, meat and dairy products. These are also available in the form of dietary supplements.

The proven benefits of BCAAs include-

  1. Increased muscle growth by stimulating muscle protein synthesis, the process of muscle making.
  2. It helps in decreasing the muscle soreness after workouts.
  3. BCAAs also help in reducing the fatigue caused due to workouts.
  4. They are also found to be helpful in preventing muscle breakdown.
  5. BCAAs are found to improve health of people suffering from liver cirrhosis.


Market Size

The market of BCAA is big enough but not as big as the market of protein shakes in India. Though the market is growing but the growth is less as compared to the growth in market of protein shakes.

The supplement market is pretty dominant only in the southern region of the country. The majority of the customer base includes serious competitive athletes, fitness models, models and college students. Opposite to the case of protein shake, the number of college students consuming BCAA is the least due to lack of good investment.

So, we conclude that the market size of BCAA in India is mediocre; it is neither too big nor too small.

BCAA Manufacturers

There are numerous BCAA manufacturers in the entire world; these manufacturers export their products to India. Some of  the manufacturers which almost own the Indian BCAA market are MusclePharm, Ultimate Nutrition, ON (Optimum Nutrition), Cellucor, BPI, BSN, Dymatize, etc.



These brands have proven the worth of their products by giving results and thus acquiring a great customer base and customer-brand loyalty.


Establishing you own BCAA brand in India 

Establishing a new brand of BCAA in India directly means competing with all the other brands available in the market. As stated above that these brands already have got the trust and support of their customers; so competing with them is a really tough job. Moreover, the investment required to establish a new supplement brand is pretty hefty too.

With all the above requirements completed, one needs to attract customers. Thus, cutting some of the profit is inevitable; this simple means that one has price the supplement at a price cheaper than the other brand but higher in order to affirm the customers that it isn’t fake or low quality material. The price range of BCAA in India ranges between Rs. 400 to approximately 4,000 for 500 grams.

Muscleblaze, TNC and Vigourfuel are some of the best Indian BCAA manufacturing companies but don’t even stand near the western competitors.




Glutamine is a α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of the protein in human body. It plays numerous roles but the major purpose is to serve as building blocks for proteins. It exists in two forms- L-Glutamine and D-Glutamine; both of them have a slight difference in the molecular arrangement. The supplements provide us with L-Glutamine but almost all of us prefer to use the broader term Glutamine. This amino acid is very essential for immune system and intestinal health. The benefits of Glutamine in the field of fitness are not backed up by any solid research and require more research. So, we cannot comment on it but a lot of people still opt to buy glutamine to maintain their health.


Market Size 

Market size of Glutamine is pretty small. This is due to the fact that muscle building benefits of Glutamine is not backed up by a proper research and nothing could be said about its role in muscle building. Though, the market is small yet it is present and a lot of people go adding Glutamine in their supplement stack. Some of the leading brands that dominate the Indian market are MusclePharm, MuscleTech, ON (Optimum Nutrition), Nature’s, SSN and Gaspari. Since the results cannot be determined due to lack of evidence to prove that Glutamine is good for muscle building, the brands famous in India for other supplements are getting all the attention from the customer base.



Establishing your own Glutamine brand in India 

This task is pretty difficult as Glutamine is a supplement which cannot be sold by its own quality, offers and results. It requires one to have their brand to be present in other supplements as well; when the other supplements get successful, one can expect the glutamine to get successful too. Some of the Indian brands which sell Glutamine are- TNC, MuscleBlaze and VigourFuel. These companies don’t have a good sale either due to lack of great sale of their other supplements. The sale of Glutamine is always less as compared to other supplements. It is often kept as additional supplement after completing the stack for the month or season.


How to get in the game to manufacture BCAA and Glutamine 

Both of BCAA and Glutamine are dietary supplement and require the usual legal work before launching the products in the Indian market. These are:-

  1. Get your company registered or approved by the Government as Food Company.
  2. You need to get a FSSAI certificate.
  3. You need to get a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which ensures that the products are being constantly produced and pass the regular quality measure tests.
  4. ISO certification for the company and the product.
  5. Get TIN number.
  6. Get service tax number.

These were all the legal formalities to be done after arranging all the necessary items such as investment and business plan.


