Girish Sharma: The inspiration

Blog by: Raj Kishan

Girish Sharma: The inspiration

We expect life to throw lemons at us, because we have planned to make lemonade, but what if your lemonade plans are hindered by life, because it throws stones at you? What would you rather do, stop? Or find a way around it!

“Jump! And you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fly.” Courage is what we need! Here is someone who would encourage you to jump and try to extend your wings and motivate you to fly.

Girish Sharma, the great badminton player is an inspiration to millions of people in India and around the world; 2 gold medals at The National championship for the physically-challenged, representing India in Israel and winning 2 silver medals in both singles and doubles, represented India in Thailand, and to top all of this , gold medal at Paralympics Asia Cup. The feats sound impressive already, right? Wait till you hear the story.

Girish Sharma, now 32 years of age, lost his right leg in a train accident when he was at the tender age of two! While other people might sunk into depression, this champion, never stopped believing in his dreams. The champ had always wanted to serve his nation as an army man, and make India proud. Unfortunately, considering his hurdles, the disability, that dream became rather unreachable. But the victors don’t stop at that. Never! And being the winner, that he is, Girish, simply found and took another route to achieve his dream.

Born in Rajkot to an Indian Railway employee, Sharma has from a very young age loved outdoor sports and has always been athletic. His brother- a football player- accompanied him to a sports club, where he fell in love with badminton. When he turned 16, he decided that he wanted to play the sport professionally. He got under a training program and then underwent basic training of the sport after which he learned of the physically challenged national games.

The second ranked, in both singles and doubles, champion player, Girish, understandably, had to face a lot of difficulties, as a child it is especially hard, but his mental strength and spirit never wavered.
He says, “When I was a child, I used to play Cricket, Football, and Badminton with normal children of my age. My disability was nowhere near in my mind. I enjoyed those games as much as a normal person does.” Such spirit!

Success does not come easy and Girish knows that. The champ, trains 6 hours a day, he has got one strong leg that he just doesn’t play standing but he moves around the court continuously hit the shuttlecock. Among the many difficulties, financial aspects are the main hindrances, it takes him about 80k to 90k to participate in competitions and neither the government nor the sponsors support him. He has first hand witnessed how other countries treat their players and expects our government to help him too. And for sponsors he says that it isn’t really easy, Girish says “When I meet companies and ask for their sponsorship for my trip, first thing that ask me is that who watch your sports? Now, this is truly insulting one.”

The hardship has taken a toll on him, but winners never quit! Girish does not want to stop at just stop at medals he wants to improve the sports reforms, especially for the physically challenged. He wants to disabled sports quota, to this end and help the aspiring sportsmen.

Girish is an example for us lazy youngsters! Let’s wake up and jump and try to fly.

YouWeCan – Yuvraj Singh

Blog By : Ipsa Singh

YouWeCan – Yuvraj Singh

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”

The world is full of unexpected surprises that often don’t turn out to be pleasant. There is an organisation that promises to try it’s best to take away the biggest fear of any individual’s life. “ CANCER. “  The foundation is full of life and kindness. You can even call it a lifeline, or to be specific , that’s – YouWeCan for you.

YouWeCan is Yuvraj Singh’s endeavour to combat cancer by spreading awareness about the disease and fighting the stigma attached to it. The national cricketer announced the launch of ‘YouWeCan’, an initiative by the Yuvraj Singh Foundation (YSF), in July 2012. The initiative focuses on all the aspects of the disease including the advantages of early detection. YouWeCan always comes up with interesting ways to educate people on cancer by organizing sports events and fairs and not restrict to seminars and lectures.

Yuvraj Singh is renowned cricketer, who now has turned into an inspiration for those who believe, that cancer is an end to life, for those who stop living life as soon as they get the news, for those who die even before they are dead.

Yuvraj Singh has proved with his battle against success that “It’s not over until it’s Over.”

The YouWeCan initiative was planted while Yuvraj Singh was still in the hospital. He shared his experience with the virtual world as he posted pictures of his treatment and the severe physical changes he was going through, sending one clear message: FIGHT.

YouWeCan focuses on every sector of cancer. Be it creating awareness about its symptoms and chemotherapy procedures or helping educate the kids who are cancer survivors. The organisation is a firm believer of

Hope and faith may be more firmly built upon charity, than charity upon faith and hope – Benjamin Franklin.

