BFY STUDENT : Mr. Vimmie Kumar

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Mr. Vimmie Kumar picked wellness in light of his sibling. He said that he derived it from his sibling and after that he never thought back. He began going rec center a while later. Subsequent to getting roused from his sibling, he came to know just wellness won’t help in getting elevated amounts of nature of wellness, at that point he began lifting weights and got affirmations. He says that learning and affirmations help in building a superior profession and way of life. He did his authentication course under BFY games and came to think about it since his companion was an educator at BFY and he needed to prepare under him. He did his confirmation is ACE/PT, before that he was just doing working out.


Subsequent to preparing at BFY sports and getting his confirmation he presently possesses a wellness focus. He procures around 4 lakhs for every month and is exceptionally fulfilled in the wake of doing his affirmations from BFY. He likewise told that his salary expanded subsequent to doing the course from that point and is glad that he did that!


At the point when gotten some information about his feasible arrangements he advised that he needs to take an interest in Natural Bodybuilding Competition and is intending to accomplish more quality confirmations. The guidance he needs to provide for the newcomers is that they ought to accomplish more accreditations in a decent association like BFY and the new comers ought not go particular. They should take information first from effectively guaranteed individuals and find out about wellness and preparing . He said that they ought not go for steroids and instruct their customers also for the same. He has faith in normal lifting weights and is entirely against steroids. He needs the newcomers to comprehend this too and furthermore needs them to pick up learning first without going in independent ways.

BFY STUDENT : Balasubramanian

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Having energy for wellness for as far back as 13 years, Mr. Balasubramanian picked wellness as his profession. Having asked about for what good reason he picked wellness on the primary spot, his answer was that he has dependably been enthusiastic about wellness and wellbeing and has been indicating his chance in this and concentrating on a similar thing for a long time. BFY sports went to his life just to substantiate itself as extremely valuable for his life and vocation at an exceptionally significant time. BFY sports were recommended to him by his companion to help his profession and give him a head begin and the accreditation he did from that point was PF/PT.

He is right now filling in as a muscle mentor. Muscle preparing has dependably been his obsession and now he is channelizing his energy to help other people too. He is as of now doing home muscle preparing and educates the same in schools and at individuals’ homes. He shows muscle preparing to individuals of various age gatherings and loves to do likewise. He is a variable winning and his income differs from everyday schedule to month to month premise. He couldn’t tell the correct figures however told that his income expanded drastically in the wake of doing the course from BFY sports in view of the confirmations and the new methods he learnt from that point. Additionally he gets himself exceptionally sure in the wake of doing the confirmation from that point and thinks that its simple currently to speak with the customers and clarify them about the new plans.

He is exceptionally helped about his future and has an extremely inspirational state of mind towards life. His tentative arrangements incorporate opening a wellness focus with the goal that he can educate there and enable individuals to find out about muscle preparing. Likewise he needs to proceed with further and plans to accomplish more affirmations in order to encourage his vocation and needs to remain consistent with his calling. He says that he doesn’t know whatever else about some other calling and discovers muscle preparing as his lone buddy.

His guidance for newcomers in the wellness business is that first they have to think about wellness, they have to get into profundity of wellness before doing anything so they can comprehend what precisely they are doing. He likewise says that one ought not consider wage in the beginning times. He says that the newcomers nowadays need to learn less and win all the more all of a sudden which won’t help them over the long haul. As per him they require unfaltering quality. His principle mantra to progress is Keep on Learning in light of the fact that the more you take in, the more fruitful you are later on.


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Sriram V had dependably been slanted towards games and wellness. He began his voyage early like when he was in school. He always had the interest to keep himself active and improve himself always. He was dependably a game individual and needed to keep up his physical make-up. The trip which began from the school has been proceeding since! He said that he got propelled from his companions and constantly prepared with them. He was persuaded by how wellness can end up being magnificent for one’s body and what are the advantages it gives over the long haul. He came to think about BFY brandishes about his companions and did his confirmation from that point. He did the course of ACE/PT and was glad doing his affirmation from that point. He said that he had an extraordinary affair. He said that there were incredible coaches and plans to come there for future courses. He says that wellness isn’t a choice however a need for a man to support a glad life. On the off chance that a man is fit he can achieve anything in this world.

He is right now filling in as an official in WIPRO and says that he never drops his schedule! He cherishes to prepare and exercises constantly. He has made his energy an incredible arrangement in his life. He has this fundamental intention in life to remain cantered and prepare hard. He longs for opening up his own research centre and is attempting to gather the assets for the same. He says that he is currently endeavouring to accomplish his fantasies and is exceptionally sure about having his own research centre one day.