BCAA and Glutamine Distributors in India

BCAA and Glutamine distribution is required in India as most of the BCAAs available in the market are of western brands which require importing them. Now, some of the trusted distributors in India are:-

  1. NEUVERA Wellness Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Bright Commodities
  3. Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited
  4. Healthkart
  5. ARC Distributors
  6. Global Implex
  7. Paradise Nutrition
  8. Arena Implex
  9. 121 World Exports
  10. Polar Exim Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Kar Enterprises

These were all the trusted distributors in the Indian market. Always make sure that your BCAA or Glutamine supplement has seal of any one of these distributors. Since the gray market is increasing rapidly, one needs to assure the quality of the food supplement that one is having.





Acupuncture Studio in India

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These practices are not backed up by scientific knowledge and involve insertion of thin needles into specific points in the body up to various depths. It is claimed that this technique can cure various health problems, enhance wellbeing and can help relieve in different pains, such as headaches, blood pressure problems and whooping cough.


Benefits of Acupuncture

There are numerous benefits of acupuncture and so it is gaining popularity in modern era. These practices help in curing numerous illnesses as well as pains in various parts of the body. Apart from these basic benefits, following are some of the benefits:-

  1. It balances blood levels through needles.
  2. It is believed to relieve stress, both mental and physical.


Market Size

The market of people using the acupuncture therapy is increasing day by day. Due to increase in western influence, more and more people are going for acupuncture therapies to treat their diseases. Due to increasing medications and more severe side effects of the normal medicines prescribed by the doctors, people are searching for lesser harmful and more natural ways to get themselves treated; this is where acupuncture gets to play the major role!

As the field of fitness and bodybuilding is gaining popularity, acupuncturists are gaining more and more advantage from it. Most of the bodybuilders go for acupuncture and cupping therapies in order to relax their muscles, recover from injuries and get rid of muscle soreness. Apart from this, the number of professional bodybuilders in the market is increasing manifolds; these bodybuilders require great acupuncturists and cupping therapy experts from time to time to undergo therapies.

Apart from this, there is an increase in people seeking professional acupuncture studios because of the increase in the number of employees in the corporate sector, the number of people suffering from tension, back pain, neck pain, mental stress, etc. is increasing and acupuncture has proven its worth in treating these conditions or at least providing some relief. To add to this, acupuncture is also believed to provide relief to people suffering from insomnia, which is a rising problem in modern day India.

Moreover, many doctors are referring certified and well-trained acupuncturists to their patients as end number of diseases can be treated with acupuncture. So, if you’re a doctor you can yourself get a certification or post-graduation degree from various institutes in the country and set up your own acupuncture studio.

Proper Acupuncture Studios in India

There are only a handful of authentic and professional acupuncture studios. There have been many deaths due to various acupuncturists who are not certified; this therapy requires one to be properly trained as it includes inserting needles in specific points.


So, if you can grab an authentic certification in the field, there is a great scope for growth and development. The next question that arises is that how to get a degree or a certification in acupuncture; the answer is simple, you can apply for various courses available in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Institute of Acupuncture and Natural Medicines; apart from these, you can simply apply for bachelors and post-graduation degree from various colleges.


Job Aspect of Acupuncturist

The job aspect of an acupuncturist is not great as of now because most of the acupuncturists work under the supervision of professional doctors of practitioners. Moreover, there are not much jobs available currently in the country but the number of jobs in increasing each year. As of now, the average salary of acupuncturist is Rs. 15,000 per month. It can also go way above than that but with experience. You will have to dedicate time in order to earn great in this field.

Business Aspect of Acupuncturist

If you’re planning to set up your own acupuncture studio in India, it will be better if you do it after obtaining a proper degree and at least 5 years of experience because any casualty will lead to degradation of the studio as well as may land you up in a cell.

Leaving these things apart, if you have got a proper certification or degree and a good work experience, then you can set up your studio without any worry. Initially, you will face a few difficulties in getting clients but after a few months or a year, you will get good number of clients. The geographical location of the studio also matters. A studio set up in a developed and metropolitan city such as Mumbai, Delhi, etc. can get famous really quick and you can start earning good in a short span of time. Moreover, cities where bodybuilding has got it roots deep are a good ground for setting up an acupuncture studio.


You may also tie up with a gym and provide special discount to their clients or give them some amount of the profit made by the clients they have referred. This is a great business idea.

Apart from this, you’ll need a good investment to set up a studio as it requires numerous equipment and standards need to be followed. You need to undergo basic legal work before setting up the studio; these include basic steps required before setting up any business or store.


The field of acupuncture has not developed yet but is in its developing stage. So, a move in this field is really critical and requires a lot of patience. At the end of the day, it all depends on you and your choices; if you excel in the field, no one can stop you from getting success. Moreover, it is a delicate field so you need to be really dedicated towards your field and careful while handling patients.