The foundation Create a conscious environment to fight cancer by inculcating a habit of regular cancer check-ups. To educate all the segments of society about the implications of the disease through affordable campaigns.

Yuvraj Singh Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950 launched by Yuvraj Singh himself. The organisation is active since 2009 and working for three primary initiatives: Health, Education and Sports. YouWeCan is an effort to support and build awareness in their quest to conquer cancer. These grants will provide substantial funding of devices and adaptation of existing technologies for cancer awareness and detection in low and middle-income areas nationally.

The biggest and the most noted act of this organisation is to provide cancer patients with scholarships . This initiative aims to help the families that are facing a financial crisis due to the expensive and prolonged cancer treatment of their immediate family member by educating their children. This process started on august 7th , 2017.

The initiative taken by the foundation also helps in securing the future of the country as a whole. Youth of a country needs to be protected and cured in order to make a flourished country.

The foundation adheres by the saying, “ Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life,not the whole story. “

Jinnie gogia

Blog by-Pooja Seth

We have always heard that women cant have it all, but those who are strong-willed prove this statement absolutely wrong, The lady we are talking about today is a lecturer, author, brand ambassador of #FitIndia, an international athlete and a mother of a nine-year-old.Her name is Jinnie Gogia.

The #FITINDIA campaign is a nationwide campaign ,an initiative by GLANBIA, the world’s biggest nutrition giant. It is supported by the ministry of health ,and aims to spread awareness about the right nutrition and the lack of physical activity in Indians. With a target reach of over one billion people, the campaign aims to make India a fit nation.People generally do not appreciate health and fitness as a career and also the current state of fitness in our country is not very appreciable, but this campaign is spreading awareness and helping the fitness state to improve in our country.

She was like any ordinary women trying to juggle between motherhood and being fit.It was not a cake walk for her but the wish to make her life extraordinary was more than the chains pulling her to be ordinary and nothing could hinder her path to becoming a sports ambassador.

She is very particular about her diet .She tries to incorporate clean diet and a balanced one.It is usually a combination of protein,fats and carbs.She also hasl supplements such as protein scoops, aminos and omega 3.She tries to workout daily .

This dynamic lady has not only authored over 21 books on various topics including fitness but has also represented India internationally thrice in physique sports category. According to her competition in the sports world is tough but one has to improve oneself every day to shine.

She is currently pursuing a three-year program on Naturopathy and as already earned post-graduate degrees in English Education and Business Administration.She believes that knowledge is very important and one should give utmost priority to it.

She is a strong-willed woman and inspires many women around her to take chances and follow your heart.

She is a loving mother and takes care of everything with perfection.She is a go-getter and believes that hard work is required if you want to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary.She perfectly defines the saying that says  “Winners don’t do different things but do things differently”.

She is a winner in a true sense.

People generally do not appreciate health and fitness as a career and also the current state of fitness in our country is not very appreciable, but this campaign is spreading awareness and helping the fitness state to improve in our country.

BFY Pre & Post Natal Instructor

Blog by : Anushka Jain

BFY Pre & Post Natal Instructor:


Pregnancy is one of the most special time periods in a woman’s life. They are expecting a healthy and happy baby to be born to them. Therefore, nurturing their own body comes as a duty. But several women are not aware of how necessary staying active and fit is during this time. Recognizing this need and doing something about it will benefit them and their baby.
BFY has come up with a two-day workshop to teach pregnant women to create safe and effective exercise programs for the three trimesters of pregnancy as well as for the post natal period.

You will learn all of this through:

  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Practical
  • Case discussions
  • Quizzes


The content we will be covering:

  • The changing physiology and biomechanics of pregnancy i.e. how pregnancy affects the body.
  • The physiology and progression of exercise i.e. how exercise affects the body.
  • Exercise in pregnancy, its effects, benefits and possible dangers to mother and baby.
  • Safety concerns to be noted.
  • Signs and symptoms to watch out for before, during and after exercise in pregnancy.
  • Training the abdominals and pelvic floor.
  • Technique and modification of exercise to suit the pregnancy (cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular conditioning, flexibility).
  • Programming for the pregnant woman (may include aqua/pool training if venue is suitable).
  • Alleviating common discomforts of pregnancy through exercise.
  • Postpartum changes in the body.
  • Exercise modification and progression in the postpartum period.
  • Adapting to group class, personal training, small group training.
  • Establishing a referral network with other health providers.
  • Nutrition tips for during and after pregnancy.
  • Added discussion: exercise during menstruation, menopause and exercise.
  • Reviewing the contents
  • Assessment and quizzes