He needs to counsel new comers by saying that one ought to never stop! On the off chance that somebody has a fantasy he should centre on accomplishing them and work constantly for them. He says that on the off chance that one day your fantasy materializes it will dependably give you most extreme bliss and you will never become weary of doing your work.


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Soloman J has a place with the sort of individuals who love to remain fit even while working. What began as a diversion for Soloman is one of his interests now. Wellness began for Soloman as a diversion from his day by day work plan, he used to remain occupied at work and required a go to put where his brain could lay and spotlight on himself, and afterward came wellness as his safeguard. Wellness initially turned into a diversion, at that point a leisure activity and now his enthusiasm! While surfing on the web he got through the commercial for BFY brandishes and was all of a sudden keen on joining the course. He did his physical preparing accreditation from BFY sports named b BFY/PT . Having an awesome ordeal there he said BFY sports is a fun and incredible experience. At the point when gotten some information about his opportunity at BFY sports he said that he accomplished a great deal of data and the entire experience ended up being exceptionally useful. There was such a great amount to accumulate and process which helps all around.

He is right now filling in as a representative in a designing organization. Being a piece of an alternate foundation he works constantly out and gives legitimate time for preparing. He disclosed to us that he commits his regard for his body and exercises constantly. He adores to remain fit which is reflected in his discussions. When he was gotten some information about his feasible arrangements he said that he didn’t know about that but rather the one thing he was certain about was not leaving preparing. He said the primary go for now is to remain fit and never deny group of legitimate nourishment.

He said that he needed to give some guidance to the new ones entering the wellness course. He said that wellness requires a considerable measure of persistence. ” Everybody needs their objectives to be come to in 10 days or say quickly yet that doesn’t occur, all things considered! You can’t get fit in a month yet you continually need to buckle down for that. Everything takes it possess time and everything occurs at his own pace “.

BFY STUDENT : Ventakesh

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Mr. Venkatesh was extremely intrigued and associated with wellness from an early age. He said that he is extremely keen on muscle preparing and got his motivation for wellness from his school sports exercises. He says that everything in life works through proportionality. In the event that a man is fit he can accomplish anything in his life. On the off chance that a man’s life takes a shot at appropriate extents he can have an upbeat existence, comparatively if a man is solid he will be glad where as though he is unfortunate, bitterness comes through. He had dependably been an astonishing competitor in school and played a great deal of games which helped him to get being fit and make a profession out of it.

He was hunting down accreditations courses on the web; at that point he went over his companions who enlightened him concerning BFY games and wellness. He says that he doesn’t trust online courses and favors the classroom ones. For him what can be learnt in a classroom isn’t possible similarly by utilizing on the web courses. When he did his examination about BFY sports he was exceptionally inspired and after that chose to join the course from that point ! He did the course of ACSM/PT from BFY games and wellness establishment and had a great time there.

He presently works at a wellness relax named Max Fitness and procures roughly 20-30 thousand rupees for every month. His profit expanded in the wake of doing the course and he says that he learnt a great deal from that point. At first he said that he knew a tad about body and wellbeing sciences yet subsequent to doing the confirmation, he knows a great deal about sustenance and nourishment eat less carbs. He has learnt about what sort of exercise is reasonable for the body and what sustenance and eating routine they should consumption.

He is presently searching for different courses to improve his aptitudes and does not have any further feasible arrangements for the present. He is following the mantra of Go with the Flow needs to perceive what life has in store for him. He needs to tell the newcomers that one should know each and everything about one’s body and ought to be cautious while taking any sustenance eat less carbs. He needs they ought to have the capacity to take in completely and go without utilizing drug. Additionally they ought to dependably clarify their customers about the same and recommend effectively for them to recognize what is correct and what isn’t right for their wellbeing.

BFY student : Ram Kumar Gopal

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Ram Kumar Gopal is the person who has the mantra of staying fit. He has always been very enthusiastic about fitness. Fitness was his passion and he worked very hard to achieve his goals. He chose it as his career so that he can enjoy his work and so that he could never complain about the thing he is doing and can make it better day by day. He is already running a gym and he is very happy with what he is pursuing. He says that he came to know about BFY sports and fitness through his friend who have also done their courses from there. He says that he was very impressed by the reviews and hence joined the same place so that he could do his certification. And when he did his certification from there he said that the experience was very nice and happy. The trainers were always reluctant to clear any doubts and were very helpful.
He opened his gym only after doing his courses and certification from BFY sports. He always wanted to be the best and that’s why he first gathered all the information and only then tried to experiment with it. He earns approximately 80 thousand rupees per month and says that he is very satisfied with what he has been taught and what he is doing. His future plans include doing some more courses and certifications so that he could establish new things and plans on opening other gyms too.
For newcomers he advices that first of all fitness is a very essential part of life and no one should forget about it. If a person is fit and healthy only then he can work for a better life. We should maintain ourselves so that we are in a position that we could help others maintain themselves. Also if we are fit we can protect our own self and protect others too.

