Indian Boxing Champion: Sarita Devi

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Laishram Sarita Devi was in the news recently after refusing to accept her bronze medal at the Incheon Asian Games. The Manipuri woman got all the stamina by helping her family collect firewood when she was young. She took up professional boxing in 2000 inspired by the achievements of Muhammed Ali.

Her medal record at various international events are as under:

Asian Championships:
Silver – 2001 Bangkok
Gold – 2003 Hisar
Gold – 2005 Kaohsiung City
Gold – 2008 Guwahati
Gold – 2010 Astana
Commonwealth Games – Silver – 2014 Glasgow
Asian Games – Bronze – 2014 Incheon

World Championships:
Bronze – 2005 Podolsk
Gold – 2006 New Delhi
Bronze – 2008 Ningbo

Arjuna award – 2009

Indian Boxing Champion: Vijendra Singh

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

Vijender had a difficult upbringing wherein his father drove buses to pay for his children’s education. He was inspired by his brother Manoj to take up boxing. Vijender underwent training at the Bhiwani boxing club under the guidance of coach Jagdish Singh.

His medals at the international stage include:
Bronze – 2006 Doha Asian Games
Silver – 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games
Bronze – 2008 Beijing Olympics
Bronze – 2009 World Amateur boxing Championships Milan
Bronze – 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games
Gold – 2010 Guangzhou Asian games
Silver – 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.

Indian Boxing Champion: Mary Kom.

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Mary Kom is one of the most decorated boxers in the world. She quit her school after Class 8 and gave her examination from NIOS, Imphal and graduated from Churachandpur College.
The success of Dingko Singh inspired her to take up boxing. She started her training under the guidance of M. Narjit Singh in Imphal. She has been an inspiration to many women boxers in India and the world. Mary runs a female-only fight club at Imphal to teach girls to defend themselves against sexual violence. Her auto-biography “Unbreakable” was released in 2013. Mary Kom, the movie released this year and the lead role was portrayed by Priyanka Chopra.
Her incredible achievements over the years:

Asian Women’s Boxing Championship:
Gold – 2003 Hisar
Gold – 2005 Kaohsiung
Silver – 2008 Guwahati
Gold – 2010 Astana
Gold – 2012 Ulaanbaatar

Women’s World Amateur Boxing Championships:
Silver – 2001 Scranton
Gold – 2002 Antalya
Gold – 2005 Podolsk
Gold – 2006 New Delhi
Gold – 2008 Ningpo City
Gold – 2010 Bridgetown

Asian Games:
Bronze – 2010 Guangzhou
Gold – 2014 Incheon

Olympic Games:
Bronze – 2012 London