Benefits from attending the full workshop:

  • Maintained health of mother and baby.
  • Active and fit body after natal.
  • Less pregnancy discomforts.
  • Lifetime valid certificate on attending the full workshop.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Basic to be understood

Blog By – Vaishali Khanna– BFY Faculty

PCOS is a common endocrine disorder.The primary lesion is unknown.Patients have a steady state of relatively high estrogen,androgen and Leutinizing Hormone(LH) rather than fluctuating condition seen in ovulating women.Increased levels of estrone come fro conversion of ovarian and adrenal androgens to estrone in body fat(in obesity cases).The high estrone levels are believed to cause suppression of pituitary Follicle Stimulating Hormone(FSH) and a relative increase in LH.Constant LH stimulation of the ovary results in anovulation,multiple cysts and theca cell hyperplasia with excess androgen output.

In addition,there is insulin resistance leading to high levels of insulin in the blood which further leads to weight gain and obesity.


It is very important to distinguish between PCO (Polycystic ovaries) and PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).Having PCO does not necessarily mean you have PCOS. A syndrome is usually defined as a pattern of symptoms belonging to particular disease.Medical studies using ultrasound have found that around one in four women has polycystic ovaries(PCO),but most of them have none or few of the other symptoms associated with PCOS.

  • Excess hair on the body(Hirsutism)
  • Acne and other Skin problems
  • Scalp hair loss
  • Irregular or missed periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Fertility problem
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Weight issues

Even if specific symptoms are not causing an immediate problem, PCOS can have significant long term effects,including diabetes,heart disease and endometrial or breast cancer.This happens because of unopposed estrogen secretion.

In addition they show hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance which leads to early onset diabetes type II and therefore hyperlipidemia and its complications.

The Fillip – Gurubani Judge

Blog By : Ipsa Singh

“We all have a WONDER WOMAN inside us.“

Gurubani Judge, customarily known as Bani J, is a popular video jokey (VJ). This can surely be her formal introduction in terms of her profession, but she is that magnificent lady whose actions and hard work cannot be summed up into mere words, who strives to be perfect in every walk of life she decides to step in.

This magnificent female has been setting goals for all the people out there, irrespective of their gender. She has proved that gender is just another word which people have been using as weapons to turn down the competition coming up from women.  VJ Bani stands upright amidst the society with her head held high after breaking free from the stereotypes that were imposed on her just like they are imposed on any other girl in this country. She has not only taken up the activities that the society thinks is out of the female forte but also is been excelling in them like a Pro.

VJ Bani was born on 29th November,1987 in Chandigarh. She comes from a very common background just like the most of us, and pops up with a question, “why not us, if she can ? “ Her father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. Over everything she also holds a degree in graphic designing, which defines that she is an individual who is ready to take up any battle, be it acting, fitness, anchoring, and what not.

She first time appeared on t.v. in 2006 at the age of 20, for the auditions of the youth popular show Roadies season 4 and glorified as the runner-up, through which she landed being the co-host of the show for the next 6 seasons along with Ranvijay Singh on MTV. Bani then took to acting, she has done several mvies if different genres like Punjabi, Bollywood, Telegu. Then she did more reality t.v. shows all from different fortes, she participated in Bigg boss, Khatron ke khiladi etc.  She gave a song Raat jashan di, which instantly became a hit.

She has always been inspiring people around with her style in different respects be it her out-spoken nature, her fitness habits or her tattoos. Something she has always been in buzz because of is surely her tattoos that appeal a lot of teenagers. Her actions are so loud and clear that they anyhow catch attention for good reasons and elevate her to the level where she stands now.