BFY student : Kavi Kumar

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Mr. Kavi Kumar was always a keen observer and an excellent athlete from a very young age. Fitness for him has been his own interest from childhood. Having a great experience from childhood he decided to carry it forward as his career option. He then studied and started his research about what can we do to stay fitness and achieve fitness. He came to know about BFY sports while surfing through Google. He saw an online advertisement and then explored about BFY sports and fitness. After doing the course from BFY he says that he is very happy and satisfied that he chose BFY sports for doing his certification. He says that though he has done many certifications from different places but he found BFY sports and fitness to be the best because the trainers were so good and they helped the people to do better. He did his BFY PT certification from there. He was very happy about the environment there and says that they work very hard to keep up with the students.
He is currently working with Ice Park Fitness Studio as a fitness manager. He earns around 28 thousand rupees per month while working full time there. He also works as a part time freelance trainer as a part of his part time job. This earns him about 15 thousand rupees per month. This accounts for a total income of about 45 thousand rupees per month. He is very happy that he trained from BFY sports and plans to do more certifications from there in near future. He also plans of working hard and earning more money so that he could open his own gym one day.
He says one has to learn more and be pro active all the time. Learning should be from all perspectives like mentally, theoretically and practically. Once one learns to work from all prospective he can achieve anything in life.

BFY student : Sumit Kumar

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Being a sportsman in school, Mr. Sumit Kumar pursued his career in the same field of being fit. He is a very good player and has played hokey and badminton on National and State levels. He holds the degree of B.Sc in Physical Education where he learnt about the Human Body and Anatomy, and all the other things which were not taught in school. He says that in school we never focused on fitness and played all day without eating anything which is wrong. Fitness comes first for a person and one should always tend to stay fit while doing his graduation he came to know about the certifications and why is it necessary to do the required certifications if one needs to pursue his career in it. He wanted to do ACE certification and hence BFY Sports is affiliated by ACE so that is why he went for BFY Sports and fitness. He came to know about BFY Sports through his friend and did his ACE / PT certification from there.
He is currently training South Indian Celebs and works as their fitness trainer. His income is approximately 1.5 lakh per month. He says that the course was very beneficial. According to him doing just certification is not enough, like one has to grasp his knowledge from everywhere and consistently try to improve one self. One also has to be always keep training and keep in touch with the physiotherapy and see their doctors on time. Regular checkups should be done to check about the body. His main motive is to stay fit and he never loses his training.
His dream is to very famous for his training methods and also that every actor should know his name in the fitness and he is also thinking of entering the modeling line. He wants to enhance his training and represent his country in modeling. He wants to advice the new comers by saying that fitness is growing very fast and it is the best time to make good money and also grow a good career in it. He believes that whatever you do, you should be best in it. He feels that in today’s time trainers are just working as salesmen for a gym and they do not concentrate on the fitness of the people. He says that experience and knowledge are both useful and one should complete his qualifications first before entering into training world.

BFY student : Kalai Vanan

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Kalai Vanan had always been inclined towards sports and fitness. He started his journey very early like when he was in school. He was always a sports person and wanted to maintain his physique. The journey which started from the school has been continuing since! He said that he got inspired from his friends and always trained with them. He was motivated by how fitness can prove to be wonderful for one’s body and what are the benefits it provides in the long run. He came to know about BFY sports about his friends and did his certification from there. He did the course of BFY / PT and was happy doing his certification from there. He said that he had a great experience. He said that there were great trainers and plans to come there for future courses. He says that fitness is not an option but a necessity for a person to sustain a happy life . If a person is fit he can attain anything in this world.
He is currently working as an executive in Accenture and says that he never drops his routine! He loves to train and never stops exercising. He has made his passion a great deal in his life. He has this main motive in life to stay focused and train hard. He dreams of opening up his own gym and is working to collect the funds for the same. He says that he is now working hard to achieve his dreams and is very confident about having his own gym one day.
He wants to advice new comers by saying that one should never stop! If some one has a dream he should focus on achieving them and never stop working for them. He says that if one day your dream comes true it will always give you utmost happiness and you will never get tired of doing your work.