Weight Management

Blog by : Anushka Jain

Weight Management:


Did you know weight management was not just losing and gaining weight?
There is more to this than it seems. We have always been so focused on losing and gaining weight that we forget to maintain the right weight.
Are you too curious to learn that but don’t know how?

Do not worry. Because BFY is here with the best quality course for Weight Management!

Turn your plans into goals!

What is in the syllabus?

Your syllabus will be a detailed study of topics like:

  • Basic Nutrition
  • Components of Body Weight
  • Regulation of Body Weight
  • Weight Imbalance: Obesity
  • Weight Imbalance: Excessive Leanness
  • Nutrition in Eating Disorders


What is objective of this course?

The primary objective of this course would be to make the students familiar with the latest research in the field of weight management.
The objectives are broadly explained below:

  • Understanding the concept of Weight Management
  • Studying Basic Nutrition and its impact on Weight Management
  • Understanding the concept of Obesity and its complications
  • Studying the varying Nutritional Requirements of children and adults
  • Understanding the effect of Eating Disorders on physical and psychological health
  • Knowing about various Commercial Nutritional Supplements & Medicines for Weight Management
  • Planning Diets in relation to Weight Management


Who is eligible for this course?

  • B.B.S
  • D.S
  • H.M.S
  • A.M.S
  • U.M.S
  • Dieticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Health Professionals


How does the Attendance Policy work?

  • Maintaining attendance up to 95% (114 days out of 120) is compulsory. Any student who fails to do so will not be able to give final exams.
  • A minimum percentage of 40% is required to clear the internal exams.
  • On-time submission of the personal project is mandatory. Late projects/assignments will not be accepted.
  • It is important to attend all the class meetings, read lecture notes, and keep up with the reading & writing assignments.
  • Students must refer to the syllabus throughout the semester.


Grading Scale:


75% and above – A

60-74.9% – B

50-59.9% – C

Less than 50% – F (Fail)

What are the course requirements?

  • Internal Exams (3)
  • Individual Assignments (2)
  • Group Project (1)
  • Class Assignments


What is the marking system?


Internal Marks: 15% of total marks

Individual assignments: 10% of total marks

Group project: 5% of total marks

Class assignments: 5% of total marks

Practical: 15% of total marks

Final exams: 50% of total marks


Course Material:

Course Material will be provided as soon as the payment for the course is received.


Who will be the faculties?

  • Consulting Dietician (R.D.)
  • Professional Lecturers in the field of Clinical Nutrition


What are the passing marks?

50% (out of 100)



Blog by : Anushka Jain



BFY sports & fitness is a health and fitness training, consultancy, education, placement organisation founded with the aim to develop and promote the fitness & health industry of India. Since it was founded in 2000, it has conducted various leading international courses and workshops by experts. They offer world-class educational services, training their students to be the best at what they do. They also offer placement services to the industry and the clients looking for certified fitness professionals. They are very successful in what they do, being able to spread their students across 116 cities across India in 273 gyms.



  • Setting international standards in India
  • Following world-class practices
  • Providing effective training
  • Create the best fitness professionals
  • Promote active & healthy lifestyle
  • Reaching out to all the people of India
  • Having a global presence



  • BASIC NUTRITION: (a) Role and importance of nutrition (b) basic food groups, their use and importance (c) food pyramid (d) Energy: energy balance. Basal metabolism, factors affecting BMR, methods of determining factors affecting respiratory quotient, factors affecting RQ (e) Macronutrients in detail (f) Micronutrients in detail (g) Interrelation between nutrients


  • SPORTS SCIENCE, EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY: (a) History of sports and games, types of description (b) Human anatomy: Muscular Skeletal system, types of contraction, body temperature and control, its effects on sports performance (c) Aerobic capacity, RQ, anaerobic threshold using various non-sports activity using various methods (d) Effect of training of heart & lung performance, importance of heart rate monitoring, index of training, over training, & detraining, basis of fatigue & recovery (e) Tests for monitoring of sports training, endurance, strength, flexibility & reaction time (f) Importance of diff ex, advantages and disadvantages of types of ex., physiological basis of selection for specific sports (f) Effect of exercise on various body systems, excretory system, endocrine system.



  • PSYCHOLOGY THEORIES AND PRINCIPLES: (a) theories applied to performance / participation in sports / exercise.


  • SPORTS NUTRITION: (a) Carbohydrates in sports nutrition (b) Protein in sports nutrition (c) Lipids in sports nutrition (d) Micro nutrients in sports nutrition (e) Energy requirements (f) Water and electrolytes balance (g) Ergogenic aids and doping, injury supplementation (h) Training nutrition, pre-competition nutrition, completing nutrition and recovery nutrition




  • DIET PLANNING, ENDURANCE SPORTS: LIKE MARATHON RUNS, CRICKET ETC: (a) Strength sports like boxing, weight lifting etc.



  • Providing optimum knowledge to the students of sports nutrition and related fields.
  • Broadly make them understand sports nutrition with respect to sports science and exercise physiology.
  • Make them familiar with the nutritional requirements of athletes.
  • Providing them with an understanding of the psychological theories and principles and how they affect athlete’s participation and performance in sports and exercise.
  • Make them familiar with planning diet plans for various sports activities.