Bani swears by a few conjectures and believe that they can be key to any stressing situation

  1. Do not give others the benefit of modifying you : She believes that the world in which we live is full of humans who will judge you anyway, no matter what you do, no matter how much you stay in line and abide by their so called “ CUSTOMS “, she says when anyway you have to face it,then why change yourself for them, do what feels right to you, learn to satisfy your self without staking someone else’s freedom.
  2. Fight for what YOU think is right : “stay clear with your thoughts and surmises, don’t let the people tell you otherwise.” Every individual fights his/her own battle, until you take a stand for yourself, you’ll always be looked upon as someone to have petty on and not someone to admire. If you feel something that’s happening with you is incorrect, get up and fight.

“A girl should be two things, WHO and WHAT she wants.”

Sarjubala Devi – The Next Mary Kom

Blog by : Anuradha Guha
Sarjubala Devi is an Indian woman boxer from Manipur.
Sarjubala was born on 1st June, 1993 to Sh. Rajen Singh and Sh. (o) Thoibi Devi. She was born in a farmer family in Manipur. She graduated with Education Honors from Manipur University, with first class in 2013. She was inspired by Mary Kom’s story and decided to join Boxing School in 2005.
After two years of training, she joined the Sports Authority of India in her city, Imphal. Her weight category is in the 48 Kgs.
In 2006, she won gold at the Sub Junior Women National Championship.
In 2008, she again won gold at the Sub Junior Women National Championship.
In 2009, Sarjubala won silver at Junior Women National Championship.
In 2010, she won gold at National boxing Championships in Bhopal.
In 2011, Sarjubala won two golds at National Boxing Championships, Bhopal, gold at Youth National Championships, India, and another gold at AIBA World Youth Boxing Championships, Antalya.
In 2014, she won silver at Women World Boxing Championship in Jeju City, Korea.
It was a very difficult journey for Sarjubala to even come close to her dreams. Her family was not an affluent one and she had to fight tooth and nails, to find her way out of poverty. In spite of such dire situations, she showed an infallible strength of character and determination.
The coach of the Indian team, Anoop Kumar says that he thinks there is talent enough in Sarjubala to become a World Champion. He said- “She’s an incredible fighter. She’s got lots of drive, lots of talent and I’ve really never seen anyone work harder. She’s already won the Youth World Championship in 2011, and I think she’s just a step away from doing the same at the Senior World Championships.”
Sarjubala is very polite and soft-spoken by nature, but she packs a fountain of courage.
She hold Mary Kom in high esteem and considers her to be her idol. She was quoted saying- “Every day, Mary Kom came and taught me new things. I trained with her, watched how much work she can do. I always wanted to work as much as she wanted. I want to be like her.”
When told that she is considered the next significant boxer after Mary Kom in India and asked her thoughts about it, she replied- “I really don’t know about the expectations from the boxing lovers of the country, but Mary didi is my role model and it is because of her exploits in the ring that I got inspired to take up boxing way back in 2004 in Imphal.”
Sarjubala considers her power-packed punches to be strong points. She joking mentioned that even her coach calls her a ‘Punching Machine’. She mentioned that her small height is a weakness for her. She has to work twice as hard against boxers who are taller than her.
When asked about her family, she mentioned that her father works as the driver of a water tank in Imphal. She had a younger sister who expired a few years back and she has a younger brother. She wants her boxing to keep her family happy.
This simple girl who is being heralded “The Next Mary Kom” is an inspiration to many in the way in which she fought up her way from poverty and has established herself as one of the leading women boxers of India.

Humpy Koneru

Blog by: Anuradha Guha
Humpy Koneru is an Indian chess grandmaster.
Koneru was born on 31st March, 1987 in Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh. Her name originally was Hampi which meant ‘champion’. Her father later changed her name to ‘Humpy’ to more closely resemble a Russian-sounding name.
Koneru won three gold medals at World Youth Chess Championship, one in 1997 under 10 girls division, one in 1998 under 12 girls division and another in 2000 under 14 girls division. In 1999 the Asian Youth Chess Championship was held in Hyderabad. She won at it under 14s’ division, competing with boys. Koneru won the World Junior Girls’ Championship in 2001. She won the British Womens’ Championship both in 2000 and 2002. In 2001, she won the 10th Asian Womens’ Individual Championship and the Indian Women Championship.
In 2005, Koneru won the North Urals Cup a round-robin tournament which was held in Russia and featured ten of the strongest female chess players in the world. In 2004, she participated in the Women’s World Championship for the first time and she has participated in it regularly ever since. She qualified to the semi finals in 2004, 2008 and 2010.
Koneru participated in the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2009-2011. She came second, thus qualifying as challenger for Women’s World Chess Championship 2011. Koneru was runner-up in the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2013-2014, losing to Hou Yifan in the final stage of the game.
She went into Women’s World Chess Championship 2015 as no. 1 but was defeated in the quarter-finals of the game by Maria Muzychuk, who eventually won the games.
In 015 itself, she own the individual bronze at the Women’s World Team Chess Championship held in Chengdu, China. Dronavalli Harika won silver in this game and Humpy won bronze. But in spite of this, India came fourth in the competition, a point behind China. China was the winner of the bronze medal.
Humpy Koneru was the first woman grandmaster. Her career first started when she won the fourth place in the Indian under-8 championships in 1995. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey and Humpy has not looked back since.
Humpy took part in a variety of matches and despite the failures she faced in many games, she continued of with grit and a steely determination. With courage and a desire to pursue her dreams, she eventually paved her way to success.
In 1999, Koneru was crowned Asia’s Youngest Women International Mater. (WIM)
In 2000, she was lauded World’s under-14 girl champion, Oropesa del Mar, Spain.
In 2001, she was crowned India’s youngest Woman Grandmaster. (WGM)
In 2001 itself, she was awarded World Junior Girls Champion, Athens.
In 2003, she was given the ‘Arjuna Award’, one of the most prestigious sports awards in India.
In 2007, Koneru was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest ranking civilian award in India.
Chess is a game of the mind. But Koneru highlights the importance of physical health in having a sharp clear mind. She was quoted saying- “I spend around one hour per day on physical exercise. Exercise is a must for every chess player. As the proverb says, ‘A sound mind in a sound body.’ “

Joshna Chinappa

Blog by: Anuradha Guha
Joshna Chinappa is a professional Indian squash player.
She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 15th September, 1986. Playing squash runs in Chinappa’s blood. Her family has been interested and actively participating in the game for more than four generations. Her great-grandfather, Marshall K. M. Cariappa, was the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army. He also actively played squash and it was he who started the tradition of playing this game in the family. Chinappa’s father, Anjan Chinappa, like her great-grandfather also regularly plays squash and has represented India in a variety of international games multiple times.
From a very young age, Chinappa was deeply enamored with this game and considered taking it up as a career. She started playing squash at the Madras Cricket Club from the tender age of 8. Due to her extreme interest in the game, though she continued with her studies, she was never really into them.
Till date, she has played 10 senior and 10 junior National Championships. When she was 14 years old, she was awarded the epithet of the Youngest Senior National Champion.
Chinappa was the first Indian to win the British Squash Championship Title in 2003. In 2004 she won the Indian National Senior, Indian National Junior, Malaysian Junior, Asian Championship, at the Hong Kong Event and at the SAF Games in Pakistan. She was also the Runner-Up at British Open Junior. In 2005, Chinappa was the runner-up at World Junior Championships in Belgium. In the same year, she also won the Asian Junior and British Junior Open. In 2009, she was the winner at NCS Series No. 6 (Tour 12). In 2017, she was the winner at the Asian Squash Title. In 2018, Joshna Chinappa won at the Commonwealth Games.
At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Chinappa, side by side with Deepika Pallikal Karthik won the squash women’s doubles gold medal, thus making it India’s first Commonwealth Games medal in the sports category.
In spite of her talent, it wasn’t a smooth road for Joshna to reach the place she has today. She was quoted saying- “I chose squash as I was comfortable and there was a sense of familiarity to it.” She has mentioned that she could access the squash courts easily due to her father’s membership, for which she was grateful. But she had to face a problem most sportspersons have to- financial problems.
She couldn’t participate in more than three or four games a year because it was not possible for her family to afford so much travelling expenses. Due to such financial problems, when she got chances to play abroad, she would travel alone since her parents could not afford to come with her every time.
She stresses upon the roles played by parents in helping their children maintain a positive attitude, and as is known, no athlete could succeed with a negative attitude towards the games. She said- “Parents backing is very important.”
She has said in several interviews that she would like to give back to sport. She also highlights that education is extremely important for young people since it is an effective back-up.
She was quoted saying- “I want to help out fellow players and would love to share my knowledge with upcoming players. It would be great to give back to the sport.”