  • B.B.S
  • D.S
  • H.M.S
  • A.M.S.
  • U.M.S
  • Dieticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Health Professionals


The course material will be provided as soon as the student registers and pays the fees.




TYKA-TK Sports Private Limited

Published by : Kirti Bhardwaj

TYKA is a sportswear and games hardware mark presented by TK Sports Private Limited in 2009, Jalandhar, India. Essentially being the pack accomplice for different cricket groups over the world, TYKA is currently connected with different soccer groups.

Their visionary pioneer, Mr.Rajan Kohli (MD, TK Sports Private Limited) had energy for games and soul of a business person. For quite a long time TK sports had created Hockey/Cricket rigging and it was in 2009 when TYKA attire wer began in a little live with 4 machines and a mission. In spite of the fact that our start was little our goals were most certainly not. We sought to wind up the best arrangements supplier for competitors who needed to look great and perform better, for them to perform better we expected to put our best amusement forward, and that is the thing that we did. Much the same as a Cricket Test coordinate we began building a solid establishment by concentrating just and just on shopper fulfillment and quality. We continued leaving the conveyances outside the quality stump with persistence and it paid off as the presumed National Indian Hockey – Men and ladies – senior and junior groups wound up one of our first customers took after by UP Cricket Association and Cricket Association of Bengal for the Ranji Trophy and Indian Shooting Team. By 2012, we were very much settled on the wrinkle and our execution was influencing the best shots of the Indian and Global donning club to observe us. This was the point at which one of the establishments of the Indian Premier League, Kings XI turn into our customers as well as so inspired were they with our quality they advanced us too. What started as a Test coordinate for us has today turned into a high octane T-20 Journey and we are not the only one in it. We feel pleased today to have served more than 2500 or more groups/clubs over the globe.

TYKA was established on the accompanying center qualities: Innovation, Inspiration, Reliability and Integrity.

Their main goal is to persistently push past all breaking points known in the improvement and plan of execution clothing to influence our competitors to look great and perform better on and off the fields. TYKA genuinely trusts that genuine change and advancement in execution outfit never originates from known however from outside the limits of what as of now exists. Makers can’t be adherents. TYKA is a state of mind shared by each genuine competitor who considers their own best not as a benchmark but rather as an ever-new beginning stage for what’s vastly and excitingly conceivable when you set out to advance outside the breaking points of the known.


Blog by : Kirti Bhardwaj


Incepted on 10 August, 2007, Rhiti Sports Management is a piece of Rhiti Group and was established by Mr. Arun Pandey. It is Private organization and falls under the class of Company keep running by Shares. This organization has immovably settled itself as a pioneer in sports advertising and administration. It is a completely coordinated games showcasing and administration organization offering competitor portrayal, sports resource administration and promoting, occasion administration, media rights dispersion, sponsorship and consultancy administrations.

Their logic is the insurgency of games in India and has confidence in offering back to the general public with the Rhiti – MSD Charitable Foundation. The activity goes for distinguishing cricketers crosswise over level II and level III urban communities and gives them a stage to feature their ability. They are additionally wandering into different games like football and hockey and intend to bring out ability from the nation over.

The Rhiti Group has an unrivaled name of skill in the matter of ability administration, and handles the greatest name in donning history of India “MS Dhoni”. They are creating imaginative promoting techniques to keep the customers and the ability one stage in front of the regularly evolving industry. They have long standing associations with top worldwide brands and are specialists in end-to-end advertising administrations, for example, electronic, occasion based, print and film. Rhiti amass has a solid group crosswise over India and accomplices worldwide with an unparalleled system, their group is knowledgeable about managing the issues one may confront and can give the best answers for them.

It is an organization that spotlights on helping competitors endeavor to achieve their fantasies through inspiration and quality portrayal. Rhiti Sports comprehends that players need to concentrate on their game and highly esteems offering a one-stop answer for all off field necessities. They offer numerous administrations, for example, lawful, bookkeeping, accounting and evaluating exercises; impose consultancy; statistical surveying and popular feeling surveying; business and administration consultancy. They likewise help in supports, appearances, advancements, promoting, authorizing and notices; give Lifestyle administrations and Social Media administration. They give helps in Sponsorship Management, and have set up itself as one of the main occasion administration organizations in India. They do open air supports also, and have numerous endeavors. Motivated Entertainment is Rhiti Group’s film generation wander. ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ – the organization’s first motion picture ended up being one of the greatest hits of the year, and furthermore set another benchmark for forthcoming biopics. Their Sports based endeavors incorporate – Seven, a wellness and dynamic way of life mark, encourages the free vivacious youth of today and lives by the rule of changing the democratization of games and re-mix the genuine soul of sportsmanship for a solid way of life. The other wander is SportsFit, which is one of the quickest developing wellness studio chains in India.

Rhiti Sports has assessed income of $ 4M and the organization speaks to a large group of expert competitors, including MS Dhoni, KL Rahul, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Faf du Plessis, Mohit Sharma, Kaustubh Radkar and some more. The organization has setup provincial workplaces in business sectors, including Delhi, Mumbai, London, New York and Singapore.